Flying Dresscode: Comfort, Health and Fashion

Style, relaxation and well-being, all at once, are always at the heart of it. When flying, miles and miles above the ground, it still works the very same way: you need to look good, be comfortable and also take health in account – especially if your flight is a long one.

So, how to best dress for a flight?

Flying 101: Layering is your friend

Ever took a step through a door from the Sahara desert into Northern Canada? This is perhaps the closest analogy you can have of an airliner's cabin in terms of temperature. The weather during a flight can vary from frying eggs on the plane's wings while sitting on the tarmac waiting for the boarding to end to Arctic-like air-conditioners at 35,000 feet. The solution, our brave fellow travelers, is pretty simple: layer it all out.

The foundation of the layers system is the t-shirt. On top of it, all other layers shall be built. The t-shirt should be made of breathing materials so that you won't end up sweaty and as sticky as chewing gum under a school desk. The t-shirt is comfortable, flexible and when the air starts sizzling from the heat on the ramp, it will keep you as fresh as you can be with clothes on.

The second layer is for the icy bit of the flight, and create more flexibility. Cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, vests – whatever suits your taste, it'll help you out more than you think. First and more obviously, when the Arctic bit of the flight comes, wrap yourself in them and enjoy. The other benefits of having those extra layers are, mainly, 1. makeshift pillows: roll up one of the pieces and there's a nice comfy (or maybe not) pillow to get those rare minutes or hours of sleep on; 2. in this day and age when most airlines' luggage policy is as restrictive and expensive as ever, anything that goes on you and not in your suitcase helps.

On top of it all, throw a scarf around your neck. Scarves are comfortable, and will keep you cozy throughout the flight if the Captain makes a fridge out of the cabin. Another advantage of the layering system is that if you are either travelling between two different climates or if your destination has unpredictable weather you'll always be ready for whatever comes upon arrival.

The Doctor's Tip

DVT. Also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. Often overlooked, the risk of blood clots when flying – and particularly in long range flights – is abundant, and can be worsened by poor clothing choices.

If your flight is long, do invest in support or compression legwear, which you can purchase from most pharmacies and travel stores anywhere. These socks or stockings keep your blood circulation going and prevent your legs from swelling by increasing the blood flow.

If you love skinny jeans, skin-tight shirts and tight socks, forget them for now – leave them in the suitcase, they'll only make it worse and are also rather uncomfortable anyway if compared to their baggier counterparts.

Sky-high fashion

Now, while you should be comfortable and healthy, we're not saying you should put on sweatpants and hit the road, but rather opt for looser fits instead. Taking a break from skin-tight clothing will feel pretty refreshing, and baggy fits have been making a spectacular comeback in the past few years. What's there not to like – comfortable and in style!

Keep your shoes classy yet comfy. An all-around travellers' favourite, Toms are probably the ideal shoes for a flight, and will look amazing too. Stilettos, tight slip-on shoes or heavy boots which involve a fair lot of tying and untying don't belong onboard. Your feet need something that'll keep them cosy and which you can take off and put on easily at the inevitable security checks.

So, are we feeling comfortable, looking good and keeping it healthy? Time to hit the road then! Plan your getaway with Trekeffect.

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