The 10 Best Classic Christmas Food In The Philippines

In the Philippines, the Yuletide season is a jovial time of the year when people titillate their cravings and fill their stomachs with delightful Christmas food. As part of their Christmas time traditions, Filipinos would host buoyant parties that involve feasting on tasty gastronomic pleasures, together with their relatives, friends and family, these social gatherings usually have an eclectic buffets.

From sweet traditional Filipino delicacies to tasty Italian staples, with all the mouthwatering Christmas foods up for grabs during this season, it is no wonder tons of Filipino enroll in gyms and fitness clubs in January. Celebrating the Yuletide season in the Philippines?

Check out this list of the most delectable classic Christmas foods in the Philippines:

1. Christmas ham - Sweet and savory

Filipinos, in general, are fond of treats and delicacies that are as sweet as honey. That’s why most of the Christmas hams distributed in the Philippines are drenched with sweet syrupy glazes. To enjoy this kind of ham, you can eat it on its own, fry it to add more flavor, or pair it with a slice of kesong puti (a white cheese made from carabao’s milk).

2. Leche Flan - Luscious treat

Leche Flan, or better known as caramel custard in the Western world, is one of the top and most beloved desserts in the country, especially during festive celebrations like Christmas, birthdays, town fiestas and parties.

3. Lumpiang Ubod - A healthy option

Looking for a low-calorie Filipino dish this Yuletide season? One of the healthier Christmas foods in the Philippines, Lumpiang Ubod is a spring roll variety that is made from ubod, which is the coconut’s heart. Wrapped in a lumpia, this dish also has a mixture of other ingredients, including lettuce, ground pork and carrots.

4. Fruit salad - A mixed bag of goodies

Fruits, whether canned or fresh, are mixed together with condense milk and cream to provide the sweetness and color of this cold nectarous goodie.

5. Spaghetti - Filipino style

A beloved Italian dish, the spaghetti has become a favorite in Christmas parties and Noche Buena gatherings in the Philippines. But unlike the traditional red tangy Italian spaghetti sauces, Filipinos prefer to enjoy this dish with a sauce that is a bit heavy on the sugar. To add an extra twist to this classic Italian goodie, Filipinos would also include bits of processed cheese and bright red hotdog to their spaghetti. Sounds weird? Trust me, this odd spaghetti recipe tastes good.

6. Keso de Bola - A Xmas centerpiece

Keso de Bola is basically the Filipino term for Netherland’s Edam cheese. Coated in a red paraffin wax, this Xmas delicacy is often used as a centerpiece during Noche Buena (Christmas Eve dinner). With a perfect blend of softness, creaminess and saltiness, Keso de Bola truly makes a great table cheese that can be paired with hams, crackers, bread, fruits and wines like Zinfandel and Pinot Noir.

7. Pancit Malabon - Filipino pasta at its best

The Pancit Malabon, one of the most filling Christmas foods in the Philippines, is a tasty yellow-colored noodle treat loaded with chicharon, shrimp and eggs. Infused with annatto seeds, this dish never fails to please the palate of even the most seasoned foodies.

8. Bibingka - A soft and tasty rice cake

Made from glutinous rice, the Bibingka is a sweet Filipino baked cake topped with salted egg and cheese as well as served with grated coconut, sugar and butter. While it is available year-round, Filipinos prefer to savor this rice cake during the holiday season.

9. Puto Bumbong - The ultimate Christmas delicacy

Puto Bumbong is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most sought-after delicacy during Christmastide. As a matter of fact, it is popular that even throngs of people would line up outside the church after their “Simbang Gabi”, just to enjoy this sticky and luscious purple-colored rice cake.

10. Lechon - The world's best pork dish

Lechon, hailed as the “best pork ever” by the renowned TV personality Anthony Bourdain, tops our list of the best and most delicious Christmas foods in the Philippines. A staple in Filipino celebrations, the lechon is a filling and tasty dish that features a whole-roasted skewed pig cooked over a bunch of flaming charcoals. Known as the ultimate festive food in the Philippines, the lechon is a unique pork dish that is crispy on the outside, yet juicy and plump on the inside.

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