Easter Island: A Guide To Exploring Rapa Nui

Easter Island, or also called Rapa Nui, is simply a mystical and spellbinding destination that will capture your heart in just a few days. Known as one of world’s most isolated islands, this small Polynesian island is blessed with a strange and wonderful array of archeological sites, such as the historic Moai. A boon for history buffs and culture lovers, the island also has a fascinating and intriguing history. Moreover, the island has a pristine beach and lush landscapes that allow tourists to enjoy a myriad of outdoor adventures and sports.

The most iconic attractions of the island

Scattered in the midst of a mystifying landscape, the Maoi are enigmatic volcanic rock statues, veiled with a remarkable aura. Touted as the island’s most beloved tourist draw, these sphinx-like statues are Easter Island’s most popular images, and wield a magnetic charm that is simply hard to resist. Sculpted in the image of Rapa Nui’s ancestors, these eerie Polynesian statues with large heads stand more than nine meters, and were made more than a thousand years ago.

Every Maoi statue has its own distinct features. As with caricatures, some of them are fat and big, while others are small, thin and tattooed. As historians believed, the ancient people of the Rapa Nui sculpted these figures as a form of expression of their puzzling traditions that included tattooing and petroglyphs.

The best places to catch a glimpse of these statures are on Ahu Tongariki, Rano Raraku and Rapa Nui National Park. Fifteen of the most famous Maoi figures on Easter Island can be found on Ahu Tongariki, standing in a military-like arrangement on a flat rock. A volcanic rock mountain, the Rano Raraku is believed to be the birthplace of Maoi, and has a handful of these figures. The Para Nui National Park, meanwhile, boasts an idyllic setting, and hosts a number of these surreal Polynesian statues.

Other things to do

Of course, tourists flock to Easter Island to lay their eyes on a spectacular collection of these statues. A trip to this island, though, involves more than watching these archaeological sites and taking snapshots of them. Sure, Rapa Nui’s Maoi figures are truly a sight to behold, but they are not only the reasons why tourist should come here. As a tourist in this remote destination, you will be surprised to discover that it is a great playground for thrill-seekers as well.

• 1. When it comes to nightlife, the island may not be as vibrant and active, as compared to bustling metropolises and cities. Still, it has a handful of late night entertainment that will keep you occupied for a few hours. One of the best nightlife attractions on the Rapa Nui is the traditional Polynesian dance. You can watch shows of this dance at Te Ra’ai, Vai Te Mihi and Kari Kari.

• 2. The island is, by no means, a gourmet destination, with decades of deforestation leading to a deficiency of local natural resources. But, the island is surrounded by the ocean, which means it has outstanding seafood. Here, you may gormandize on fresh tuna, octopus, and other seafood delicacies.

• 3. Trekking is a fun and exciting way to explore the rest of the island, after you have visited the most celebrated archaeological sites. The best trekking sites on Easter Island include the North-east coast, Rano Kau and Terevaka.

• 4. With its crystal clear waters, the island can be a great base for you to scuba dive, and explore the ocean.

• 5. Drawing powerful waves from the Pacific, the island’s coastal shores are an excellent place to showcase your skills in surfing.

• 6. For a relaxing trip on the island, kick back of the beautiful sands of Anakena Beach, and relax while sipping your favorite drink.

• 7. There are more horses than humans on the island. Hence, there are endless of opportunities for you to go on a horseback riding adventure.

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