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25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

America is made up of so many spectacular destinations

Itching to see some of the best places to visit in the USA? From gleaming metropolises dotted with soaring skyscrapers to picture-perfect coastlines, it’s hard to pick where to spend your vacation in the US.

Luckily, we’ve done all legwork for you by creating a list of the most incredible must-see places to visit in the USA. With a little help from our fellow travel junkies, we’ve come up with a travel guide that can help see the best America has to offer.

Here are the list of the best places to visit in the USA:

1. New York City

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

The Big Apple is truly a must-see city for anyone who loves to travel. Famous for its thriving restaurant scene, theaters and museums, the sheer number of attractions and things to do in New York puts the other places to visit in the USA to shame.

Perpetually evolving, crowded, cool and cosmopolitan, the Big Apple is home to some of the most iconic landmarks and places to visit in the USA, such as the towering Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center and Brooklyn Bridge.

And, when the city’s towering skyscrapers and electric street life get overwhelming, make a quick retreat to the picturesque Central Park.

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2. Savannah  

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Savannah is easily one of the most gorgeous cities and places to visit in the USA, with elaborate houses and Spanish moss at every turn. Yet, the town still exudes an aura of eeriness that’s so hard to deny.

As a matter of fact, even daytime family-friendly tours point out the deaths that occurred allegedly at the mansions you pass by.

When nighttime comes, take one of the numerous ghost tours to see a few creepy spots, such as the Mercer Williams house, Bonaventure Cemetery and Colonial Park Cemetery.

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3. Philadelphia

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

There’s more to Philly than its supremely mouth-watering cheese steaks. Take note, it is the first and only city in the US to be named as a UNESCO World Heritage city. Furthermore, it was once the country’s capital, before Washington DC usurped its role.  

For a memorable day in Philadelphia, hit historic spots like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Afterwards, satisfy your appetite and cravings at Reading Terminal Market.

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4. Las Vegas  

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Whether you’re just a casual tourist looking for a fabulous show, or a high-stakes gambler, Las Vegas is a glamorous city that will appease you, with its high-end shopping malls, terrific food, and endless excitement and fun.

Go on a shopping spree at Caesars Palace Forum Shops, roll the dice at the MGM Grand, and take in a little Cirque de Soleil. Surprisingly, “Sin City” can also be one of the best places to visit in the USA, for those traveling with their family.

Here, kids will love the exciting rides at Circus Circus as well as New York New York’s roller coaster.

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5. Maui

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

With its verdant parks and idyllic beaches, Maui is the epitome of a relaxing tropical-like escape in America.

In Maui, you may spend your days admiring its breathtaking scenery, as you lounge across Kaihalulu’s sands or cruise to Hana along the Road.

Moreover, sampling the delectable seafood of the island is a must, even if you don’t consider yourself a certified foodie.

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6. Memphis

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Industrial, a little run down and gritty, Memphis seems likes its best and glory days are over. But, don’t let the city’s rugged exterior deceive you. Deemed as one of the most underrated places to visit in the USA, Memphis is still home to a thriving blues music scene and some killer culinary treats.

In addition, the city has a huge waterfront for walking as well as the moving, detailed and phenomenal Museum of Civil Rights. For avid fans of the King, you can find Graceland – home of Elvis Presley – in this city.

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7. Yellowstone National Park

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Yellowstone, ever since it was inaugurated in 1872, has become America’s icon of natural beauty and wildlife. And with a whooping land area of 2.2 million acres, you’ll have a blast exploring the remarkable attractions in Yellowstone National Park, including the Mammoth Hot Springs, it own Grand Canyon and the Old Faithful Geyser.

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8. Grand Canyon

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

No list of the finest and grandest places to visit in the USA is complete without inclusion of the majestic Grand Canyon. Trust me, words can’t describe accurately how mesmerizing this natural wonder is.

