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29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Want to explore Europe as a savvy solo traveling chick?

From discovering more about yourself to gaining friends around the world, there are plenty of reasons why us girls should venture out and embark on a solo vacation every once in a while. And once you’ve decided to go, the fun begins in picking where you want to go. There are plenty of possibilities for your solo travel ideas, from across the globe.

But, if you want to explore some of the best without taking any of the risks that can occur from traveling by yourself, check out these destinations across Europe that are just as safe as they are beautiful. Add these cities to your Europe travel itinerary:

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

City lovers and nature lovers will both find a ton of reasons to fall in love with Iceland over and over again. The country is easily accessible from both North America and Europe, and the capital city is just as easy to navigate around once you’re there.

The nightlife scene and local music industry are both booming, and it’s very easy to socialize with fellow Icelanders and meet other solo travelers in safe and fun environments. Even in the most remote areas of the country, the crime rate is extremely low, people are very friendly toward tourists and travelers, and the scenery is breathtaking.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Amsterdam is famously laid back and extremely liberal in vibe; it’s a great city that is used to having plenty of travelers around, so you’ll experience a total hassle free stay as you enjoy the city. Rent a bike and take in some of the local scenery as well.

The Netherlands is incredibly bike friendly and it’s a great way to see more of the land for free and get a great workout at the same time. Nearly everyone speaks English, as well as Dutch, and getting around and understanding people is very easy.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Scotland’s capital is full of adventure on every corner. It’s incredibly easy to get around and navigate, as everyone speaks English (albeit with a very thick accent). The entire city is very safe, and there are plenty of things to do, from great clubs to ancient castles.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Want a taste of Eastern Europe without the risk? Ljubljana, Slovenia is an incredibly safe city, and relatively undiscovered by the tourist crowd. While this means it might not be the easiest city to navigate, it is very laid back and cheap.

It’s easy to access from other European cities via rail or plane, and offers a distinct European feel untouched by transcontinental businesses. The result is a great place to travel safely while feeling like you’re discovering a hidden side of Europe.

5. Barcelona, Spain

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Barcelona, Spain is the perfect city for a solo travel destination; it has every element you’d wish for, with exotic locations, beautiful sunny skies, vibrant culture, and excellent food, but without any risks for solo female travelers that you might experience in other similar destinations.

6. Dublin, Ireland

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Ireland is one of the most chill and unpretentious places to embark on a solo vacation. The Emerald Isle hosts plenty of pubs to enjoy, museums to visit, and great live music venues to hang out and socialize with others.

And if you’re in the mood to enjoy some time alone, the entire country is filled with treks and hikes through famously green rolling hills and cliff edged seashores.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

There are a million reasons why you should visit Prague, and traveling it solo style is only another reason why you should visit as soon as possible. It’s one of the best cities in the world to wander around by yourself, with plenty to discover around every corner. The people are incredibly friendly, and very willing to help out random travelers who only speak English.

In fact, it’s the one city where I got off the train, paid a random stranger for a hotel room that he gave me directions to, and just trusted that I hadn’t handed over my money to a complete stranger. Not only did I not get robbed, I actually ended up at the most amazing hostel where the owner gave me free water (a HUGE bonus in Prague).

8. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Want to take a step back in time? It’s easy to completely lose yourself at Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a city frozen in the medieval ages. The beauty of the town has made it a popular destination for travelers around the globe, so the people are used to accommodating tourists and are very helpful in helping you navigate your way around.

I used to go running around the Old Town at night and along the Romantic Road by myself, and never once saw another person, let alone ran into trouble. It’s safe, beautiful, and easy to reach from the rest of the main hubs in Germany.

9. Brussels, Belgium

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

The city that is the capital of Europe obviously has a lot to offer solo travelers, from gorgeous old buildings to beautiful flower markets. It’s expensive, but you can safely walk around the country for free and enjoy the sights, sounds, and people in perfect safety without spending a dime.

Many people speak English, and it’s pretty easy to find information you need without too much trouble.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Denmark’s capital has just over 2 million people, but it’s bustling metropolis size is one of the safest and most beautiful cities in the Scandinavian countries. If you’re in need of a pick me up, no worries.

Denmark is famously one of the most happiest countries in the world, and you can’t help but pick up on the vibe as you travel in and out of the vibrant colorful buildings.

11. Cardiff, Wales

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Cardiff is the perfect city to explore by yourself; its easily accessible from London via train, and the city is beautiful but doesn’t sprawl, making it a great place to explore by foot. The architecture is a different kind of Europe than you’d experience on the mainland, and there are plenty of ancient sites and rolling vistas of hills and mountains to explore for days.

