24 Insanely Gorgeous Places To Visit In Spain

Sophisticated, passionate, and dedicated to living the good life, España is a fabulous county more diverse than anyone can ever imagine. An epic land with landscapes and monuments to stir your soul, Spain will sweep you away with its historical riches, mesmerizing architecture, and splendid beaches. Famed for its delectable eats and tantalizing dishes, Spain will also appease your gastronomic urges with its endless array of superb culinary choices. On top of it all, there are tons of intriguing places to visit in Spain where you can take its energetic fiestas and marvelous culture.

Headed to España, but don’t know where to go in Spain? Wondering what to do in Spain? Here are our picks for the best places to visit in Spain.  Whether you’re a foodie, history junkie, or adventurer, these places to visit in Spain will surely give the vacation of a lifetime.

1. Valencia

Years of bold development have given the 3rd largest city in Spain some of the country’s most stunning architecture, adding to the wealth or Renaissance and Gothic monuments as well as elegant Art Nouveau buildings. With miles of beaches, great shops, dynamic museums and a booming culinary scene, Valencia bursts with Mediterranean exuberance as well. Add in a walkable city center, and you’ve got one of the ultimate places to visit in Spain.

2. Toledo

Compelling, diverse and dramatic, Toledo is home to some of the most outstanding monuments in Spain. Labeled as the “city of three cultures” in the Middle Ages, it’s an extraordinary city where Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities lived harmoniously together for hundreds of years, behind its imposing city walls.

As a result of this rich multi-cultural heritage, Toledo is now a treasure chest teeming with synagogues, mosques, fortresses, palaces and churches. And that’s why it has earned the reputation of an open air museum as well as garnered a UNESCO Heritage award.

3. Malaga

Eating freshly-caught sardines by the sea is indeed one the great simple pleasures in life. And yes, Malaga’s beaches are the perfect place to do it, especially after a relaxing morning at the Carmen Thyssen and Picasso museums. Unlike some of the places to visit in Spain, it doesn’t wind down in summertime, and is incredibly lively during mid-August (Malaga Fair). And though there’s plenty to do and see, Malaga is a place to kick back, and just soak up the laid-back Mediterranean feel.

4. Barcelona

When it comes to places to visit in Spain, very few can rival the picture-perfect urban beauty of the colorful Catalan capital. Home to some of the most mesmerizing attractions in Spain, Barcelona will put you on a state of pure bliss with its architectural wonders, such as the famed Sagrada Familiar church as well as Antoni Gaudi’s Casta Batllo. For young and energetic travelers, you’ll also be glad to know that it’s a chic beach city with lively shopping options and a glittering nightlife circuit.

5. Cadiz

Sun-drenched, stunning and stylish, Cadiz is one of the most underrated places to visit in Spain. Praised for its fresh seafood and pristine beaches, the city is also filled with palm-fringed promenades, grand open squares and tons of back streets begging to be explored. A great way to kick-off a trip here is to rent a bike and explore the city. Better yet, climb the city’s highest watchtower – Torre Tavira – to take in the breathtaking 360 degree views.

6. Girona

Peacefully sitting by the River Onyar, Catalonia’s largest city is jam-packed with looming Gothic churches, fantastic galleries, and incredible museums. A getaway to this city offers a treat for the senses, especially for avid history buffs, with its medieval architectural riches. Some of the must-see spots here include Sant Pere de Galligants and Sant Nicolau, the Arab Baths, and Forca Vella.

7. Granada

Granada is, to me, one of the best places to visit in Spain, and a real-life Disney fairytale. Not only does it flaunt a striking ancient fortress, but it also displays winding cobbled streets and snowcapped peaks. As an added bonus, it is home to some of the most beloved attractions in Spain, including Alhambra and Sacromonte.

8. Madrid

Of all the top places to visit in Spain, Madrid is the city that certainly knows how to show young travel junkies the best time. After all, it’s well-known all over the world for its blooming and lively nightlife scene. What’s more, the city has a host of gorgeous parks and varied energetic neighborhoods. To top it all off, it has endless shopping options and has some of Europe’s finest art institutions, such as the world famous Prado Museum.

9. Cordoba

Although not as touristy as the other places to visit in Spain mentioned on the list, Cordoba is still a must visit city for travelers. As you visit this great city, you’ll get a shot to lay eyes on the awe-inspiring Mezquita of Cordoba – one of the western world’s grandest mosques. To make things even better the city is filled with bustling tapa bars, narrow side-streets and beautiful plazas. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the can’t-miss places to visit in Spain for history buffs and culture vultures.

10. Pamplona

Pamplona has been quite often voted as one the most intriguing places to visit in Spain, thanks to the wondrously wild and adrenaline-pumping San Fermin. But, make no mistake about it – there’s more to Pamplona than the crazily fun running with the bulls festival. Here, you’ll get to catch Renaissance paintings, museums highlighting majestic Roman artifacts, lovely parks and old historic churches.

11. Seville

No list of the most gorgeous places to visit in Spain is complete without the inclusion of Andalusia’s capital. Keep in mind that it has a trio of incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites – the General Archive of the Indies, the Cathedral (home to the remains of Christopher Columbus) and the Reales Alcazares palace. Moreover, the city will assault your senses with the fragrance of orange blossoms as well as a riot of colors.

