Best Adult Cinemas in the United States

There is a spicier alternative to watching porn online regardless with a partner or not. It might be the same porn, but in a different sometimes more restricting location and you’ll be pretty much surrounded by people who came to see sex on the big screen as well in these adult cinemas.

A famous sexual attraction which has been tempting people for years and is still open for business and a famous place for all hookups (just like any sex location) – pretty much always open (you don’t even need puns here).

Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, San Francisco

One of the oldest adult cinemas in the US, and surely one of the most controversial, the cinema has its door open for customers seven days a week and nearly every evening of the year. It does not have alcoholic beverages but it does have a operating snack bar. It is actually the adult cinema which brought lap dancing to its widespread fame all over the world.

They still offer lap dancing and they will sit on laps when allowed to do so by the customer (a practice which is illegal in some states). There are several rooms such as the Ultra Room (more of a peep show themed one), the Green Door Room (named after the two movies and the room itself is set as the second movie), the Kopenhagen Lounge (where you use flashlights to watch performances) and of course private rooms.

The Paris Theatre

Female-friendly and first opened as a burlesque theatre in Portland, it proceed to movies and was known by playing the scandalous Deep Throat for five years straight, then progressed onto a music venue and became the Northwest’s Premiere theatre – which it is up to this day.

It is also very couple oriented offering a few rooms which are either private or for the couples which enjoy to be watched observed by other customers, be a performer with your partner of the night! It has a strict couples-only zone which allows couples to do as they please for those who wish to be left alone.

It also has an all male-zone which is open for couples and singles who wish to be in an all-male performance zone for their time at the theatre. The theatre also provides texts which notify you of the events and you can choose which events you wish to be notified about.

The Bijou Theatre, Chicago

The longest running gay adult theatre and sex club deserves more than just a mention. It has it’s own appealing programme such as on Monday they show the movies which the Bijou Theatre filmed back in the 70s and 80s, while on the third Friday of each month they have performances by top porn stars for your enjoyment.

Also the theatre attracts people with its sex club on the second floor as well as the BDSM dungeon and all is pretty much described as a “gay man’s fantasy playground”. In warm weather the club opens the Bijou Gardens which is an outdoor playground.

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