Esoy Hot Spring: Cebu’s Rejuvenating Eden

From the healing waters of its hot spring to the melodious sounds of chirping birds and a roaring river, this picturesque mountain retreat is truly a mystical treasure full of thrills and simple pleasures. One of the undervalued gems of Cebu, the Esoy Hot Spring is a secluded idyllic mountain resort that has yet to grace the headlines of the most prestigious travel magazines in the Philippines. Tucked away in Barangay Duyan, Catmon, Cebu, Esoy Hot Spring is a charming laid-back wonderland that will delight its pilgrims in a lot of different ways.

How to get there

To get there, first you need to go Cebu City’s North bus terminal. From there, take a bus ride bound for Hagnaya or Catmon. Don’t forget to tell the bus’s conductor or driver to drop you and your travel buddies to corner Duyan in Catmon. Once you have reached Duyan, take a motorcycle ride to Esoy Hot Springs.

Amazing things to do in and around Esoy Hot Spring

Here are some of the things you can do, as you visit this place.

Cross the hanging bridge. Are you a scaredy cat? Like or not, you will have to cross a narrow hanging bridge to reach this laid-back paradise. As far as I know, crossing it is the only way to get to this bucolic haven. And besides, it is a great way to start your festivities in Esoy Hot Spring on a high note.

River trekking. Once you have passed through the bridge, you will have to take a short 200-meter river trek, to reach Esoy Hot Spring. While the trek’s distance is rather short, it is by no means a casual hike. As you take this river trek, you will be passing by a handful of large and eye-catching boulders. Plus, you get to take quick dips on the cool crystal waters of the flowing river.

There will be a trekking guide who will show you the way. As expected, the guide will also highlight the best sights and special attractions around this mountainous haven.

Falls Massage. Can get enough of the river’s revitalizing waters? Enjoy a one-of-a-kind soothing massage under the descending waters of their beloved waterfalls. By the way, the depth of the water in this place is quite steep, even though the waterfall is fifteen feet only.

Rock climbing. If you think you have an adventurous soul, experience a spine-tingling adventure by climbing the lofty rocks near the hot spring Arcadia.

Fish Feeding. Your assigned trekking guide will also let you feed the fish in the river. Thanks to its lovely crystal waters, sightseers can feast their eyes on the beautiful schools of fish nibbling on the fostered food.

Caving. There are tons of mystical caves to explore in this beautiful tranquil place.

A hot spring plunge. Soothe your jaded limbs and weary spirit by plunging your entire body into the revitalizing and curative waters of its hot spring. Trust me, dipping into this hot spring will relax your senses, as well as alleviate your stress. After all, bathing in a hot spring offers a myriad of perks to your health. In fact, it helps cure back pain, insomnia as well as remove body toxins and improve blood circulation.

Other essential information about this spring retreat

No booking, No entry policy and You can bring your own drinks

You need to call the resort's management in advance to schedule a visit to this remote paradise. Contact numbers: (032) 430-9542, +63923—5537-427. The resort is quite small, and can accommodate only a few guests simultaneously, especially during holidays and weekends.

Resort Rates

With an entrance fee of 350 PHP (7 USD), you can enjoy these rentals and activities in this small utopia:

• Access to hot spring

• Spelunking/ caving

• Fish feeding

• Swimming and jumping in the gorgeous waterfalls

• Rock climbing

• Trekking guide

• Trekking trip to the waterfalls

• Crossing the narrow hanging bridge

• Life jacket rental

• Cottage rental

Whether you are looking for some outdoor excitement or R&R, there is something special that awaits you in Esoy Hot Spring.

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