19 Amazon Rainforest Animals That Will Amaze You

The Amazon Rain-forest, one of earth’s last frontiers, is truly a breathtaking wilderness where you can enjoy a medley of thrills and memorable experiences. As you travel to this dense, wild and vibrant jungle, you’ll be able to treat your eyes with a dazzling array of plants, trees, shrubs and other interesting creations of Mother Nature.

Of course, a visit here allows you to experience epic jungle travel adventures like climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, and a whole lot more. On top of it all, a trip to this dense jungle in South America is an opportunity to see or even meet a plethora of marvelous creatures.

From kaleidoscopic birds to deadly amphibians, the Amazon Rain-forest is home to some of the world’s most unusual and intriguing animals. Here are some animals that promise to amaze you during your trip to the Amazon Rain-forest:

1. Amazon River dolphin

Fascinating Amazon Rainforest animals that are moderately amicable. The Amazon River dolphin, or also referred as the pink river dolphin, is arguably the most popular resident of the diverse Amazon river. Known for their distinctive pink hue, these river dolphins dazzle spectators with their charm and unique beauty. These fabulous river creatures are a spectacle you can’t afford to miss during your trip to the Amazon Rainforest.

Did I mention that they are super talented, savvy and intelligent? Yes, these river creatures are just as brainy and cunning as their saltwater counterparts.   As a matter of fact, scientists believed that their brain capacity is 40 percent larger than ours.

2. Glass frog

I hate to bust your bubbles, but you are not looking at an X-ray vision of a frog. The image you see above is an actual photograph of a glass frog, which is by far one of the coolest and most fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom.

These intriguing see-through amphibians are so transparent that you can see their internal organs, including their gastrointestinal tract, liver and even the pumping heart. Looks pretty cool and amazing, right?

3. Toucan

The Toucan is a prismatic and eye-catching bird that happens to be one of the well-known creatures of the Amazon Rainforest. Even those who have yet to set foot on the Amazon Rainforest can easily recognize this bird, thanks to its big and colorful bill.

4. Jesus Lizard

No list of the most fascinating animals in the Amazon Rainforest is complete without the inclusion of Jesus Lizard, or basilisks. Unlike other lizard species, these creatures can run along water for significant distances, which is why they call them Jesus Lizards.

5. Spider Monkey

The Spider Monkey is often deemed as the most intelligent member of the new world monkeys. What makes it even more fascinating is its ability to gracefully move from one branch to another. Unfortunately, there’s only a small chance of spotting a Spider Monkey in the Amazon Rainforest since they live in the forest’s upper layers.

6. Kinkajou

Kinkajou, or also referred as the honey bear, is a quirky raccoon-like creature with a golden fur and a long tail that can be used to grip branches.

7. Mata Mata

Famous for its long neck and odd-shaped head, the Mata Mata is an odd-looking turtle that you surely want to lay eyes on during your trip to the Amazon Rainforest. Besides its edgy look, it also feeds in a very unusual manner. Apparently, this creature feeds on small prey like fish by vacuuming food into its stomach through its vacuum-cleaner-like mouth, without chewing.

8. Capybara

What makes the Capybara interesting and fascinating? Not only is it an extraordinary semi-aquatic creature, but the Capybara also is considered the largest rodent in the word. As far as I know, the Capybara can weigh up to 150 pounds and grow up to 134 centimeters. Furthermore, it follows a vegetarian diet, even though it is member of the rodent family.

9. Potoo

Potoos are nocturnal creatures known for their uncanny ability to hide themselves from a variety of predators in the wild.

10. Decoy-building Spider

Speaking of disguises, here’s a tiny creature with an awesome ability to create a decoy of itself. The Decoy-building spiders are relatively small spiders that create an object in their webs that resembles a much bigger spider. The building material for the false spider is debris, carcasses of food and even their own shed old skin.

11. Peanut Head Bug

The peanut head bug is an odd-looking inspect with a head that amazingly looks like an un-shelled peanut.

12. Poison Dart Frog

Not all creatures in the Amazon Rainforest, however, are charming and friendly. There are tons of creatures in this wilderness that are just as dangerous as the primeval giants. Although their looks will leave you in awe, it is best that you keep distance when viewing these creatures. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful looks and petite size of these creatures. Sure, they look colorful and amicable, but a single touch to their skin could deliver a lethal toxic dose to your system.

13. Anaconda

Amazing yet dangerous animals in the Amazon Rainforest like this one of the world’s largest and deadliest animals, the anaconda is a gigantic reptile known for its incredible ability to kill its prey. While the anaconda isn’t venomous, it has immense muscular strength to constrict and kill its prey in a short span of time. With its size, length and power, this reptile can devour on larger animals like caiman, deer, capybara and even ferocious jaguars.

14. Bullet Ant

The Bullet Ant, the largest ant in the world, can grow as big as your pinky, and has a sting that will take you into a world of pain. Even though its sting isn’t deadly, the time for the pain to wear off may oftentimes take a day. You don’t want to want to experience this kind of pain.

15. Giant Otter

The Giant River Otter, the biggest member of the weasel family, is a cute creature that lives in the Amazon Rainforest. While they look harmless and amicable, you should try to keep distance from these creatures. These gigantic weasels are rather beastly, and can be a tough opponent to the biggest and mightiest creatures in the Amazon Rainforest. In fact, there are locals in the region who have seen Giant Otters eating anacondas and black caimans.

16. Black Caiman

The black caiman is, as far as I’m concerned, an alligator on juice, or shall we say steroids. Seriously, though, this is a big nasty reptile that you don’t want to mess with. Not only do they have heavier and skulls than the ferocious Nile crocodiles, but they can grow up to 20 feet long as well. What’s more, they eat almost everything that they see as food in the Amazon Rainforest, including the mighty anaconda, deer, monkeys and the pesky piranhas.

17. Arapaima

The Arapaima is a monstrous carnivorous fish that resides in the murky waters of the Amazon Rainforest and its surrounding lakes. Giving the anaconda a run for its money, this gigantic fish is a very proficient predator, feeding on birds and fish. As far as size, this fish is rather big, with a weight that can reach up to 200 pounds and a height that may go up as high as nine feet.

18. Piranhas

Piranhas are cuddly river creatures that have suffered from a bad press. The truth is, these creatures aren’t as aggressive and dangerous as most Hollywood flicks depict them to be. Even natives of the Amazon Rainforest often swim with the piranhas in the river safely. Piranhas are scavengers, and as such, they mostly get nourishment from the remains of animals that have already been dead.

In addition, they rarely attack larger animals and humans. If, however, they are hungry or something drifts into their territory, these creatures will ultimately switch to attack mode.

19. The deadliest creature in the Amazon Rainforest

To me, the deadliest creature in all the Amazon Rainforest is a tiny mosquito that you can easily squash in your hand. I know its small, but it carries deadly diseases like malaria. One bite can directly transfer a deadly disease in your bloodstream, which could kill you quickly, specifically if you are not vaccinated. What’s even more alarming is the fact that it has become resistant to insect repellents like Deet.

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