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24 Ways San Diego Can Make You A Better Lover

Having marital problems? Are you on the lookout for a fun way to add more romance and spice to your relationship? I’m no love expert, by any means, but I can assure you that a trip to San Diego can help bring back the old blissful feelings you've had for your other half during your courting stages. Trust me, a trip to the city of San Diego may change your life in a lot of positive ways, including making you a better and more romantic lover. Planning a trip to San Diego? Here are a few ways this Californian city can make you a more romantic lover.

Pleasurable San Diego experiences your partner will love

 1. A romantic movie date in a drive-in theater

When was the last time you took you loved one on a movie date? In San Diego, you will have tons of opportunities to experience a romantic movie date with your partner.  From the ultra large screens of Reading Cinemas Grossmont Center to Reading Cinemas Gaslamp and its lovely velvet curtains, there are plenty of places where you can watch a movie with your sweetheart in this Californian apple. But if you really want to make your movie date special, go to Pacific Beach, South Bay or East Country, and look for an old piece of America that time nearly left behind, the drive-in movie theater. I know drive-movie theaters are old-fashioned, but they have a rather romantic vibe that you may not experience in modern amphitheaters. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

2. A taste of Venice

Recreate the magic of Venice by taking an amorous and relaxing gondola cruise through the waterways and canals of San Diego’s Coronado Cays. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

3. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride

Snuggle with your darling in a horse-drawn carriage that lets you see some of the most iconic sites in San Diego. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

4. Treat your senses with a couple’s massage treatment

Indulge in a romantic, refreshing and soothing spa couple’s treatment in any of these top-notch centers:
  • - Victoria Rose Spa
  • - Aviara Spa
  • - Rancho Bernardo Inn’s The Spa
  • - Rock Spa
  • - Blue Marble Spa
→ Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

5. A slice of Rome in a hilly San Diego neighborhood

You don’t have to travel all the way to Italy, to experience Rome’s romantic aura. Thanks to Little Italy, you can enjoy a slice of Rome, through the neighborhood’s sidewalk cafes, twinkling lights, melodious musical sounds as well as the smell of baked bread and fresh pasta. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

6. Visit Orfila Vineyards and Winery

Make your way to San Pasqual Valley’s Orfila Vineyards and Winery, and take a few sips of its delectable wine in their tasting room. Afterwards, go to its arbor, and take in the beautiful panoramas of the 70-acre estate in which wine grapes are flourishing. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

7. Spend an amorous evening in Hillcrest

With its romantic ambiance and sweet treats, it is easy to see why lovey-dovey couples would love to spend their evenings in Hillcrest. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

8. Admire San Diego’s beautiful sunsets

Looking for a cheap and romantic way to treat your partner? Then, make sure to catch sight of San Diego’s famous spectacular sunsets. The best vantage points to catch sight of the city’s sunsets
  • - Cabrillo National Monument
  • - Blacks Beach
  • - Coronado City Beach
  • - Imperial beach
  • - Del Mar Beach
  • - Windansea Beach
  • - Mount Helix Park
  • - Mount Soledad
→ Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

9. Experience Julian

Looking for a serene escape far away from the bright lights and buzz of your city life? Julian, a quaint mountain town near San Diego, offers a bevy of simple pleasures that would make your trip more sentimental and memorable. Here, you get to feel the breeze of fresh mountain air, take leisurely walks around the town, hop on a carriage ride, and eat luscious apple pies. Not to mention, a visit to this town lets you experience Californian hospitality at its best, by staying at a traditional bed and breakfast. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

10. Stay at Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado is a lovely seaside Victorian resort that exudes an aura of romance in every corner, making a favorite among business tycoons, movie icons, princes and presidents. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

11. Shopping therapy

Is your partner in need of a shopping therapy? Go to Gaslamp District, swing by Horton Plaza, and choose from an endless selection of high-end products from the likes of Fitch and Abercrombie.  Likewise, you may visit Seaport Village, to buy beachwear, artisan wares and unique collections from dozens of shops. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

