How To Properly Pack Your Bag

How often have you been on a plane or traveling through another mode of transportation and watched others wrestle with their stuffed luggage? When you’re preparing for a trip to and want to pack several outfits for each day, It’s not uncommon you never know what you’re going to be doing, what mood you’ll be in or what outfit will inspire you most.

One of the toughest parts of traveling is sometimes a pre-trip experience, one that can have an effect on your travel plans, whether you realize it or not. With careful packing and access to a laundry facility, you can avoid being the person who struggles with their baggage and get out of the airport and on your way to your destination very quickly!

Try not to bring too many clothes

The danger in this is that when you pack multiple outfits for each day, even for a short trip, your bag just gets bigger and heavier. Before you know it, you’re the one on the airplane who is struggling to pull their bag off of the baggage claim belt or from the overhead bin.

If you’re careful, you can pack nearly two weeks worth of clothing in a carry-on bag. Stick with lightweight clothing - light knits – pieces that you can layer, you can pack quite a bit into your suitcase and avoid adding weight to it.

Prioritize the necessities

Of course, you’ll need to bring your undergarments and a belt, but aside from that, you really don’t need to carry multiple outfit options for every day of your trip. If you choose carefully and pack only pieces that you love and that make you feel attractive and happy, you won’t miss the extra options that you’ve left at home in your closet.

Choose clothes that you can mix and match

First, choose versatile items that you can mix and match and layer if you need to. You can easily pack a suitcase or small bag with jacket, a sweater, a button front shirt or dressy blouse, two layering tank tops, a couple of t-shirts, a pair of jeans, a skirt or daytime dress and a dress you could wear for evenings and one to two pairs of shoes that you can mix and match with any outfit.

For all of you who like to keep fashion simple, it could be even easier. The items are the same – a jacket, sweater, button-front shirt, t-shirts, jeans, a pair of nice pants and a suit coat could be all of the clothes you need. Throw in a pair of sneakers and a pair of nice shoes and voila! You’re all packed.

Put some swimsuit and accesories as well

You can always jazz up your outfits with accessories – a purse that you love, a few pieces of your favorite statement jewelry, even a scarf or two. Depending on your destination, you may want to throw in a bathing suit or pair of swim trunks as well. With careful choices, you can mix and match your outfits to last at least two weeks, and have no problems loading and unloading your bag from an airplane overhead bin or carrying it through a crowd.

Now that you got the packing out of the way, go over to Trekeffect and plan your dream holiday!

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