12. Interlaken, Switzerland

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Up for some serious thrills? Interlaken, Switzerland is the perfect place to embrace your adrenaline side, and if you're a solo traveler, you won’t have to worry about anyone holding you back. During the winter, you can easily ski or snowboard from a helicopter down the Alps, or go canyoning or horseback riding in the summer.

You’ll be able to meet other adrenaline junkies and enjoy another side of Europe while making memories of a lifetime.

13. Budapest, Hungary

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Plenty of my solo female traveling friends have visited Budapest again and again, and with good reason. The city is relatively cheap compared to the rest of Europe, and popular enough that a woman traveling by herself isn’t a strange sight that attracts attention.

The city is packed full of things to do and explore by yourself, excellent food vendors for cheap eating on the go, and a great public transportation system that makes it a great city to visit the rest of the country from.

14. Stockholm, Sweden

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Skip the bikini the next time you go island hopping on your next solo vacation and head to Stockholm, Sweden’s capitol and a beautiful, winding city built along 14 islands in the Baltic Sea. The public transportation is easy to figure out, but the best way to enjoy the city is to walk it, or bike if you want to fit in more miles in a day.

Either way, you won’t run out of gorgeous buildings, beautiful docks and waterfront harbors, and some seriously amazing seafood.

15. London, England

London is quite possibly one of the easiest cities to explore, and a great starting point if you’re feeling somewhat apprehensive about jumping off on your own into solo vacations. Everyone speaks English, and walking about as a solo female is very ordinary and unlikely to warrant extra attention.

There’s plenty to see and do, and navigating the city is pretty easy. You can easily meet other locals and travelers at hostels and pubs, or enjoy time by yourself as you wander around the plenty of museums and historical sights.

16. Oslo, Norway

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Other than the prices, what isn’t to love about Oslo? It’s friendly, beautiful, and and a great place to experience both modern and old Europe. It’s a great city to jump off and explore the rest of the country’s beautiful landscape, from breathtaking fjords to shimmering northern lights.

The people are very friendly and you’ll easily be able to find more than a few who understand and speak English as well. Plus, it’s one of the happiest places in the world, and has almost no crime to speak of.

17. Salzburg, Austria

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Salzburg is easy to reach, and thanks to city’s lack of urban sprawl and development, it’s easy to simply hop of the train and be able to walk to everything you’d wish to, from the Hohensalzburg Castle to the Residenzplatz in the heart of the historic district in the city.

The mountains surrounding the city create one of the most stunning backdrops you won’t likely forget, and the city has some of the best shopping you’ll find East of Milan.

18. Paris, France

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Paris may be a city for lovers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with the city itself if you’re traveling alone. The city sees thousands of tourists from all over the world each year, so you won’t stand out from the crowd. Some of the best artwork and masterpieces in the world lie in the Louvre.

And when you travel solo you can spend as much time as you like soaking up each piece at your leisure. Sit on the street at a cafe and people watch, walk along the streets, and find yourself in Paris as so many have done before you.

19. Helsinki, Finland

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Finland’s capital is one of the best places to get acquainted with the country. The best time to visit is in the summer, when you can enjoy the extra long daylight hours and really explore the city from top to bottom.

Helsinki is notoriously safe and very traveler friendly, so it’s a great solo travel destination. You can easily reach the rest of the country by train, which is very easy to navigate and makes for great day trips on your trip.

20. Lisbon, Portugal

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Lisbon, Portugal is one of the most affordable European cities you’ll find, and is a beautiful place to explore Europe’s sunny side without any risk to yourself. The city is very safe, and you can soak up as much time on the beach as you’d like without having to worry about keeping too close of an eye on your stuff.

There’s just as much ancient architecture and brilliant museums as you could wish for in European city, and an active nightlife scene makes for a great way to meet up with other travelers and make new friends.

21. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Luxembourg is tiny and therefore often overlooked, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty to offer for your next solo vacation. It’s compact size make it a great city to visit on a day trip, with plenty of medieval fortresses and steep cobblestone streets carved into the rocky gorges that surround the city.

It’s a bit pricey, but you can find cheaper places to stay outside the city and easily catch a train into the country. The crime rate is very low, and because it’s rather unpopular status as a tourist destination you aren’t likely to run into con artists and thieves ready to prey on visitors.

22. Athens, Greece

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Greece may get a bad rap for too much attention drawn toward female visitors, but Athens is a very safe city to explore, and busy enough with other tourists that you won’t stand out as much. There are plenty of ancient Greek sites to enjoy, and safe enough that you can really enjoy your time there without constantly checking your back pocket for your wallet.

Several of my close girl friends have visited over the years, and have never run into any problems traveling by themselves, besides gaining too much weight from gorging themselves on the cheap and amazing Greek food.

23. Berlin, Germany

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Berlin is a great place to explore on your own, and if it’s your first time traveling by yourself its a great place to start your adventure. It’s relatively easy to get to, and the transportation around the city is relatively intuitive and you can figure it out quickly.

