Formula 1: The Cities

Racing has long captured human attention. The thrill of a win combined with speed gets adrenaline racing and the heart pumping. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a race come down to the final second, wondering who crossed the finish line first and holding your breath until that photo finish declares the winner. At 220 miles per hour, keep your eyes peeled, because anything could happen!

While cross country or speed skating are fun, one club reigns supreme: Formula 1 is undoubtedly the king of the race track. With strict rules and regulations, this is the fastest multi-turn race on the road. Grands Prix are held worldwide throughout the year, so you can catch the excitement from wherever you are!


This year, the race will be at night, so you can check out all the action under the big lights. Making history in 2004, this was the first Grand Prix to be held in the Middle East, and is just shy of 200 miles long. The track itself is only 3.4 miles, so to win, drivers want to finish 57 laps around before anyone else does.

This year’s race is expected to be particularly exciting, and Bahrain will be pulling all the punches to celebrate its tenth anniversary. If the speed of it all gets to your head, try to unwind Sakhir’s Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s the country’s only one land nature reserve and zoo, and is home to several rare animal species.


Since 1929, this is possibly one of the most gorgeous places to ever hold a race or any kind. Tracks criss cross through city streets of Monte Carlo and sea coast, creating amazing views for drivers and spectators alike. Along with the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indy 500, this is considered to be the most prestigious car race in the world.

Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna impressively holds the most wins here, including winning five years in a row. Monte Carlo is a city of luxury and opulence, and should definitely be taken advantage of. They host many other top tier sporting events, so in between those 78 laps, you can pop into a championship boxing match or a hand of the the European Poker Tour Grand Final.


Over the next few years, Brazil has the advantage with fantastic sporting events. Between hosting this year’s World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, big things are expected of this country. The bar is set just as high for this Grand Prix. Spectators get to take a break from the beauty of Rio de Janeiro and set their sights instead on the gigantic S_x001D_ão Paulo. Though there was a rich early history of racing here, it petered off until 1970.

Brazilian racer Emerson Fittipaldi, considered to be the country’s Pele of racing, really helped the sport take off. If you’re one of many that likes to eat while watching a good sporting event, head over to the Mercado Municipal. Often filled with music and delicious smells, its the best spot to sample some local Sampa snacks.


Off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula lies the tropical nation of Singapore. Chic, clean, and ahead of its time, it’s urbanization looks more like a futuristic concept than real life. It seems impossible for a major city to be this pristine, but Singapore does it. Small but mighty, they are one of the world’s biggest economic hubs.

As the street course glows, it alights the skyscraper backdrops, creating a scene that would make the Jetson jealous. This is by far one of the prettiest, yet intense Grands Prix. Enjoy the warm weather and all of the lights with a stroll along the Esplanade, the core of arts and culture of the country. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra even plays there.

For such an old sport, the future is bright and exciting for Formula One racing. New countries clamor to host Grand Prix. Even this year’s Sochi Olympic Park will become a future race course. The thrill and excitement of racing can hardly be matched, and to experience it in the flesh is an entirely different experience. Don’t let these cars pass you by!

Drive off now with Trekeffect and plan your perfect trip to see Formula 1 this year!

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