Best Rave Destinations

If you’re on vacation and looking for a party, there are certain locations that are known the world over for their parties and raves. Ibiza, Amsterdam and Tokyo are just a few of the international hotspots that consistently make the lists of “Best Rave Cities.”

Consider these rave locations the next time you’re searching for a party:

Ibiza, Spain

Known the world over for its clubs and parties, Ibiza is sometimes referred to as the party capital of the world. The end-of-summer blowout there draws thousands of revelers to hear the world’s best disc jockeys as they battle it out.

Many clubs in Ibiza host special parties throughout the year, but it’s the closing parties – or end of summer parties – that help Ibiza to stay on top.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is just one of the city’s popular parties, although it may be the best known of the bunch. Hailed as the continent’s main dance conference, ADE includes 300 dance parties over five days. In 80 clubs this year, 2,000 disc jockeys are expected to perform.

The Pacha Festival returns in May, bringing both DJs and live entertainment to Amsterdam.

Tokyo, Japan

If you’re looking for a party in Tokyo, there are several clubs that just might fit the bill, spread in three different districts of the city. In Shinjuku, check out Club Code; where house DJs spin trance tracks and drag queens and hostesses entertain. In Shibuya, Club Asia is the place to party. With two dance floors, three bars, the club is transitioning to more of an event venue than a club, but could still be worth checking out.

Ageha is another venue for events that is not to be missed for weekend electro and dance parties. In Shin Kiba, the club opened in 2002. The main dance floor accommodates more than 2,400 individuals and there’s even a bar – Island – or poolside stage – Water—where party-goers can enjoy the music as well. During the summer, a beach is constructed at Ageha for its parties.

Los Angeles, California

In the United States, Los Angeles is a great place to find an electronic dance music event. Rave clubs all around the city typically host intense parties throughout the year. Consider the Exchange, the Echoplex, a Club Called Ronda, Sound Nightclub, or even the Wiltern, if you’re looking for a party in Los Angeles proper.

If you’re looking outside the city, you might want to try San Diego’s Bang Bang; San Francisco’s Ruby Skye also hosts a great party.

Berlin, Germany

If you’re looking for a techno-driven dance party or a little something different, Berlin’s the place to go. You might have a tough time getting into Berghain, but the club offers a variety of music styles throughout the week – from experimental to dub step, there’s a lot to explore at Berghain. Watergate is another rave club location to check out with house and techno music to bring on the dancing. At Cookies, clubgoers can choose from several styles of music – if you’re into underground house and disco, you’ll like their main room; for a varied playlist, check out their second room.

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