How To Select The Ultimate Sexy Bikini For Every Body Type

Wondering what type of bikini is best for your body? The thing is, every woman is differently shaped. Inverted trapezoid, hourglass and apple-shaped – there are quite a lot of body types for women, meaning selecting a sexy bikini isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

As a matter of fact, we, as consumers, can’t even keep track of the ways sexy bikini stores are categorizing female bodies. And, guess what? The outdated female body categories aren’t the only things that frustrate us. Trust me, swimsuit shopping is already a difficult task in itself. And, it becomes even more puzzling and complicated, as we try to figure out if we’re pear-shape of not.

Whether you’re athletic, skinny or busty, our bodies can often be our worst enemies, when we’re shopping for a sexy bikini. And since our bodies are pretty different, the choices we make in buying a bikini will also be different. No matter what type of sexy bikini you like, certain features and cuts will suit you best.

Ever wanted to look like one of those famous bikini models? Looking for an eye-catching high waisted bikini or an Ivanka Trump bikini? To prevent a frustrating and stressful swimsuit shopping experience, we’ve rounded some flattering and stylish bikinis that are simply perfect for you.

From athletic body types to curvier frames, we’re here to help you pick the ultimate sexy bikini as you browse the endless options for swimwear. Make sure to check out these tips and suggestions!

Examine your body type

Shopping for a bikini, but don’t know where to start? When choosing a sexy bikini, the first thing you have to consider is your body type. Not your budget and not the swimsuit’s brand. If you’re going to practically bare all at the beach, then you definitely want to pick a bikini that highlights your best features and hides your flaws.

And, thankfully, there are a number of options available for every body type in the market today.

Lifestyle considerations

Planning on doing some swimming on your vacation? Do your tropical breaks or beach getaways include a lot of athletic activities and water sports? Are you an enthusiastic and active swimmer? These are the things and factors that you need to put into consideration as you pick a bikini. Sure, there are tons of bikini options that seem like pretty flattering. But, if you’re lifestyle is sporty and quick, a string or micro bikini surely won’t hold to your constant motion and activity level.

Avid tanners, on the other hand, should look for bikinis with as little coverage as possible. A lot of young women and teens hit the shorelines, hoping to develop a wondrous bronze glow. And, guess what? String bikinis make a terrific option because they offer very few amount of tan lines. On the low side, thong bikinis are likely to showcase imperfect figures. Also, remember that while sheer bikinis are ideal for tanning, they tend to be pretty revealing or public spots too.

How to select the right bikini cut and other bikini tricks to enhance your top body features

• Bikini bottoms with high cuts will make your leg appear longer.

• A one-piece bikini will essentially hide your tummy.

• Halter tops and triangle tops will draw attention to your chest.

• Bandeau tops will make your bust look wider.

• If you want to minimize your large bust, go for a straight across cut at your swimsuit’s top with wide set straps.

• Use a bright pattern or color for your bikini, if you want to highlight a feature. Ideal colors include Strawberry Shortcake, Summer Siren, Sugar Rush and Guilty Pleasure.

• Use a solid bikini color to hide something that may not like to feature.

• Choose a piece with hardware details to add volume to your hips or bust.

Sexy bikini options and suggestions for all body types

Large bust

Blessed with a large chest like Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry and Brooklyn Decker? Then, avoid a string bikini and micro bikini as well as swimwear tops with Small, Medium and Large sizes. Furthermore, underwire and padded cups will give you the support you need, so your “babies” (boobs) won’t be all over the place as you take a dip. And, look for double-stiched bands and thicker swimsuit straps for the most flattering look.

Other tips:

• Avoid embellishments or ruffles up top if you want to minimize the focus on your bust.

• Higher backs make a sexy bikini option since they help keep your boobs up.

• A straight-cut skirted bottom balances thighs and bust (two-piece).

• Tonal, subtle prints will help keep the focus off your chest (one-piece).

Small bust

You are, proportionally, a bit smaller on top with a B or A cup, like Keira Knightley, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson. And, like these fine and dandy ladies, you can have tons of fabulous beach photos with the right sexy bikini. If you have this body fame, you should look for styles with minimal coverage. That means a teen bikini is not a terrific option. Additionally, opt for swimsuits with embellished patterns, bows and detailing to make your chest look bigger.

Other tips:

• Look for a sexy bikini with a padding that can give you a bit something extra.

• Triangle tops and those with bold prints, ruffles or embellishments create a curvy appearance.

• Padded push-up tops, bra tops and some halter tops create cleavage and offer an extra lift.

• Embrace bandeaus and tiny scoop tops.

Big butt

For those who have ample backsides, high-cut swimsuits and string bikinis are usually too revealing and uncomfortable. For this body type, you’ll need a sexy bikini with enough fabric in your buttock area. That way, you’re not constantly picking a wedgie or tugging for more coverage.

Other tips:

• Steer clear of Brazilian types and other skimp cut swimwear.