For years, this surreal UNESCO World Heritage site has been luring travelers from across the world, with its stunning panoramas, red hues, fantastic depth and sheer size. For the most part, visitors here just stand at the canyon’s edge and look out across it. Little did they know, the true beauty and size of the Grand Canyon are best appreciated with a walk down to the bottom.

To make your Grand Canyon visit even more memorable, hike its less visited trails, camp and spend the night, and make your way back to the top for the sunset.

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9. Washington D.C.

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

The nation’s capital offers more than just a day tour through the famed White House. War memorials, the Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo – the city has an endless array of options for the whole family.

And the best part is, most of the attractions in Washington D.C. can be enjoyed for everybody’s favorite price of zero dollars. In spite of the steep hotel rates, the city can be a great choice for budget-conscious travelers who are looking for affordable places to visit in the USA.

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10. New Orleans

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

NOLA is a unique American city with a beautiful soul. Nicknamed aptly as the “Big Easy”, New Orleans is famed for its vibrant live music scene, round-the-clock nightlife, and a singular, spicy cuisine that reflects its history as a melting pot of America, African and French cultures.

As far as I’m concerned, NOLA is, hands down, one of the most dynamic and eclectic cities and places to visit in the USA.

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11. San Francisco

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

A diverse population, food of every nature, state-of-the-art modern-day developments and hipsters make SF one of my favorite places to visit in the USA. What’s more, it’s located to a few wondrous nature national parks, such as Muir Woods, wherein you can escape the city buzz by hiking amid gigantic trees.

Of course, the city has a host of notable sights and places to visit in the USA, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars and Alcatraz.

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12. Miami

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

What’s not to love about Miami? With its amazingly warm weather, gorgeous people and wild nightlife, it’s no wonder people often include Miami to their wish-list of places to visit in the USA. And, did I mention that it has excellent food and white sand beaches?

While I don’t think it’s possible for me to live there, it nonetheless is a great place for a weekend of fun under the sun.

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13. Honolulu

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Honolulu – Hawaii’s most populated city and state capital – is ideal for a beach escape with hints of urban flair. Wander around the city, visiting notable sites, like the world renowned Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head volcanic cone.

Moreover, Honolulu is home to the USS Arizona Memorial, which is located perfectly at Pearl Harbor.

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14. Denver

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Even if you’re not a bona fide ski aficionado, Denver will still delight you with its year-round diversions, including the Coors Brewery Tour, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver Zoo and the Botanic Gardens. Don’t forget to check out the Buffalo Bill Museum and US Mint.

And yes, the city has a load of snowy activities to offer, like ice-skating, tubing and snowmobiling.

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15. Orlando

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

They don’t call Orlando, Florida as one of the top family-friendly places to visit in the USA for nothing. With Busch Gardens, Sea World and Walt Disney World Resorts, the city has an endless supply of fun and adventure for all ages.

Make sure to check out the Legoland Florida and Universal Orlando’s expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Believe me, children and those who are kids at heart won’t be disappointed in Orlando.

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16. Charleston, South Carolina

Need to escape the hustle bustle city life? Why not spend a vacation or a weekend getaway in Charleston? Truthfully, very few places to visit in the USA are as charming, relaxing and pleasant as Charleston.

With a rich Gullah culture, Instagram-worthy architecture and dazzling beaches, this city can give you a soothing respite that will definitely rejuvenate your senses.

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17. Los Angeles

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

The Hollywood Bowl, the Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills are just some of the dozens of catchy attractions in Los Angeles – the most popular city in California. Shop until your drop on Rodeo Drive, enjoy a drink at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and stroll leisurely along Venice Beach.

Want to catch your favorite celebrities in LA? There are tons of bus tours that will let you see the folks who live underneath the Hollywood sign.

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18. San Diego

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

San Diego, voted as one of the most incredible places to visit in the USA, appeals to all types of travelers and vacationers. Although the beach is the city’s marquee attraction, San Diego boasts a thriving downtown dining scene and a variety of fun outdoor activities. Likewise, the sprawling and beloved San Diego Zoo offers a whole lot of fun for all ages.

