The Festivals of Cardiff

From the tranquility and peace of its countryside and nearby coast to the excitement of a dynamic city life, the city of Cardiff offers everything to cater to all kinds of travelers. An opulent and lively cosmopolitan, this European utopian is fast becoming one of the country’s most sought-after tourist hot spots, thanks to its diverse collection of attractions, including lavish Victorian arcades, intriguing wildlife, water sports as well as historic castles and houses. Furthermore, the city boasts a dynamic and kaleidoscopic entertainment scene that features musicals, ballet, opera and best of all, live music from the world-class talents and acts.

The main tourist attraction of Cardiff, however, is its buzzing festivals and events. As a matter of fact, the city’s events and festivals have made a significant contribution to development of its flourishing tourism. As a capital for world-class event, this city has become a host to a cluster of cultural festivals as well as international music and sporting events. With world-class venues like the Wales Millennium Centre, the city may claim to lay to some of finest events and festivals that the United Kingdom has to offer.

Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival

Held annually in the grounds of the iconic Cardiff Castle, the Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival is truly a fantastic and remarkable celebration of kid’s books. A popular cultural event during summertime, the Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival features education sessions from schools as well as presentations from most celebrated children’s book illustrators and authors. Obviously, this event is ideal for kids who appreciate the importance and magic of books. However, grown-ups may have a good time in this festival as well, especially those who are fond of writing.

Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival

With a dazzling spread of specialist liqueurs, handmade chocolates and farmhouse cheese, the Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival has become one of the most popular events in the city. A favorite annual festival among foodies, this event is basically a celebration of good food and premium quality drinks. As a participant in this yearly summer event, you get to sample a wide array of delectable produce from international, national and local drink and food producers. What’s more, the event has a very convivial atmosphere and features live music from some of the best and trendiest bands in the UK.

St. David’s Day Parade

The St. David’s Day Parade, as the name implies, is a parade celebrated in honor of Wales’ patron saint, St. David. Held every 1st of March, the St. David’s Day Parade is an intriguing parade with a mixture of military tattoo and folklore. Attended by either Prince of Wales or British Monarch, this parade is certainly one of the most important events in Wales. Highlighted by a scintillating parade, this event also offers a food festival and a handful of concerts.

Cardiff Carnival

The Cardiff Carnival is, without a doubt, the brightest and biggest carnival in Wales. A rather colorful celebration, this is a creative explosion of feathers, glitter and sequins. The Cardiff Carnival magically transforms Cardiff’s centre with a charming combination of carnival style, color and art. A day-long vivid celebration, the Cardiff Carnival features the best carnival acts to delight all its spectators. In this event, you get so see thrilling energetic street performances, including funky street bands, samba drumming and a plethora of choreographed dancers with their colorful costumes. Expect to see carnival-themed cultural performances with a taste of Capoeiera, Burlesque, Circus, African Dance and Drum, and many more. The best thing about this festival is that you get to enjoy all of its offerings without spending a dime.

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