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50 Amazing Cities To Visit In Your Lifetime

Want to experience a gleeful and unforgettable city break? With so many amazing cities to visit, finding the best destinations to take a vacation can sometimes turn out to be a daunting task. But luckily, we have compiled a list of the most amazing cities to visit in the world using recommendations and opinions from thousands of travel junkies and trusted tourism experts.   From the glorious ancient capitals to the state-of-the-art metropolises of Americas and Asia, here are 50 amazing cities to visit in your lifetime.

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Amazing cities to visit in Africa and the Middle East

 1. Petra, Jordan

Looks familiar? Immortalized on the silver screen via Indiana Jones, Petra is truly one of the world’s most amazing cities to visit. Inscribed as a UNESCO World heritage Site in 1985, this great ancient Nabataean city will leave its spectators in awe, with its fabulous ruins and breathtaking grandeur.

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2. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is an imperial city teeming with fascinating surprises in every corner. Often dubbed as one of the most amazing cities to visit in Africa, this Moroccan hub will put you in a state of euphoria with its contrasting landscapes, enviable location, historic sites and vibrant souks. Did I mention that a visit to this city lets you gaze on savvy goats that climb tall Argan trees?

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3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

From the awe-inspiring man-made archipelago Palm Jumeirah to the skyscraping 355-meter JW Marriot Marquis, Dubai is home to a myriad of engineering marvels and record-breaking wonders. In addition, Dubai has an eclectic and booming shopping scene.

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4. Beirut, Lebanon

Fashion-conscious, fast-paced and extremely friendly, Beirut is loaded with ultra chic clubs, bars, restaurants and museums, making it an essential stop for anyone traveling to Lebanon. Moreover, the city is a host to a slew of fabulous hotels, including Hotel Albergo, Le Gray and Hotel Beirut.

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5. Cape Town, South Africa

Praised for its fantastic atmosphere and culture, Cape Town is a celebrated African destination best known for its perfect mixture of Mother Nature’s masterpieces that include beaches, mountains, and coastal beauties. For foodies, this city has top-notch restaurants with tasty mouthful goodies at reasonable rates.

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6. Cairo, Egypt

Part of the reason travel junkies love Cairo is the fact that it is houses the legendary Giza Pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the ancient words.   Of course, the city also has an array of other astonishing historic extravaganzas, such as the pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur.

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7. Luxor, Egypt

While the monumental pyramids of Cairo get most of the limelight in Egypt, travelers shouldn’t overlook the city of Luxor. A delight for ancient Egypt enthusiasts, this modest town is a treasure trove of Egyptian antiquities and monuments.

For those who are planning to visit this Egyptian city, make sure to take a tour to the Valley of the Kings, in which more than 60 pharaohs are entombed, including King Tut.

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8. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi may not be as modern and flashy as Dubai, its Emirati sibling. Still, it is widely considered one of the most amazing cities to visit in the Middle East. As you visit this Emirati destination, you will get an authentic taste of the UAE. Here, you get to see ornate mosques and palaces that are flanked beautifully with leafy palm trees, instead of towering skyscrapers.

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9. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, one of the most amazing cities to visit in Africa, is well-known for its pristine white-sand beaches as well as intriguing mash-up of Portuguese, Arab and African influences.

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Top cities to visit in America

 10. New York, USA

Whether you are a shopping addict, foodie or history junkie, New York definitely has an irresistible feast for you. Colorful, bright and supremely energetic, the Big Apple is, after all, an epicenter for trading, finance, research, art, fashion, food, culture and media. In NYC, you will be able to catch sight of some of America’s most celebrated landmarks and sights, such as its legendary skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and many more.

Planning on exploring New York in just three days? Make sure to check out our travel itinerary to NYC

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11. Charleston, USA

While Charleston doesn't have the glitz and glamour of New York and Los Angeles, it is still a surreal seaport city filled with treats. Here, you get to feast your eyes on a wondrous collection of antebellum architectures and plantation landscapes. To make things even better, the city is immersed in history, and has a pretty romantic feel. To top it all off, the city is a true epitome of Southern hospitality.

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12. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, though it was hit hard in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina, continues to thrive and even lure throngs of travelers on a daily basis. One of the top and most amazing cities to visit in the USA, this resilient city is known for a lot of things, including its rich atmosphere, blossoming culture, jazz roots, and incredible diversity.

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13. San Francisco, USA

With its highly acclaimed cuisine, lush parks and historic buildings, the city of San Francisco is indeed the undisputed star of the west coast in America.

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14. Las Vegas, USA

Viva Las Vegas! Famous for its extravagant and high-rolling gambling scene, Sin City has an abundance of mega casino and hotel complexes all decorated glamorously. All the casinos in the “Entertainment Capital of The World” have themes and names that evoke mystery and romance.

