Explore Gdansk In Just One Day

Gdansk, the capital city of Pomerania, has a one-of-a-kind vibe that sets it apart from all other Polish cities. As tourists set foot on this Baltic city, a large part of them would think that they are traveling to a non-Polish destination or a mini-state. Speckled with lofty red-brick churches and elegantly slender architectural gems, the city is teeming with magnificent sights that make it unique in the eyes of an ambitious traveler. The destruction of the Second World War and centuries of maritime flow and ebb as a port city have bestowed this splendid old dame with a special charm that millions now come to love and enjoy.

Are you planning to make a short stop at this Polish destination? Despite its wealth in tourist magnets, it is quite possible to experience the city’s grandeur and enjoy its most celebrated attractions in 24 hours or less. If you are visiting this city for just a day, make sure to take note of these hints.

A hearty and delightful Polish breakfast

Since most Polish restaurants don’t serve breakfast to its guests, you are most likely to eat your first meal of the day at your hotel. But if you want to sample something unique and special, make your way to Bar Mleczny Neptun. A traditional Polish cafeteria, Bar Mleczny Neptun is an old-fashioned milk bar that serves homemade Polish comfort food and honest-to-goodness hot meals.

Walk like a Polish King

Lined with the grandest facades in the city, the Royal Way was the official route of the Polish Kings in the traditional parade during their visits to the city of Gdansk. Of all the Royal Ways in the country, this one happens to be the shortest, with a total length of 500 meters. In terms of architectural beauty, though, Gdansk’s Royal is probably the most refined one.

Learn more about Baltic Gold

After taking a leisure walk on the Royal Way, head off to Foregate, and take a close look at majestic exhibits of the Amber Museum. As you wander around the museum, you get to learn everything that you want to know about Baltic Gold.

Take pleasure at the offerings of ul. Dluga

Pause for a while, and take time to gaze on the psychedelic and breathtaking facades of ul. Dluga. While these buildings have a rustic and classic look, they have been rebuilt impressively from rubble after the Second World War. Aside from taking selfies with the street’s facades on the background, this street also boasts a handful of intriguing museums, including the Artus Court, Historical Museum of Gdansk and Uphagens’ House. Moreover, there is the Neptune Fountain, a stunning landmark and an epitome of Gdansk’s maritime history. Legend has it that this fountain once flowed with goldwasser, a popular Polish gold-flecked liqueur.

Eat your lunch

As for your lunch, treat your gastronomic urges with a delectable Polish staple known as pierogi at ul. Dzika. Basically, it is a dumpling dish with classic varieties that involve fillings like cottage cheese, mushroom, pork and peach.

A glimpse of the city’s past

One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in the city of Gdansk is to make a stop at the Roads to Freedom Exhibition. Here, you get to lay your fingers on documents regarding the rise and fall of Europe’s communism, with a focus on the Solidarity Trade Union’s crucial role. The most logical place to visit after this treasury is the Monument to the Shipyard Workers. A memento dedicated to the workers who died in the bloody riots of 1970, Monument to the Shipyard Workers is composed of a trio of statuesque steel crosses with a string of bronze reliefs in the bases.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do in a single day in Gdansk. But if a one-day trip to this Polish city is not enough for you, stay there for a while, and make sure to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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