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I’ve been in the world of freelancing for years, and I definitely struggled during the early days. From building a solid portfolio to dealing with not-so client nice prospects, you’ll sometimes have to go through a lot of pains, to earn your first dollar in online freelancing. And, there’s another trap or temptation that most beginners in freelancing fall into – social network sites.

Years ago, I quit my 9-to-5 job in Los Angeles, and traveled to Bali, to become a digital nomad. With the explosion of the digital job marketplace, I was enamored by the possibility of having the freedom to work anytime and anywhere I want. No more terrible and chatty workmates. No more daily commutes. And, best of all, no more managers or bosses who’ll constantly and tirelessly check on me, if I was browsing a social network site.

But, it wasn’t sunshine and butterflies. Certainly wasn’t the Eat-Pray-Love experience that I was hoping for. With plenty of free time on my hands, I became addicted to browsing social network sites, specifically Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, I wasn’t working as a social media manager at that time, meaning I didn’t earn a cent doing it.

In other words, social network sites were just a DISTRACTION in my journey to becoming a digital nomad. As a matter of fact, I lost quite a ton of job opportunities because I was too busy on my social network sites. And, that truly was one of my biggest mistakes. A couple of months later, I was still jobless without a gig history in digital market places like Odesk (now called Upwork) and Freelancer.

Eventually, though, I figured out how to channel my energy into finding rewarding jobs online. I deactivated my accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And, more importantly, I landed a bunch of freelance writing gigs. Of course, I also worked as a social media manager for travel companies, although I never opened my Facebook and Instgram accounts again.

Yep, try searching my name on Facebook, and you won’t find anyone who looks like me. Finally, I had some dependable sources of income, while I was traveling across Southeast Asia. Since then, I never looked back. Admittedly, I do, from time to time, check out social network sites that pay users, such as Minds.com, Xomba, and Bitlanders.Normally, I don’t take them seriously, especially since these sites don’t offer big commissions to their users.

But, just recently, I’ve been hooked to a new social network that has been paying me to post and share my trips online. Believe it or not, I can earn around 20 dollars a day by just posting and sharing my trips online. What to know what that social network is? Guess what? It’s Trekeffect!

Although it was originally designed as a trip planning tool, Trekeffect has expanded its horizons, transforming into a social media network. With Trekeffect, you can post pictures and connect with other travelers across the world. Plus, it has a “Story” feature where you can share your thoughts, moments, tips and experiences of your trip. And, you can earn money on Trekeffect by planning a trip and creating a travel itinerary for other users.

Once you’ve finished creating a TREK (or also known as travel itinerary), you can put it up on the marketplace, and sell it. And, when someone buys your TREK, they will instantly send your commission via Paypal. I’ve tried Trekeffect, and it surely is a great addition to my income stream.

If you want to easily earn money and help other travelers, share your trips on Trekeffect!

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