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15. Chicago, USA

You can experience a memorable trip to the “Windy City” by eating hearty Chicago-style pizza and hot dogs while taking in the views of its awesome architectures from a variety of angles. But the thing is, that kind of itinerary is for novices. For a more pleasurable trip in Chicago, take a relaxing respite at the Cape Cod with a bowl of fish soup and a cocktail. Likewise, if the weather is good, you could dare to take a dip in the lake.

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16. Santa Fe, USA

Santa Fe has an adorable downtown lined with art galleries and adobe buildings, but most travelers enjoy this city because it displays a different side of America’s gripping history.

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17. Montreal, Canada

Steeped in history and culture, Montreal has rightfully earned its reputation of being one of the liveliest and most amazing cities to visit in North America.

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18. Mexico City, Mexico

The city of Mexico is simply a delightful explosion of colors, sounds and sights. Even though the city is pretty chaotic, it can still give you a blast of a lifetime, offering some seriously delectable dishes, and stunning colonial buildings. Furthermore, the city can give you easy access to some of the country’s most sought-after archaeological finds and wonders.

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19. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most amazing cities to visit on the face of the earth. From its fabulous skyline and laid-back beach culture to the globally renowned Carnival, the city of Rio de Janeiro is truly a blissful experience for all your senses. Trust me, you will love everything Rio has in store for you.

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20. Havana, Cuba

Havana’s streets are a throwback to the old world of classic cars and awesome pre-revolutionary buildings. Plus, its air permeates an aroma of home-cooked meals that blend tastefully with the lovely sea breeze.

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21. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

With its deep history and stunning collection of Neoclassical and Baroque architectures, it is no wonder San Miguel de Allende has become a refuge for artists who all hail from different parts of the world. In San Miguel de Allende, you get to lay eyes on a marvelous collection of museums, galleries and art institutions like the Instituto Allende, El Nigromante and Fabrica La Aurora. As one of Mexico premier destinations and most amazing cities to visit, this gorgeous artsy city is also a host to cluster of luxury hotels, such as Sierra Nevada, Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, Rosewood San Miguel de Allende, and Hotel Matilda.

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22. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, often tagged as South America’s Paris, has kaleidoscopic homes, wide downtown avenues and sizzling tango clubs that would give you an unforgettable trip.

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23. Cusco, Peru

Traveling to Peru? We highly recommend that you visit Cusco. Not only is it the main entry point for people looking to explore Machu Picchu and Andes, but it also a World Heritage site crammed with picturesque colonial homes, monasteries and historic temples.

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Most beautiful and amazing cities to visit in Europe

24. Rome, Italy

Rome, aptly nicknamed as “The Eternal City”, boasts some of the world’s most sublime architecture and art. A tasty mixture of cuisine, fine art and ancient history, Rome also offers an endless array of delights to its tourists, including The Trevi Fountain, Pizza Navona, The Palatine Hill, and a whole lot more.

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25. Paris, France

Who doesn’t love “The City of Lights”? Billed as one of the world’s most romantic and amazing cities to visit, Paris lets you experience an unforgettable European getaway, with its lovely cafes, enchanting squares and magnificent museums.

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26. Venice, Italy

From its prismatic homes and cushy cafes to its grandiose basilicas and scenic canals, Venice has a plethora of mesmerizing sights and pleasures to offer to globetrotters. Plus, it has an amorous vibe that surely adds an extra element of romance to your trip.

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27. Seville, Spain

Seville, one of the most amazing cities to visit in Spain, is a burgeoning Andalucian metropolis that amuses its tourists with its striking Moorish castles and narrow streets. What’s more, the city can please your taste buds and stomach with its iconic tapa joints.

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28. Granada, Spain

Whether you are wandering around its narrow cobblestone streets or taking in the beautiful sights of Alhambra, Granada surely has an undeniable charm that is hardy found even in the amazing cities to visit in Europe.

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29. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is dazzling utopia that will enchant you in so many different ways. Not only does it boast striking limestone buildings and intimate alleyways, but it also has a laid-back ambiance, making it one of the most amazing cities to visit in Europe.

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30. London, England

With its buzzing financial center, excellent street markets and illustrious museums, it’s easy to see why over 10 million people worldwide visit England’s capital. By the way, the city has a number of attractions that you can enjoy for free.

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31. Florence, Italy

Florence is, as far as I’m concerned, a nirvana for art lovers. After all, it is home to the Uffizi Gallery, which is often considered one of the world’s greatest art museums. Not to mention, it has a host of other highly acclaimed museums, including the Bargello Museum, Museo di San Marco, and Galleria dell’ Accademia.

But, there is more to Florence than its eye-catching art galleries. As you wander around Tuscany’s capital, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on its spectacular landscapes, grand palaces, beautiful churches with frescoed ceilings and other architectural treasures.

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32. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a bustling city that bridges Europe and Asia both culturally and physically. Deemed as one of the amazing cities to visit in the world, Istanbul has a medley of amazements and attractions that will leave you speechless, including the Basilica Cistern, Sultanahmet Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia. The fact that it has a thriving culinary scene doesn’t hurt this Turkish apple either.

