30 Awesome Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

Ever dreamed of having a cool job that pays you to travel the world? Well, who doesn’t? Unfortunately, our conventional wisdom suggests that we can’t have the best of both worlds. Most of us think that we need to earn a fortune, and quit our job, before we can embark on our globetrotting journey. But the truth is, you don’t have to escape the workforce, or even drain your savings, to spend your days exploring the world. With commitment and the right set of skills, you can put yourself on a rewarding career path that lets you frequently visit different places, as part of your work requirements.

There are a number of employment opportunities that require traveling frequently, and one of them might be the right fit for you. Don’t wait until you’re old and retired to travel and see the world! Look into one of these awesome travel jobs that will feed your wanderlust while you work and earn money.

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1. Cruise ship worker

Whether you are a performer, shop clerk, gym instructor or a waiter, working on a lavish floating resort is an absolute dream gig for bona fide travel junkies like you. With this line of work, you’re literally paid to travel the world with free accommodations and food to places like LondonJapan and Hong Kong!

Interested to work on a highly acclaimed cruise ship? You might want to check out the link below to get a list of employment openings in the cruise line industry.

2. Travel writer/blogger

Travel writers, to me, have the best travel jobs in the world. Not only do they get to travel often, but they also receive VIP treatments from resorts and hotels that are in hopes of a good and glowing review. Not to mention, they get plenty of freebies from airline companies and tour operators.

3. Travel nurse

The travel nurse is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the coolest travel jobs in the world today. As a travel nurse, you will be moving around the country, moving from one healthcare facility to another, to temporarily fill positions whenever they are needed.  You might tend to a surfer who was stung by a jellyfish in Honolulu one day, and nurse a patient with a broken leg in San Diego the next day.

4. Sales

While most sales positions require you to stay in a retail store or behind a desk, others, such as pharmaceutical sales, require you to travel frequently. Depending on the company’s size, your trips could involve driving to different cities or flying to a different state each week.

5. Executive assistant

Although it’s not the most glamorous job in the world, playing a behind-the-scenes or second fiddle role in the life of an influential professional can be a great way to travel and get paid. As an executive assistant, you will be right alongside nearly at all times with your boss during his or her business trips. And since these people travel quite often for important business meetings, you will have tons of opportunities to explore and experience new places while working.

6. Tour guide

One of the best and most sought-after career options for people who love to travel is to become a tour guide. In this profession, you get to spend your days guiding tourist and fellow travel enthusiasts through buzzing metropolises or quaint local villages. What’s more, the competition in this line of work isn’t stiff since popular cities and travel destinations are in constant need of knowledgeable and friendly tour guides to lead tourist tourists through cultural executions and dazzling sights.

If you plan on pursuing this career path, just don’t forget to study up on the culture and history of the destination of your choice. Also, make sure to learn the local language.

7. Retail buyer

Are you a chic fashionista who’s looking for great travel jobs? Working as a retail buyer is by far the ultimate dream job for fashionistas who are addicted to travel. Besides in-store inventory monitoring, retail buyers also have the luxury of attending conferences and shows all over the country (or the world), to identify consumer and industry trends, and make the right decisions on what kinds of products should the company sell.

8. Flight attendant

Not only is it the most obvious job related to travel, but the flight attendant is one of most accessible ones as well.  As far as I know, you don’t need to have a specialized degree to become a certified flight attendant, and most airline companies would only require a certificate from the FAA as well as prior experience in customer service.

9. A volunteer for the Peace Corps

To be honest, you won’t be making a great deal of money as a volunteer for the Peace Corps. Still, it is an awesome job that allows you to travel to different countries and at the same time make a positive difference in the world. Assignments for this type of work normally last a couple of years, and mainly involve working to health care, advance education, as well as agriculture and economic development in an overseas community.

10. Business consultants

Consultants are, in general, problem solvers, providing companies with solutions and expert recommendation on everything, from IT to marketing and management. As a consultant, you won’t be linked to one company, and you will have to travel to different cities, visiting companies and businesses that need your advice. These visits may be long or short, depending on how much assistance and support a business needs.

11. Au pair

If you know a foreign language, and you can work well with kids, then working as an au pair may be a terrific option for you. For the uninitiated, au pairs usually work in a foreign land and live with a host family, to provide childcare help and services like babysitting and tutoring. Salary-wise, it may not be as lucrative as the other jobs mentioned in this list, but nevertheless working as au pair is a great opportunity for you to immerse in a different culture, and travel to a foreign country.

12. Travel agent

As travel comparison sites and Google searches flourish, a lot of people now think that the services of professional travel agents are no longer needed. And though it’s true that the need for this profession will continue to decline in the next ten years, it still is a rewarding and popular job for anyone who has the travel bug.  After all, travel agents are paid to visit sought-after destinations, and get first-hand experiences of a variety of restaurants and resorts, so they can make helpful and honest advice to their clients.

13. International aid worker

As with a Peace Corps volunteer, working as an international aid worker also means you get paid to travel, all while making a big and real difference in the lives of thousands of people.  As an international aid worker, you get to visit struggling nations, and help its citizens recover from unfortunate and dire situations like famine and calamitous natural disaster. To become an international aid worker, though, you need to have a background in education, agriculture or health as well as an interest in social work.