• Look for bikini designs with printed tops and solid bottoms.

Flat butt

Go for a bikini bottom with loud prints and bright colors to distract the onlookers from a flatter backside. Moreover, showing some cheek is more ideal than wearing a full-coverage bottom.

Athletic frame

You may have fewer curves, as compared to the busty ones. Still, you can find a sultry and sexy bikini that fit perfectly to your figure. Heck, there are plenty of athletic-framed celebrities that look stunning in their swimwear, such as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Cameron Diaz. Looking for the perfectly sexy bikini for this body frame? The primary goal, when looking for the perfect bikini here, is to give the illusions of more eye-catching curves. And, you can do that by picking bright colors and girlie prints. Additionally, look for a top with cups, gathering and padding.

Other tips:

• Bikinis with less coverage help create the illusion of a curvier and shapelier figure.

• Avoid shapeless full-piece bikinis, boy-cut briefs and straight-across bandeaus since they will likely enhance your athletic look.

• Bottoms or tops with embellishments, ruffles and bold prints add a feminine flair and intrigue, creating a curvier appearance at the bottom and top.

• The smaller the bikini bottom, the curvier and fuller the butt appears.

• A smaller bikini bottom also shows off legs and rear.


If you are curvy and voluptuous with a full butt, thighs, hips and bust, like Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham and Christina Hendricks. For this body frame, you should look for a sexy bikini or a plus size swimwear that will exaggerate your curves while providing enough coverage and support. Moreover, steer clear of string bikinis or monokinis with thicker ties, as they may accentuate your wide areas.

Other tips:

• A high waisted bikini masks the tummy area.

• Tankinis also cover the mid-section.

• Color blocking and retro suits (boxy halter tops and high waists) help highlight your beautiful shape.

• An asymmetrical bikini draws the eye towards your neckline, highlighting the beauty from your collarbone to your neck.

• Vertical lines help slenderize your figure.

• Allover prints (one-piece) camouflage some of the trouble spots.

• Shape-wear fabric will help keep your frame dazzling and smooth.

Pear shape

Ever wondered what a pear shape body looks like? Well, just a look at Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Beyonce in their swimwear. Essentially, pear-shaped ladies are curvy at the thighs and hips and a little smaller on top. How to find the perfect sexy bikini for this body type? The key to finding the right swimsuit is to balance your proportions as well as get the coverage needed for your bottom half.

Other tips:

• A visually appealing top or plunging neckline draws the eyes upward, which minimizes the bottom.

• Avoid thick-banded or boy short bottom. The extra fabric will just call attention to the spot you are trying to hide.

• Blouson tops usually hide the mid-section (one-piece).

• Enhance your bust area with uniquely cut necklines, details or embellishments.

• Side mid-section cutouts help sculpt your body (one-piece).

• Dark vertical patterns, smaller prints and asymmetrical cuts flatter your frame.

Short legs

Want to make your legs look a little bit longer? Why not go for swimsuits with high cuts in your leg? Obviously, you’re showing more skin, meaning it will make your legs appear longer.

Other tip:

• If you’re daring and brave, pick a thong.

Short torso

The key to elongating your short torso is to add some length and lift your bustline. Low-rise bikini bottoms will make your torso look somewhat longer. Additionally, halter straps will draw focus to your shoulders and neck, making spectators skim over the shorter mid-section.


Just because you’re about to have a baby, it doesn’t mean you can wear a bikini. Take note, there are plenty of bikinis designed mainly for pregnant ladies.

Other tips:

• Look for takinis that provide easy access to your growing belly, sun protection and ample wiggle room.

• A two-piece bikini makes going to the bathroom a walk in the park.

Tummy concealment

Contrary to popular belief, hiding a budging tummy is so much easier than most folks think. For instance, peplums are not only great office attire, but they are perfect for a beach vacation as well. A full-piece sexy bikini with ruching may also help conceal your belly. In addition, a one-piece swimsuit will keep the attention upwards, instead of your mid-section.

Other tips:

• Higher cut openings on the legs tend to draw the focus downward.

• Solid colors create a smooth frame and are flattering (one-piece).

• Embellished areas on the bust keep the attention upwards.

• Tummy control suits and shapewear help make the tummy look smooth and flatter.

• Shirring works wonders. The gathered fabric creates definition in your waist and hides bulges.

• With its wondrous crossover fabric, a surplice-wrap figure-flattering silhouette helps trim the waist.

Buy a chic coverup

Don’t forget to buy a cover up that complements or matches your sexy bikini. And, make sure to wear it on your way and from the beach or pool. This will certainly make it a whole lot easier for you to slip it off to go for a tan or swim, and back on again.

No matter what your body type is, there are plenty of options available to make you look as stunning as a celebrity as you hit the beach. With dozens of different cuts and styles, you’ll surely find a sexy bikini that flatters your body and keeps you stay stylish.

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