There’s plenty of things to do and explore by foot, and the city’s hostels are a great way to stay on a budget without compromising your safety, one night in a hostel I got booked in a dorm room with an entire bachelor party from England and was totally fine. The people are friendly and ready to help, and almost everyone speaks English.

24. Belfast, Northern Ireland

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Although the city has long remained a spot of political turmoil, Belfast is a great place to explore on a solo vacation, and a safe and friendly city for solo female travelers. Much like the rest of Ireland, there are plenty of pubs, music venues, and museums that are great places to explore the culture and meet locals.

English is spoken everywhere, and it’s very easy to navigate your way around and find what you are looking for, or read a menu. The city is beautiful, and some of Northern Ireland’s best landscapes are an easy train ride away.

25. Rome, Italy

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Rome used to get a bad rap as a place to visit by yourself, but I’ve never experienced any problems while in the city. Plenty of my female friends have visited and even temporarily lived in Rome, and always came back with glowing reviews of the food, culture, and music without ever mentioning a lack of safety.

The city sees plenty of tourists and travelers, so while you might want to travel off season to avoid the crowds, there is an added safety in numbers. It’s got a great nightlife scene, and the people are always ready to make a new friend.

26. Georgia

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Fond of outdoor adventures? Why not travel alone in Georgia? Sandwiched between Turkey and Russia, Georgia is a pretty mountainous hub that serve as a home to the highest mountains peaks in Europe. Famed for cities with majestic old churches, twisted stairways and narrow streets, Georgia is also home to a ton of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

27. Santorini, Greece

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Although known as a honeymoon spot, Santorini can also be a fascinating destination for wandering solitary female traveler. Here, solo travelers will get to find their bliss, with its stunning sunsets, dramatic views, one-of-a-kind beaches and mouthwatering food.

28. Provence, France

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Doesn’t ring a bell? Guess what? Just because it’s not as popular as Paris, it doesn’t mean Provence isn’t worth visiting. As you travel solo in Provence, you’ll get to feast your eyes on fabulous lavender fields that seem to stretch out to the horizon.

29. Tuscany, Italy

29 Top Europe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

No list of the best solo travel destinations in Europe is complete without the inclusion of Tuscany. Charming and idyllic, this European hub will sweep you off your feet with its awe-inspiring rolling, blooming cypress trees, olive groves and fabulous medieval fortresses.

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  • Paul Amankrah

    Jessica foster , I saw your friendly and I would like to be your friend from Denmark

  • Emily Campbell

    Basically, the whole country of Iceland is a safe and amazing destination in Europe for female solo travelers. I spent a few weeks there, immersing into their culture. I fell in love with Iceland, and hopefully, I’ll have another chance to visit again in the future.

  • Amanda Carter

    Nice list! I’ve been to half of the all the places mentioned on this list, and they are all safe. Lisbon, Luxembourg, Copenhagen and Brussels are my favorites. I’m bookmarking this page since I’m planning to complete this list.

  • Jessica Foster

    Denmark is a nirvana for single female travelers. It’s incredibly laid-back, safe and has tons of gorgeous architecture and natural wonders.

  • Cynthia Evans

    You’re spot on with Oslo! Although it’s a bit underrated, it’s still one of the best and safest places to travel alone for girls traveling alone.

  • Shirley Rodriguez

    Europe is a paradise for female travelers. It’s safe, a little peaceful and is full of enthralling sights. I really envy people who live in Europe.

  • Donna Wilson

    Greece, especially Santorini, is my favorite. It’s cheaper, compared to other places to visit in Europe, and it’s pretty laid-back too. As someone who loves history, I really like the ruins and remnants of the country’s ancient civilization.

  • Margaret Russell

    What about Malta? I think it’s a great and safe destination for solo wandering ladies.

  • Ashley Edwards

    Not bad. I wish you’ve included Milan here, though. For fashionistas like me, it’s an absolute must see.

  • Michelle Miller

    Georgia was such a pleasant surprise. I’ve never see any place in Europe quite like it. I wish people mention it more often.

  • Linda King

    I have so many fond memories of Europe, especially Budapest. To me, every girl should travel solo at least in their life in Europe. It’s really life-changing and inspiring.

  • Mary Baker

    Lovely! I now have a Europe travel bucket list. Still need some courage to travel alone in Europe, though.

  • Patricia Moore

    Not sure about Rome. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great historic city, but it’s a little touristy and crowded.

  • Helen Johnson

    Provence is so beautiful. The lavender lines that seem never ending are a sight to behold. And, it’s easygoing and rather safe.

  • Melissa Ward

    I personally think Tuscany is a better alternative to Rome. It’s less crowded and it boasts a stunning sight at every turn.

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