Hand Luggage: What Can You Carry On Into The Cabin?

These days there is an amount of limitations on what you can and cannot take with you on-board for a flight. The restrictions are of course due to everyone’s safety and even if they seem a bit ridiculous and strict at times, they do make sense. And thankfully for all of us there is a good way to get items through when it comes to taking essentials.

Here is a practical to a rough guide on how to actually take the items you need:


Unfortunately, you cannot take any water or drinks to the boarding area, past the security points, so that ends up being problematic as we all need to keep hydrated. The airlines understand that so usually you are easily provided with a drink, besides a few low cost airlines where you will have to pay. We still recommend to buy a small water bottle just in case as you might have a long flight connection, whilst waiting for your flight, the airport might not be providing water basins and if you might not have some at time when you cannot request it and it is very important to keep hydrated whilst traveling.

Personal hygiene

It is very important to look after yourself and when you are stuck regardless if on a transatlantic flight or an across all of Europe and Asia flight, things get trickier. You also tend to sweat a lot in flights regardless and of course showers are unavailable, so the only thing you can do is keep washing areas you can with the tap water provided (make sure you do not drink it) and take some items of personal hygiene with you. You can take an electric razor on board to keep shaved if you wish so, and plugs are provided.

Also, some airlines stopped providing you with toothbrushes and toothpaste, so keep that in mind. Regarding toothpaste, do not bring a big tube as you cannot go over 100 ml, same for all face cleaning products. There is a good travel alternative which is also light on the hand-luggage weight, there are special bottles where you may simply pour your liquid soap or lotion in (soap bars are of course always allowed to be carried on), which are sold as a travel pack.

Baby items

If you are traveling with a baby on-board it is very important to look after them too, as you know they have their own special needs. All baby formula, milk of all sorts, gel- or liquid-filled teethers and all types of baby food (canned, jarred or processed) are thankfully allowed on board. But make sure that you declare that you have these items prior to the scanners during security and the only “hassle” is that they might need additional screening, which might take a while, so try to arrive earlier just in case.


All types of medication are allowed on board, prescribed or not, the only thing is that you might have to declare some prior to screening and most likely you will be asked to place them in carrying on bags, so do not worry about your health as you are allowed to take all you need.

Now that you know how to make sure your flight is as comfortable as possible, plan your trip long or short with us on Trekeffect!

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