Best Music Festivals

There is no wrong or right, sometimes you enjoy music festivals with the tents and cheap beer and hotdogs, sometimes you just book something nearby, but you’ve still got the enormous crowd and you’ll see whoever you want to see on the screen (unless you’re super lucky, hold your pee in for 7 hours and stand by the stage) or you just buy some tickets to small venues.

Both are great, but usually both involve traveling so it’s better to book before hand. Regardless of your music taste, all of these festivals are guaranteed to give you an unique and personal musical and artistic experience.

Here are the list of some of the best music festivals around the world:


Officially the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Coachella packs two whole weekends of music and arts every year. The event is set in Indio, California, and in 2014 will take place in April, from the 11th to the 13th and from the 18th to the 20th.

Rock in Rio

Even though it had started in the lovely city of Rio de Janeiro (as the name states) it also spread to Europe, namely Madrid and Lisbon, where the 2014 edition will take place from the 23rd May to the 1st June. The festival will be the event of the year in Portugal, and its reputation has only gotten stronger. If you want a more tropical Rock in Rio, you better wait it out: in 2015, Rock in Rio returns to... well, Rio!


Set near the small city of Pilton in Somerset, Glastonbury has a reputation in Europe as one of the best festivals in the world, especially for rock and indie music fans. It takes place during the last weekend on June.

The 2014 lineup hasn’t been officially announced yet but tickets already sold out! If you want to hit the mud in 2014, register for the chance to buy the cancelled tickets this spring.


This annual festival grew as a platform for both bands and political groups, and recently expanded from Chicago to South America and Israel. Whether you prefer the American midwest, Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo or Tel Aviv, Lollapalooza is a great festival to see classic and new bands (especially rock and hip hop artists).

Each location has its own website, and the festival’s dates are different for each one of them too.


Set in Tennessee, this year’s Bonnaroo will happen from the 12th to the 15th of June. Lineups aren’t up for this year either, but Bonnaroo always offers a mix of all genres, and artists play from noon to up to 4AM! Arrive well rested, the nights will be loud!

Austin City Limits

A three-day music festival set in Austin, ACL brings over 150 acts together to play for crowds of 75,000 per day. The festival borrows its name from the TV show Austin City Limits. The next edition happens in October 2014, and tickets are still available (not for long)

Fuji Rock Festival

At Naeba Ski Resort, the last weekend of July means noise. The largest outdoor music event in Japan, Fuji Rock Festival has been running since 1997 and takes its name from its origins: the first two editions were held at the base of Mt. Fuji.


Held in Budapest, Sziget is one of the largest festivals in Europe, and is held annually during August. Every year over 1000 performances take place, and Sziget was named Best Major European Festival in 2011.

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