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19. Chicago

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

When the weather is perfect and nice, there aren’t a lot of places to visit in the USA that can rival the city of Chicago. After all, the Windy City has all the offerings and upsides of a flourishing destination and a major city, such as ample nightlife venues, vibrant shopping districts and world-class museums.

Not to mention the city has awe-inspiring architectural buildings, like the Tribune Tower and Willis Tower.

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20. San Antonio

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Looking for unique and diverse places to visit in the USA? From the Alamo to the lovely Riverwalk, San Antonio is a fascinating mecca of nightlife and history. To make things even better, there’s also a world of fun for the entire family as well, thanks to the SeaWorld San Antonio, Six Flags San Antonio and San Antonio Zoo.

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21. Seattle

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Just because it’s known for its grey skies and consistent soggy weather, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a swell vacation in Seattle. Ranked as one of the best places to visit in the USA, this Pacific Northwest city exudes a laid-back atmosphere, where bar and café culture reign supreme.

What’s more, it’s surrounded by water and mountains, making it a perfect city for camping, hiking, kayaking and even ice skiing. And though tourists often bemoan the city’s weather, there’s, in reality, less yearly precipitation in Seattle than in Boston or New York.

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22. Boston

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Boston – the capital city of Massachusetts – can enthrall you in so many different ways. Not only is it a hub for bookish collegiate types, brownstones and baseball, but it’s also home to the first large free municipal public library in America. Additionally, it’s the city where you can find the country’s first public park, first public school and first subway system.

To top it all off, the city is loaded with spectacular sights during autumn and spring, with its visually enticing fall foliage and flowering trees.

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23. Sedona

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Sedona is an amazingly relaxing vacation destination with plenty of treats to offer to the outdoor lover. From its idyllic charm to a yoga festival, Sedona is hard-wired for those yearning for a peaceful, yet active getaway.  

Aside from its eye-catching scenery, it’s said to be home to a therapeutic energy vortex too, which is well-known to promote spiritual development.

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24. Aspen

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Everybody knows Aspen as the ultimate winter resort town in America. But, outdoor aficionados will utterly enjoy the town during summertime too, when its mountain become a perfect setting for horseback tours, biking and hiking.

Some will be a bit surprised to find it as one of the most romantic outdoor places to visit in the USA. But, after all that exercise in the outdoors, you’d definitely want to repair and unwind on a cushy fire-lit bar or a luxurious hotel room.

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25. Nashville

25 Best Places To Visit In The USA

Are you music lover who’s looking for great places to visit in the USA? Then, look no further than the city of Nashville! With live music available 24/7 and 365 days a year across the town, “Music City” totally lives up to its billing and moniker.

From country music legends to jamming honky-tonk bands, you’ll get your fix for music in this celebrated town in America. Plus, the creative spirit of the city’s music landscape also flows into its cluster of chef-driven restaurants, historic landmarks, up-and-coming scene, and art galleries.

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  • Rebecca Perry

    I have so many fond memories of San Diego. I lived there for years, and I must say it’s one of most world’s livable cities.

  • Carol Myers

    Kudos for building this post! It’s really a great and helpful list, especially for non Americans like me. Will be traveling there next year from Uni.

  • Nancy Gibson

    Nice selections! It would have been better if you added some places from New Mexico, though.

  • Mervin Powell

    There’s no place like Maui. It’s a slice of heaven on earth. From trekking to frolicking in the beaches, I filled my vacation days with adventure in Maui.

  • Cynthia Jenkins

    Whenever I hear “New Orleans”, I always remember the tasty food I’ve sampled there. Beignet, gumbo, muffuletta…Damn, I’m craving for these goodies now.

  • Lisa Sullivan

    Wonderful! It’s an excellent list for neophyte travelers. Hope you’d add Albuquerque on your list.

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