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13 Great Travel Apps You Need To Check Out Now!

Venturing out into the world becomes easier and less stressful each day thanks to the internet. Through the online world, travelers can easily share tips, travel hacks, and reviews of people, places, businesses, and more! Through the large online travel community, many apps for phones and tablets have emerged in order to help people on their journeys. From finding cheap flights and last minute hotel rooms, to help with packing, entertainment, and eating, there is truly an app for everything. As the travel community grows each year, apps are a great way for people to share their experiences and become part of a larger international community. Check out these thirteen amazing travel apps that will help you on your next big adventure!

1. Wherefor

Wherefor is a unique travel app that allows you to discover the places you can go depending on your budget, dates, and time restraints. The app allows you to input your budget for flights and hotels, the number of travelers, where you are departing from, and the dates that you are available to go on your trip. You can also use the advanced setting to select specific continents and settings such as beach, city escape, or mountainous regions. Wherefor then calculates all of the places you can go and allows you to begin dreaming or planning a trip that you can afford!

2. Momondo

Momondo is a flight and hotel app. This app is especially great for travelers looking for the cheapest and most affordable flights. The app allows you to search for multiple, one way, and round trip flights and provides the best results. It also allows you to search and bundle hotels and other places of residence. Momondo often discovers the cheapest flights, proving its reliability time and time again. The app works quickly and provides results in a timely manner.

3. Hostel World

Hostel World is a great travel app for budget travelers and backpackers alike. The app allows you to search for hostels across the world and discover the cheapest and most budget friendly places to rest your head at night. The app allows you to search in list form or by map, where you can discover the best parts of the city or countryside to stay in. The app can be organized by price and location. Hostel World also allows you to connect with other travelers, provide reviews, and contribute to the travel community. This app is great for those looking to find affordable accommodations and especially great for last minute reservations. With only a 10% deposit, it is a reliable app to use for hostels, inns, and campsites across the world.

4. Packing Pro

Packing Pro is a great app to have, whether you are quickly packing last minute for a weekend trip or you have many days to decide what to take on a year long trek around the world. The app lets you make your own customized trip and allows you to categorize and sub-categorize including to-do’s before you trip, essentials such as passports and money, and clothing and gadgets. Once you create your customized packing list, the app allows you to check off the items you have packed along the way. With great organization and detail, this app will ensure you don’t forget anything and relieve some of the stress before your trip!

5. Trekeffect

Trekeffect is one of the hottest and latest travel apps on the internet today. This app organizes all of your travel plans in one place in order to minimize stress and confusion. The app organizes everything from places to visit to hotels, all in one place and ensures your trip is seamless. It is especially good for business trips or short, busy trips. Trekeffect also allows you to share your travel itinerary with other people through its collaborative travel planning feature. Lastly, the app allows travelers to earn money, when on the road, with its trek (travel itinerary) marketplace.

6. Lounge Buddy

Lounge Buddy is a great travel app to use while you endure the long waits in airports around the world. The app allows you to find and access airport lounges. Though this app, it is easy and possible to gain access to airport lounges in order to get away from the madness, freshen up, relax in comfort, and gain access to perks and amenities. Lounge Buddy discovers for you which lounges you can enter based on your flight details and can also provide you with tours of the lounge before entering. Lounge Buddy provides luxury for all travelers and is a great alternative to slumping down in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end.

7. Maps.Me

Maps.Me is one of the top map apps to use when traveling mostly anywhere in the world. The app offers detailed maps of many countries and cities in the world. The best feature of the app is that you can download maps and use them offline, even when you have no access to the internet. Sometimes the GPS on your phone will kick in and a blue dot will find your location and help guide you, depending on the city you are in. The maps are incredibly detailed and allow you to zoom in and out very quickly. Don’t stick out by holding a large paper map, instead download this app and travel countries easier! With Maps.Me, the app allows your trip to become less stressful and can optimize your time spent in a particular place!

8. Peek Tours

Peek Tours is an all in one place travel app that allows you to discover amazing tours and trips. Simply enter the location you are going along with the dates, and the app gives you access to hundreds of tours and trips offered from that location. While the app is still building up its locations, it has many big name places across the United States as well as some islands in the Caribbean and Mexico. The app not only gives you information about the tours with whats included, it also rates them based on a star system, and people also leave reviews and feedback. Peek Tours also covers top destinations and provides insight into the best rated excursions a

9. Road Trippers

Road Trippers is a fantastic travel app that offers many different purposes. The app allows you to seamlessly plan your road trip from start to finish, adding places to strop and visit along the way, as well as a final destination. Along the way, you can discover hotels, attractions, natural wonders, and unique places through the app. Even if you choose not to plan your entire trip through the app, there are many strange and wonderful places to discover through the use of the Road Trippers app. The app also offers insight into past trips planned by users and popular road trips across the continent of North America. Discover cities and nature through this great travel app!

10. Food Spotting

Food Spotting is truly one of the best travel apps for food lovers! The app is very easy to use and allows you to discover amazing local dishes. Simply enter the location and use the map to scan nearby locations. The app is fantastic, providing images and information about dishes found at restaurants. You can search for specific dishes you are craving or look up specific restaurants in the area. Users rate the dishes and the restaurants along the way, so be sure to provide feedback of your own in order to contribute. Food Spotting also allows you to follow other users, friends, and big companies. This app can also connect to Instagram, allowing you to share images and information through both apps.

11. Instagram

Instagram is used by millions of people worldwide. It is not generally identified as one of travel apps, but it is nevertheless fantastic for discovering people, places, and events. Instagram essentially allows users to post photos and tag people and locations in them. The app allows people to hashtag their images according to the type of image. Instagram is a great tool for travelers because it allows easy discovery of unique places to visit, foods to eat, and the best views of cities. The best ways to use the app for traveling is to follow avid travelers and travel companies and discover places through them or to simply search hashtags and discover the world that way. Instagram also allows you to contribute to the worldwide community by posting your own images and memories of people and places along the way.

12. Trover

Much like Instagram, Trover allows you to discover the world through images and hashtags. The app allows you to search for countries, cities, villages, and famous places through its search bar. Once you select a specific place or location, the app guides you to users images and suggestions. It uses a kilometer tool to show users what is closest to this specific location or place. Trover allows you to discover the world through other users and allows you to contribute greatly to the travel community. The app also have many competitions and give you chances to win free trips or money towards your next big adventure!

13. Postagram

Postagram is a fun travel app that allows you to mail custom postcards to your friends and family around the world! Along the way, you may take many incredible photos of landscapes, scenery, and architecture, and the Postagram app allows you to turn your photos into printed postcards and mail them worldwide. Capture your photo, resize the image in the app and add any text, add the recipient, and the app takes care of the rest for you. Mailing the postcards vary in price depending on where you are looking to send them in the world. Postagram is a fun app to have and allows you to create your own personalized memories from a journey of a lifetime! As the travel community grows exponentially each year, the worry and stress of travel is minimized and the ease and comfort of traveling is on the rise. Travel apps allow you to seamlessly plan trips from start to finish, provide you with ways to make your trips memorable and allow you to get involved within the travel community. These thirteen apps cover everything from your first steps of finding, planning, and booking your trip, to packing, exploring, eating, and making lifelong and lasting memories! Do you have any travel apps that you can’t travel without? Comment them below!

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