The Best LGBT Cities In Asia, Part I

Unfortunately even if the place holds specific LGBT laws it might not actually be friendly and even if the discrimination's laws are in place, the population might be against LGBT individuals for religious or any other cover they might use to discriminate against people.

That’s why today in our society it is very important to know where you are traveling, how friendly the people are and if you are actually safe, even if you want to go somewhere extreme or want to prove yourself.

Asia has a wide contrast just like every other place filled with people who accept and who do not accept LGBT people. Some places even if they are going backwards, you shouldn’t close your eyes on those which don’t.

Hong Kong

Even if there is no legal recognition of same-sex unions in Hong Kong, there is still a lot of tolerance and acceptance and with each year it grows as well. The Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance protects people against sexual discrimination from the Government and public authorities. Also it is much more accepting than it’s cousin People’s Republic of China over on the mainland.

It is very accepting so you can safely explore the contradictory and futuristic city.Hong Kong has a wide variety of clubs to offer including old school ones where they take you back to the nineties which are filled with bright lights, packed and loud. Examples of such clubs are Propaganda or Volume.

If you want something less hectic try The Works (which is also owned by the same person as Propaganda). If shirtless dancers are more your thing then we suggest New Wally Mat Lounge. If you want something off the scene try Club 71 or XXX.Saunas are always a popular choice and in Hong Kong they are quite safe and it’s OK if you decide that they are not your thing.

The scene does very impressive parties and more recently there has been a bigger push towards lesbian parties. The place which usually runs the best is HX Production which also runs the annual Labour Party to huge acclaim.


You don’t even have to research to know Bangkok and its arms wide open for people regardless of their gender and identity. For once it is regarded that it is a personal choice when it comes to the individual. Also all Thai people are known for their sweet and polite natures. Also keep in mind just like any other country Thailand has its own strict set of laws, such as the punishments for having or using drugs which are very severe. Also sexual relations with underage people are always heavily punishable by law.

Despite the infamous Soi 2 and Soi 4, Silom is considered the main gay area of Bangkok. In Soi 2 you’ll find such dance clubs as DJ Station, Freeman and Expresso, while Soy 4 offers a more relaxed atmosphere with pubs, bars and restaurants including Balcony Bar, Telephone Pub and Sphinx. It is usually where the other foreigners will hang out as well.

Other notable areas include the Soi Ramkhamhaeng 89/2, or ‘Lamsalee’. Many clubs can be found in the areas with affordable drink prices and most of the customers being Thai customers. There are also bars and saunas along the Saphan Kwai and Sukhumvit areas, but unlike the other areas these are more filled with locals.

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