14. Archaeologist

Archaeologists are paid big-time to travel to remote regions like Machu Picchu, and recover treasures and artifacts from ancient cultures.

15. Truck driver

Are road trips your cup of tea? Do you prefer to hit the open road rather than working for more than six hours in a crammed office cubicle? Then, you should consider making truck driving as your career! Working as a long-haul truck driver means you will be delivering cargo from one destination to another, allowing you to see plenty of landscapes and steep architectural gems in different cities and places.

16. Wedding photographer

With a set of cutting-edge photography equipment and an eye for snapping for breathtaking photos, you can get paid handsomely to spend a few days on a striking tropical island, recording gleeful memories of the couple’s most special day.

17. Auditor

Working as an auditor won’t lead to trips to exotic locales, but it still offers a glut of opportunities to travel, and explore cities that you have yet to visit.

18. English teacher

One of the perks of speaking the world’s most popular language is that there are thousands of people from all corners who’d pay you to teach them English. Teaching English abroad is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the easiest ways to step out of your hometown, and see the world. From East Asian countries to South America, there are a number of foreign countries that offer teaching positions to people who can speak English fluently.

19. Event coordinator

Confused? I’m not talking about weddings, parties, and other local events, here. What I meant about working as an event coordinator, though, is a rewarding job that involves coordinating national (or sometimes international) trade shows, festivals and other large-scale events. Trust me, it is truly a golden opportunity for travel junkies to appease their wanderlust while getting paid.

With this profession, you will get to meet and greet a plethora of vendors from all over the country, and then travel to the location of the event, to help manage everything. And who knows? You can end up meeting big-time celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, with this profession.

20. Marine engineer

Marine engineers repair, maintain and design the mechanical systems that are used in marine vessels, such as aircraft carriers, submarines and cargo ships. To perform the required maintenance and test their mechanical designs, these engineers have to spend a chunk of their time traveling on marine vessels. As an added bonus, the ships that they travel on oftentimes embark and disembark from many different places, which will allow them to see more than just big ocean waves as well as meet a few interesting foreign people.

21. Athletic recruiter

Are you a travel aficionado who loves sports? Employed by pro sports organizations and colleges, athletic recruiters travel across the country (sometimes abroad) to find the next Stephen Curry, Lebron James or Kevin Durant.

22. Civil servant

Want to the work for the US government, and at the same travel and experience foreign cultures? The US Department of State has a myriad of job opportunities to offer for patriotic people who love to travel, and represent the United States abroad. The government has over 250 embassies all around the world, and dozens of other offices in which you can work as civil servant. Whether your background is in operations, IT, management, healthcare, accounting, security or engineering, there is probably a rewarding civil service position that fits perfect to your skills.

23. Beauty therapist

The quest for beauty is global and women, especially those in expat communities, prefer to be treated by a therapist who shares their sense of style, understands their requests, and of course, speaks their language.  As a beauty therapist, you will have a plethora of job opportunities from Dubai to Delhi, as well as in holiday villages and on luxury liners worldwide.

24. Techie or roadie

You may not experience wild orgies with screaming groupies, but working as a lighting or sound technician on a band tour is still pretty darn awesome. If you can land a position with a famous artist, you will have a chance to visit a galore of major cities and places across several continents.

25. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants, traditionally, work from home as freelancers, doing administrative works for start-up companies and small businesses. But the thing is, you don’t need to stay at home to become a virtual assistant. With a reliable internet and phone connection, you can practically work as a virtual assistance wherever you want.

26. Bartender

Restaurants, nightclubs and bars are located all over the world, and the job description is practically the same everywhere. Speaking the language will come in handy, so you may need to spend a few months of language classes. Sought-after and touristy destinations will be easier to find work opportunities, and there’s no maximum or minimum time requirement. In addition, the more experience you have under your belt as a bartender, the more opportunities for job will open up, with a potential to earn a higher income.

27. Pilot

The training is pretty extensive, but the benefits of having this travel job are obvious. Of course, it is also one of the most financially rewarding travel jobs in the world.

28. Traveling fitness guru

Working as a travel fitness introductory is one of the best and coolest travel jobs for folks who are into fitness. You can teach lessons on dance, zumba, yoga, pilates or provide services as a PT (personal trainer) if you have enough job experiences in any of these fields. Some gurus would make deals with backpacker hostels or gyms, to use their fitness facilities with clients.

29. Professional chef

From private households and food trucks to restaurants and ritzy hotels, there are countless of job opportunities for professional chefs worldwide.

30. Online poker player

Sounds too good to be true? Believe it or not, there are tons of people from all over the world who play online poker for a living. As a matter of fact, some of them are earning over $25,000 a month by just playing online card game.

But as with anything else, it requires a great deal of effort and hard work to make this kind of lifestyle sustainable. You have to keep your emotions at check every time your play, and you also must have the willpower to play the game for a number of hours. Not to mention, you need to be extra good with numbers to earn some money with this one-of-a-kind job.

Already found the career that would satiate your wanderlust? If not, try to consider the career options we have shared above.

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