20 Amazing Places In Asia To Visit Before You Die

From exotic tropical islands and wild jungles to vibrant mega metropolises, no matter what kind of traveler you are, Asia is one massive and surely has something special and delightful in store for you. As a matter of fact, even shopaholics can have a blast and the thrill of a lifetime on this side of the world. Every seasoned and smart adventurer travels with a multi-purpose bag and a set of travel equipment.

Asia is brimming with indescribable beauty, both natural and man-made, and frankly, it is hard to say whether a whole lifetime is enough to experience it all. Most of us may never see everything amazing Asia has to offer, but it is definitely worth a shot.

Planning a trip to Asia? Of course, don't forget to check out this list since Asia is loaded with fabulous sceneries. Here are 20 amazing places in Asia that can be great additions to your bucket list:

1. Tiger’s Nest Temple – Bhutan

Revered as Bhutan’s most sacred refuge, Tiger’s Nest Temple, or also referred as Taktsad, is an Asian gem that will blow you away with its serene feel, soothing mountain air and admirable panoramas.   Perched grandly and precariously on a lofty rock cliff, Tiger’s Nest Temple is a one-of-a-kind monastery that literally takes your breath away. While getting there can be physically demanding, it’s an Asian utopia you must see and experience at least once in your life.

2. Danxia Landform – China

Astonishing and weirdly wonderful, China’s Danxia Landform is a collection of extraordinary landscapes with colorful and dramatic sandstone formations as well as red steep cliffs.

3. Daehan Dawon – South Korea

Home to a lush green tea plantation, South Korea’s Daehan Dawonis a lush serene wonderland with striking landscapes and steep rolling hills that will leave you in awe. Here, you get to snap selfies and lovely photos of its surreal scenery. What’s more, a visit in this South Korean destination gives you a chance to sample their luscious green tea ice-cream.

4. Rainbow Family Village – Taiwan

Rainbow Family Village is a small, prismatic and beautiful Taiwanese village, where nearly everything is splashed with brightly joyful colors. As you wander around the narrow streets of this modest village, you will experience a sense of serenity and wonderment.

5. Taj Mahal – India

Standing majestically on River Yamuna’s banks, the Taj Mahal is a globally renowned UNESCO World Heritage site that will awestruck its beholders with its unrivaled imperial architectural beauty. Fittingly nicknamed as the gem of Muslim art in India, this celebrated historic structure will treat your eyes with its intricate designs and white marbles adorned with eye-catching semi-precious stones.

6. Sagano Bamboo Forest – Japan

One of the earth’s most gorgeous groves, Japan’s Sagano Bamboo Forest offers tourists a blissful sightseeing experience like no other. As you step inside this dreamlike bamboo grove, you will feel like entering into another world. Its wide green stalks of bamboo just seem to endlessly continue in each direction, and there is a strange yet pleasant quality to its light. Of course, you will be unable to resist the urge of snapping pictures, but trust me, photographs cannot capture the magic and otherworldly atmosphere of this place.

7. Hang Son Doong – Vietnam

At more than five kilometer long, 150 meters wide and 200 meters high, Hang Son Doong, the world’s biggest cave, is so enormous that it has its own climate, jungle and river.

8. Bali – Indonesia

With its cushy luxury hotels, glorious sunsets, ancient temples and miles of dreamy beaches, it is no wonder a lot of travelers consider Bali as the top destination for romantic couples and honeymooners. But the thing is, Bali is more than just a honeymoon destination. For the uninitiated, Bali also has a rocky interior ripe for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Not to mention, you can book your accommodations for a surprisingly affordable price at an independent hotel in Bali.

9. Vigan – Philippines

Drenched in culture and history, this UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the country’s very few remaining historic 16th century towns. A mash-up of European colonial architectures and old Asian traditions, Vigan has a charming old-world feel, appeasing history buffs with its majestic mansions, horse-drawn carriages, and cobblestone walkways.

10. Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, praised for its picturesque ocean karst terrain, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that will give you a delicious slice of paradise on earth. Often tagged as one of the best beach destinations in Asia, this Vietnamese tropical bliss has immaculate emerald waters and countless of gigantic islands that are topped wonderfully with lush vegetation.

11. Patong – Thailand

Patong is, for nocturnal party animals, the ultimate place to visit in the Asia. Billing itself as the party capital of Asia, Patong has a cluster of bars, clubs, and restaurants that guarantee to set your nights on fire.

12. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the bustling capital of Malaysia, is a cultural melting pot with great shopping options, mouthwatering culinary goodies and dozens of gleaming skyscrapers, such as the Petronas Towers. Deemed as one of the most sought-after destinations, this buzzing city is also within an hour away from a handful of well-known natural wonders. To top it all off, the city is home to some of the cheapest five-star hotels in the world.

Want to stay in a deluxe and ultra-cozy five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur without paying top dollar? Check out our picks and suggestions:

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13. Siem Reap – Cambodia

A blockbuster film starring Angelina Jolie has changed the dynamics of this Cambodian turf. Siem Reap, once a sleepy village, is now a beloved tourist destination in Asia that attracts throngs of tourists every day. Known as the primary getaway to the iconic Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is the perfect place in Asia to discover historic Asian treasures and observe the Cambodian way of life. Furthermore, there are plenty of other fantastic diversions that would surely add to the allure and charm of this historical area in Asia, such as its intriguing nightlife and jungle adventures.

14. Bokeo Nature Reserve – Laos

Designed to protect the last remaining habitats of the black-crested gibbon, Bokeo Nature Reserve is a verdant forest that offers a world of adventure to trekkers, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

15. Great Wall of China – China

With an impressive span of 7,200 kilometers, The Great Wall of China holds the undisputed title of the longest man-made project in the world. In fact, it is so long and big that many believed it is visible from the outer space.

16. Yolyn Am – Mongolia

Yolyn Am is practically a big and deep ice field set in the midst of a desert. With its thick rock, towering valley wall and lack of wind, Yolyn Am remains pretty cool, even during summertime. Famous for its shaded canyons and dramatic rocky cliffs, Yolyn Am is truly a mesmerizing sight that every traveler in Asia must see.

17. Bagan – Myanmar

Bagan is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the few sacred places in Asia that can rival the popularity and grandeur of Angkor Wat. After all, it is home to the largest concentration of Buddhist pagodas, temples, stupas and ruins on the face of the earth. By the way, we suggest that you hop on a hot air balloon, when traveling to Bagan, so you get a breathtaking aerial view of its grand temples.

18. Bangkok – Thailand

With its vibrant (sometimes naughty) nightlife, busy markets, delectable cuisine and awe-inspiring temples, it is easy to see why Bangkok remains one of the most visited cities in the world, in spite of its scorching heat and heavy traffic.

19. Borobudur– Indonesia

Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991, Borobudur is a massive complex of Buddhist temples and stupas that were built as early as 8th century. People who visit this place are usually amazed by its scale as well as the exceptional attention to the details that went into its construction. Located right at of the heart of the lush Kedu Plain, it has also a splendid backdrop of active volcanoes that enhances the sense of drama and awe.

20. Hong Kong – China

Fond of shopping? Whether you’re a big-time spender or a collector of crafts and antiques, Hong Kong has a myriad of terrific options to suit your budget and taste. Lavish shopaholics can go on a wild shopping spree of designer fashion at the Landmark Mall, while budget-conscious travelers may get cheap buys for all sorts of items at Hong Kong’s energetic street markets.

In addition to shopping, there are tons of other cool things you can do in Hong Kong. Check out our 4-day travel itinerary to Hong Kong, for more information about the attractions you can experience in Hong Kong.

So, let the travel planning begin. Book your flights to the next place on your bucket list, pack your passport and bags, and let your mind absorb the stress-free aura and creativity from your travel. But, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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