Family Travel Tips – Enjoy Your Travel!

Your kids look forward to a yearly or bi – yearly vacation as it creates a great bonding moment for the family. As your kids look forward to the trip and the excitement is mounting, you are also faced with a lot of difficulties and challenges. You then start to think and ask yourself, where you will go, what are the things you need to bring, how long will the drive be and what will you do to combat the long drive boredom.

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure that your children don’t get bored during the journey to your destination. If you are thinking that trip planning is not your cup of tea, think again. You do not need to learn the ins and outs of planning, aside from thinking of the safety of the whole family you also need to make sure that the experience is worry and interruption free. Keep in mind the following family travel tips and you are all set to go.

Destination Research

The first thing you need to do is to check on the destination route by trip planning. Jot down how long the drive will take and if there are any stops you can have in order to refuel and where you can take your bio – breaks as well. It will also be nice to research on the places you will see when you are travelling, have some trivia up on your sleeves. You can kill boredom by pretending to be a tour guide and share some interesting facts about the places you see while traveling. If there is a need to stop over and take a quick snapshot of a nice view you spot, then by all means do it.

Go low on tech

Yes you read it right, go low on the gadgets you will bring. I am not saying not to bring any, but do not stuff your car with all your hi – tech gadgets or devices. You can bring your portable DVD players or any educational audio and video stuff for your kids.

Remember nothing beats going old school when you travel. Another trip planning tip I got from a friend is to bring coloring materials, books and other games you can play while on the road. Here’s our top pick and where to get them:

• Coloring materials

• Children’s Books

• Games for the Road

Pack the Essentials

When you are packing your things for the trip, think about the essentials. Do not forget to include your first aid kits and car or backseat organizers. Make sure that you are also packing things strategically. If you have some stuff that you would want your kids to have easy access on then you may want to place these items in the car that can be easily accessed. The last thing you want to happen is to stop several times just for you to get stuff your kids are asking for.

Snack Attack

You do not want to be spending your time looking for places where you can grab a quick snack. Aside from wasting too much of your time, your kids might start starving and eventually throw tantrums or get in a bad mood because they are hungry. Pack and keep drinks and snacks on hand. Have some fruits, biscuits, sandwiches and chips easily accessible in the car.

See, trip planning is not as difficult as you expected. You just need to have a little bit of creativity and the courage to think outside the box and you are all set to enjoy the vacation you and your family is longing for, and we can add help here at Trekeffect!

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