Europe By Train: Nine Tips

Riding in trains can be a lot less stressful than traveling by plane or by car. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck in security lines or navigate dense traffic and you’ll get to meet very interesting people when you travel on the train, moving freely through the cars.

You’ll get to chill and relax while you make your way to your desired destination. Traveling through Europe by train is one way to make memories before you reach your target destination. Consider these tips to make rail travel easier, once you know where you’re headed.

Decide What Type Of Train You’re Taking

There are four main types of trains that operate in Europe: high speed, night trains, regional trains or scenic train routes. You’ll find different types of trains throughout the continent.

Get A Rail Pass

There are many web sites where you can order rail passes, many of which allow you to travel in or through multiple countries in a single trip. You can get a Eurail pass through a collaboration of 27 European countries. Rail Europe offers another option.

There, you can book a trip based on plans you’ve made, or you can search for rail passes in the country you’re interested in, to travel as you go. These sites sell passes good for travel in just a single country or passes that can be used in many countries.

Activate Your Rail Pass

You’ll need to activate your pass before you travel, and some companies require activation within a specific time frame.

Without Rail Pass, Get A Train Ticket

If you’re not going to purchase a rail pass, you should be prepared to purchase train tickets at every station you wish to depart from.

Keep Your Time Table Handy

You’ll want to know exactly when and where your train arrives, and when it leaves. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a train station after a frantic rush, only to realize that you’ve missed your train.

Consult the timetable frequently, so that you know when you’ll leave and when you can expect to arrive.

Always Get To The Station Early

If you give yourself extra time, you can relax before your trip. Get snacks, batteries for your mp3 player or reading materials, or even prepare by freshening yourself up to feel better as you travel.

Be Sure To Mark Your Rail Pass With The Date of Travel

If you do not mark each travel date every day in the travel report for days that you use your rail pass, you could be hit with hefty full-fare ticket prices when stewards check your ticket.

Catch Your Train And Enjoy Yourself

Board your train, find your cabin, settle in and relax. Socialize if that’s on your agenda, or settle in and relax by yourself if you’d rather not be a social butterfly. Watch the scenery pass by and take comfort in the fact that you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and ready for whatever comes your way.

Be Sure to Return Your Travel Report After Your Trip

It is important to return your Travel report to the issuing company. Depending on the service you use, you may be rewarded for this deed with a surprise.

So, let the travel planning begin to the next place on your bucket list, and let your mind absorb the stress-free aura and creativity from your travel. But, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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