Romantic dining experiences in San Diego

 12. Dine at a scenic restaurant

San Diego has a plethora of scenic restaurants where you can enjoy great city views, and please your taste buds with hearty and mouthwatering culinary treats. Recommended romantic restaurants in San Diego
  • - Avant
  • - Brockton Villa
  • - Bertrand at Mr. A’s
  • - Chandler’s Restaurant and Lounge 
  • - Cusp Dining and Drinks
→ Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

13. Diner Cruise on the San Diego Harbor

Spend a luxurious and sentimental evening aboard a fine dining vessel in San Diego. In this romantic 2-hour cruise date, you get to dine on a tasty gourmet meal, enjoy live entertainment, and take a few sips on a cocktail. What’s more, the cruise ride will give you panoramic vistas of the city, the striking Californian coastline, and the breathtaking San Diego skyline. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

14. Sweet treats at Ruby’s Diner

Ruby’s Diner, which is located at Oceanside Pier’s end, is a cool and atmospheric place where you can enjoy luscious goodies and listen to the ocean waves crashing. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

15. Eat aphrodisiac food

Dine in a San Diego restaurant that serves aphrodisiac food Recommended restaurants 
  • - Sushi On The Rock
  • - Hane Sushi
  • - Ironside Fish & Oyster
  • - Island Prime
  • - Crab Town
→ Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

Fitness crazes in  San Diego that make you a better lover

16. The art of Yoga

Yoga can make you a better lover in so many different ways, as stated in this post. Recommended yoga studios in San Diego → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

17. Be a better and healthier partner with Tai Chi

As with Yoga, Tai Chi can also be very beneficial to your overall well-being and relationship. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

18. Crossfit

Crossfit not only boosts your confidence and conditioning, but it can also make you look even more appealing in the eyes of your lover. In fact, girls can look sexier and more eye-catching with Crossfit. Recommended Crossfit gyms in the city → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

Picturesque walks and the outdoors

 19. Strolling around Balboa Park

In Balboa Park, you will find restaurants, gardens and museums that can keep you entertained, relaxed and busy for a few days. An epitome of an idyllic urban oasis, the park certainly has something in store for everybody. For a romantic experience in this park, walk through its mesmerizing greenery and gaze on its majestic classic architectures. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

20. A walk to remember in Coronado Beach

The Coronado Beach has a fine beautiful stretch of beach that creates a perfect romantic setting for strolling couples. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

21. Wander around Del Mar Beach

Famous for its horse racing events, Del Mar Beach is an amazing upscale community with first-class restaurants, deluxe resorts, and chic shopping boutiques. Of course, it is also a great place to take walks, picnics as well as enjoy body boarding, surfing and swimming. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

22. A sentimental beach bonfire in San Diego

Spend a night at Mission Bay, to experience a romantic beach-side bonfire. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

23. A long walk at Scripps Park

The Scripps Park, dubbed by AAA Magazine as the most photographed area in San Diego, is a sweet and pleasant place to walk and hold hands with your partner. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego!

24. Kayaking under the lights of a thousand stars

San Diego has a number of options, when it comes to kayaking. For a romantic night of kayaking, make your way to Mission bay’s calm waters, or through the beautiful La Jolla Caves. → Click here to book your stay in San Diego! With its dramatic desert sights, vibrant city center, and stunning coastline, it is no wonder a lot of couples consider San Diego as the ultimate destination to take a romantic vacation. Here, troubled couples can rekindle their romance through a deluge of activities and delights. From sailing on the gleaming waters of the Pacific to luxurious spa treatments, the city indeed has enough diversions to keep you and your loved enthralled. Planning on visiting San Diego? Plan your trip with Trekeffect for FREE, and make your San Diego travel planning experience  as easy as Sunday morning! 

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