4 Compelling Reasons To Visit Aspen

Aspen, the glitzy high-octane resort of Colorado, is a blissful destination best known as a Rocky Mountain playground to some of the world’s most affluent skiers. Often lauded as the one of the world’s finest ski resorts, this picturesque mountain town is ringed with four legendary skiing areas, namely Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain, and the world-famous Snowmass Ski Resort. What’s more, it has a cluster of world-class facilities that allow you to enjoy a dazzling array of winter sports, including snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sledding, sleigh rides, and of course, skiing.

However, the luster of this majestic resort won’t get lost when its snow vanishes. Besides taking pleasure in winter sports and all sorts of cool winter sport outfits, there are a lot of fun-filled and exciting things you can do in this destination. Here’s a list of some of the numerous things you can do and enjoy in this charming town.

1. Hiking at the Maroon Bells

A trekking adventure to the Maroon Bells is an absolute must for anyone visiting Aspen. Rising over 13,000 feet, these lofty twin peaks are truly a godsend for wildlife sightseers, photography enthusiasts and hikers, thanks to its breathtaking scenery and eye-catching vistas. As a hiker in these twin peaks, you get to wander around a handful of campsites and trails that provide great views of the area’s spectacular natural backdrop. Whether you are planning to take a leisurely walk along the Maroon Lake or head towards the summit, this adventure is surely going to be one of the main highlights of your trip to Aspen.

2. The Wheeler Opera House

Built by a wealthy business tycoon in the later parts of the 19 century, the Wheeler Opera House has been a staple in Roaring Fork Valley’s entertainment for over a hundred of years. Today, this venue remains one of Aspen’s finest gems, featuring a gorgeous electric chandelier, beautiful embellishments and a stunning Victorian architectural design. As a theater, the Wheeler Opera House still offers regular cultural performances that range from theatrical performances to concerts.

3. The John Denver Sanctuary

Are you a big fan of the late John Denver? Then, take time to visit the . As a world-famous singer-songwriter, John Denver was able to immortalize Aspen’s character and timeless beauty through his songs, such as Aspenglow. To pay tribute to the town’s favorite musician and his contributions, Aspen decided to establish the John Denver Sanctuary, a beautiful memorial site made up of a few slabs that bear his name as well as some of his most memorable lyrics.As a tourist in Aspen, it is highly suggested that you pay a visit to this site, even if you are not a diehard fan of this musician. The natural beauty of this site is simply irresistible and majestic.

4. Ice skiing and snowboarding at Snowmass

For a heavy dose of fun and adventure in Aspen, make your way to Snowmass, the biggest and most popular ski area in this lovely town. With an impressive ice skiing terrain of 3,132 acres, this gigantic complex boasts 21 lifts, 147 miles of rails, and a laid-back village with a broad collection of restaurants and shops. As a guest in this complex, you get to test your skill in ice skiing through a plethora of challenging snow slopes. Not to mention, a visit here allows you to learn snowboarding from one of America’s top snowboarding schools.

Contrary to popular belief, Aspen is a year-round destination that offers a wide range of activities to its guests and visitors. Sure, this resort is famous for its nearby skiing areas, but there are tons of other things you can do in this destination. To enjoy Aspen’s lovely tourist offerings and discover more of its other wonders, make sure to plan a trip to this Colorado town with Trekeffect!

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