How To Stay Fit On A Road Trip

Whether it is for pleasure or business purposes, taking a road trip can throw off your exercise regimen or fitness routine. As you zigzag along the road, you will be enticed to nibble on a handful of junk foods as well as sweet treats like gummy bears and chocolate bars, piling up a ton of calories that can make you fatter.

To make matters even worse, you won’t have access to treadmills, dumbbells and other exercise equipment you would normally find at your local gym. No matter where you are heading, a road trip can add a few unwanted pounds in your frame. For that reason, a lot of fitness junkies don’t want to plan a road trip for their vacation.

But thankfully, with calisthenics, you get a chance to stay in shape even when you are going on a lengthy road trip. Plus, you don’t need a whole lot of equipment to stay fit with calisthenics. As you plan a road trip for your next adventure, make sure to include calisthenics to your routine.

What is calisthenics?

Calisthenics is an ancient discipline that has been, for decades, overshadowed by fitness crazes and modern gym equipment. Practiced by Spartans and Greeks in ancient times, this form of exercise is truly one of the best and most effective techniques in improving cardiovascular strength and muscular fitness. In addition, this fitness system has been a proven routine in enhancing psychomotor skills like coordination, agility and balance.

Calisthenics, in a nutshell, refers to the workouts and exercises that are performed in a systemic and rhythmic fashion using bodyweight only for resistance. For the most part, it is practiced by military units and sports to increase flexibility and endurance though bodyweight movements, such as kicking, twisting, swinging, jumping, and bending. As a resistance training routine, calisthenics involve an assortment of bodyweight resistance exercises, such as pull-ups, squats, dips, and push-ups.

Why is it ideal for road trippers?

Unlike other types of exercises, calisthenics does not need a lot of apparatus and equipment. As a matter of fact, some practitioners can even do it without using a single piece of equipment. As a bonus, you can perform it wherever you want, which is ideal when traveling on road.

As a road tripper, you can even do it, while you are on the side of the road, or inside your camper van. With calisthenics as your means of exercise during your trip, you can without having to worry about having too much baggage.

A sample workout

Do 4 cycles with a 3-minute rest between cycles. Try to reduce the amount of rest between exercises.

⚫ Pull-ups

⚫ Push-ups

⚫ Prison Squat (One-legged squat for advanced levels)

⚫ Dips on suspension trainers

⚫ Leg raises

⚫ Lunges

⚫ Pike presses

Things you need

Although it does not necessarily require any equipment, can become more exciting and challenging when practiced alongside a few pieces of equipment. As you plan a road trip, pack these tools, and include them to your baggage.

⚫ Push up bars – These bars ease the stress on your wrists, and increase work on your chest.

⚫ Gymnastic rings or suspension trainers – These fitness tools can be hanged in a tree, and are used to perform a variety of body weight resistance movements, such as dips, pull-ups, bodyweight rows, Bulgarian lunges chest flyes, and a whole lot more.

⚫ Resistance bands – A staple in home workouts and fitness DVDs like P90x, these bands are handy, portable and can provide resistance like dumbbells and barbells. Technically, resistance bands aren’t used in calisthenics, but they can come in handy when you can’t find sturdy place to do your pull-ups and dips.

Gloves or athletic chalk – Use them to improve as well as prevent blisters on your palms.

Additionally, you may want to bring your protein supplements with you, if you are taking them. After all, they are handy, and fit easily to your bags. Just don’t forget to bring a to mix it with water or milk.As you can see, it is possible to stay fit even when you are traveling leisurely on the road.

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