12. Ibiza

Are you a party animal looking for electric places to visit in Spain? They don’t call Ibiza as one of the favorite nightlife playground in Europe for nothing. Famous for its pulsating bars and clubs, Ibiza will intoxicate you with mind-blowing and crazily fun parties as well as heavy doses of booze. And, with 50 beaches and over a hundred miles of coastline, Ibiza can also be a slice of paradise on earth for sun-seekers and beach bums.

13. San Sebastian

San Sebastian, nestled along the northern coast, is one of the most underrated places to visit in Spain. Luckily, locals understand its grandeur and every summer, head to this beach destination for its hiker-friendly mountains and breath-snatching shorelines. In addition, it has an unmatched culinary scene beloved for its Basque tapas. For a typical Basque experience in San Sebastian, go pinxto bar hopping in Parte Vieha – the city’s center.

14. Logrono

Steeped in history and tradition, Logrono is one of the oldest cities and most eye-catching places to visit in Span. As you wander around Logrono, you’ll get to feast your eyes on perfectly preserved historic architectural gems that date back to the Middle Ages, like the Pilgrim’s Shelter, the Church of Santiago and the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Redonda. Additionally, it’s fast becoming a culinary destination, and is synonymous with fabulous Spanish wines and local specialties like marzipan.

15. Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is usually the last stop for numerous weary pilgrims who are attempting to complete the Camino de Santiago every year. But, guess what? You don’t have to walk more than 500 miles along the old Christian pilgrimage to see this impressive World Heritage City. With a labyrinth of cobble-stone streets adorned with gothic buildings, Santiago is undeniably one of the most magnificent old towns and places to visit in Spain (or Europe). A nighttime walk in this town is highly recommended, with the medieval streets taking on an old world ambiance, when nighttime sets in.

16. Burgos

Aptly nicknamed as the “Land of Castles”, Burgos is memorable, charming and rooted deeply in its medieval history. Founded in 884, the town is celebrated for its undeniable northern Castilian atmosphere and a medley of medieval monuments, such as the Abbey of Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas and the Cartuja de Miraflores.

As remarkable as these sites are, the main tourist draw of Burgos is the imposing and one-of-a-kind Gothic cathedral. A gleaming example of the country’s amazing religious architecture, this cathedral is a commanding presence in the city’s skyline and an absolute must-see. Since the city is generally quiet and clean, visitors are welcome and urged to explore Burgos on foot, so they can discover some hidden gems. And who knows? You might even find an extraordinary hidden gem.

17. Menorca, Balearic Islands

As the first place in the country to catch the sunrise, Minorca is like Spain’s morning ambassador. Deemed as one of the most photogenic places to visit in Spain, Menorca dazzles and beckons travelers with its beautiful and relatively empty beaches. The crystal clear waters are a magnet for sailors, windsurfers and water-skiers. Cala Mitjana is a sweet idyllic place for romance, while Playa De Binigaus beach is superb for families. Make your way to Alaoir to nibble on fresh local cheese or step back time in a charming fishing village.

18. Bilbao

Bilbao, at first glance, seems to have very little to offer to its visitors. But, amazingly, those who spend time to dig underneath the industrial façade of Bilbao will be rewarded by tons of treats and delights. Bilbao’s undisputed standout tourist attraction is the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum – one of the most spectacular achievements of Frank Gehry. The titanium-clad and curvaceous building is a host to more than a hundred modern art exhibitions. A short stroll from this treasure trove is the futuristic Zubizuri footbridge, which leads you to the historic Old Quarter and its cluster of significant churches.

19. Majorca, Balearic Islands

Traveling with kids? Why not visit Majorca? Just because it’s known as spring break beach destination, it doesn’t mean your little ones can’t have a blast here. Believe me, Majorca has so much to offer for the younger crowd, like sea lion and dolphin shows as well as an antique train that travels between Soller and Palma. Of course, it also has something special to offer for moms and dads, making it one of the ideal places to visit in Spain for families.

20. Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Tolerant and welcoming, Gran Canaria has a bit of something for every type of traveler. Those seeking for a peaceful escape head to the serene fishing villages of Morgan. Families, meanwhile, flock to the beaches and water parks on Puerto Rico. And, it has also has a handful of attractions that you can enjoy in Las Palmas. Prime attractions in Gran Canaria include Palmalitos zoo park and Inglesia de San Juan Bautista de Arucas.

21. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

With its golf courses, water parks and vibrant night discos, visitors simply can’t resist the wondrously sunny Fuerteventura. For a memorable trip, discover the unique local culture in Betancuria – home to a bunch of museums and a cathedral. After a hard night at the bars or a hot day on the beach, cool down at Baku Water Park.

22. Gijon

With its picturesque location and fine beaches, Gijon is one of the best places to visit in Spain for a seaside vacation. Not to mention, the city features a bunch of Roman ruins, such as the Campo Valdes Roman Baths.

23. Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is truly one of the most gorgeous, romantic and untouched places to visit in Spain. Tastefully manicured in parts and gloriously wind in others, this Catalonian coastal region has some of Europe’s finest beaches, from secluded coves and elegant horseshoe bays to sandy and broad stretches. Likewise, you’ll find exceptional food and wonderful, independent hotels here.

24. Zaragoza

Fond of history and looking for historic places to visit in Spain? With a long history that stretches back 25 BC, Zaragoza has architectural wonders from every era, from the Moorish castle Aljaferia to the still-standing remains of Roman walls. When visiting Zaragoza, check out the Cathedral of our Lady of the Pillar – arguably the most popular and magnificent cathedral of Aragon’s capital.

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