Best Things To Do In Los Angeles

Famed for its state-of-the-art movie studios, zesty nightspots and wealth in modern-day attractions, Tinseltown is truly an epicenter of tourism, media and culture in the country. While Los Angeles does not have Rome’s historical riches and Paris’s sophisticated style, Los Angeles remains as one of the world’s most entertaining and sought-after tourist destinations, thanks to its eclectic collection of attractions.

Whether you are visiting the city for a day or staying here for a lifetime, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit these LA attractions.

Visit Getty Center

The Getty Center is truly one of the most popular tourist traps in the city of Los Angeles. A spectacular world-class museum, the Getty Center boasts an impressive and stellar collection of art from a handful of luminaries like Cezanne, Monet and Van Gogh.

Furthermore, the venue boasts a cutting-edge architecture from Richard Meier, and the visual grandeur of its gardens. On top of it all, the place gives you majestic views of the ocean and the entire city.

Spend a day at the Santa Monica Pier

Get a taste of California’s famed beach lifestyle by spending a day at the Santa Monica Pier and Beach. Known as the backdrop of Baywatch (a popular TV series), Santa Monica is a legendary beach with beautiful palm trees, sunny weather, striking ocean views, and of course, eye candies clad in skimpy bikinis. Besides its beach offerings, there are a lot of things you may enjoy in this tourist hot spot, such as taking a ride at its Ferris wheel.

With this Ferris wheel ride, you get to enjoy a stunning view of the city’s majestic mountains and landscapes flush against the Pacific Ocean and cityscape.

Make a stop at the classic Hollywood staples and attractions

Los Angeles’s movie business has been a big lure for many lavish and ambitious travelers. For the most part, tourists come to this psychedelic city to visit Hollywood tourist classics like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Hollywood Museum, and Musso & Frank Grill. Aside from these Hollywood attractions, you may spend time at the Hollywood & Highland complex, a fascinating cultural center that would give Time’s Square a run for its money.

Also, don’t forget to watch the vivid and talented street performers with their superhero costumes at the Madame Tussauds Hollywood.

Enjoy the lovely offerings of Griffith Park

Heralded as one of the biggest urban parks in the entire North America region, the Griffith Park is a charming tourist trap that offers a ton of fun-filled activities for tourists of all ages, including hiking, merry-go-round rides, horseback riding, tennis, golf, pony rides and miniature train rides. What’s more, the park serves as a home to a farmer’s market, zoo and cultural centers like the National Autry Center and Greek Theater.

Best of all, it is home to one of the city’s most beloved gems, the Griffith Observatory, an advanced observatory that offers romantic views of the city, educational tours and spine-tingling star shows.

From picturesque ocean vistas to zesty entertainment centers, this glittering city has an endless array of attractions to offer to its guests. But with so many options available, how do you select the best ones for your trip? Fortunately, we at Trekeffect have compiled a list of the best things to do in Los Angeles.

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