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33. Budapest, Hungary

When it comes to historic riches, very few amazing cities to visit in Europe can rival Budapest. After all, it is an old city that has been ruled by a number of mighty empires like the Habsburg Empire and Ottoman Empire. Add a vibrant nightlife circuit and plenty of refreshing hot springs, and you have a fine recipe for a blissful travel experience.

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34. Siena, Italy

Siena is an Italian city where reality is even better than fiction or act. Trust me, it’s a lot prettier in person than the postcards as well as more elegant than Lorenzetti’s paintings. Not to mention, its food is simply delectable and filling, which is why people consider it one of the world's most amazing cities to visit.

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35. Krakow, Poland

Is literature your cup of tea? Designated as the “City of Literature” by UNESCO in 2013, Krakow was home to a trio of well-known Nobel-winning writers, Ivo Andric, Wislawa Szymborska and Czeslaw Milosz. And as a city known for its influential literature, it still hosts over 20 festivals every year, making it a can’t-miss destination for bookworms and literature lovers.

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36. Vienna, Austria

Voted consistently as one of the most livable cities in the world, Vienna is a grandiose city that showcases a glut of elegant cafes, manicured gardens and splendid palaces.

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37. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, aptly labeled as “the Venice of the North”, is a historic city of canals, architectural beauties and world-class museums such as the Frietmuseum on Vlamingstraat.

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38. Prague, Czech Republic

The fairy-tale features and bohemian splendor of Prague make it an ideal destination for wayfarers who want to drench themselves in culture. In this destination, you can spend an entire day exploring the grand Prague Castle, and then replenishing your energy with a hearty dinner at a quintessential Czech tavern. Furthermore, you can spend a few hours taking a stroll around the Old Town Square, and gaping at the Astronomical Clock and Old Town Hall.

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39. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Every building nestled in the main canals of Amsterdam can be classified as a remarkable monument, kept beautifully as brothels, restaurants, cafes, offices and apartments. All together, these buildings create a wondrous aesthetic uniformity that made Amsterdam one of the most charming and amazing cities to visit in Europe.

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Amazing cities to visit in Asia and Oceania

40. Varanasi, India

One of the holiest and most amazing cities to visit in India, Varanasi is an extremely colorful and vibrant ancient city that embodies that all the best aspects of this Asian nation.

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41. Cebu, Philippines

Surprised? Well, don’t be! Cebu, although not as popular as Paris, New York and Hong Kong, is a booming metropolitan that rightfully deserves a spot in this list. One of the most amazing cities to visit in the Philippines, this Southeast Asian hub is well-known for its wealth in world-class white-sand beaches, breathtaking natural wonders and historic sites. Of course, the city also has a slew of modern amusements as well as mouthwatering culinary goodies to offer to its visitors.

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42. Kyoto, Japan

Discover and experience old Japan’s true essence by visiting the colorful shrines, sublime gardens, castles and elegant tea houses in Kyoto.

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43. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a patchwork of old-fashioned Japanese traditions, cutting-edge technology, and quirky anime mascots. One of the world’s most energetic and amazing cities, this diverse Japanese apple is brimming with thrills, bangs, joys and eccentric pleasures.

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44. Sydney, Australia

No list of the top and most amazing cities to visit is complete without the inclusion of Sydney. Drenched in history, design, cuisine, fashion, art, culture and nature, Sydney has a world of goodies and spectacles in store for its wayfarers. Not only does it boast sandy surf beaches, but it’s home to some of the planet’s most iconic structures too, including the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

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45. Jerusalem, Israel

Known as “The City of Gold” in Hebrew, Jerusalem is a fascinating and extraordinary place where antiquity blends perfectly with the 21st century. More than just a whirlwind of wallops and delights, this ancient city is also a spiritual switchboard, serving as a home to three principal monotheistic faiths, namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

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46. Beijing, China

Why should you plan a trip to Beijing? As far as I’m concerned, Beijing is home to two of the world’s most astonishing historic attractions, the Great Wall of China and the grand Forbidden City.

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47. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Visit Samarkand, drop by the Registan square, to see the most gorgeous examples of classic Islamic architecture.

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48. Bangkok, Thailand

In 2013, Bangkok stole London’s thunder by becoming the most visited city in the word. Today, it still ranks as one of the top and most amazing cities to visit, thanks to its rowdy nightclubs, exotic open-air markets and serene temples.

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49. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has an easy-going ambiance that feels like a world away from Bangkok’s electrifying streets and the jam-packed resorts of the country. As Thailand’s culinary capital, the city has a ton of cooking schools that will teach you how to cook sumptuous Thai staples. And as with the rest of Thailand, the city has a handful of open-air markets as well, such as the night bazaar held on Chang Klan road (the best place in Chiang Mai to sample khao soi).

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50. Siem Reap, Cambodia

From the globally renowned Angkor Wat to its tasty dishes, there are a lot of different reasons to visit Cambodia’s gem, Siem Reap.

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So, which among the 50 amazing cities to visit is your favorite?

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