Japan's Coolest Anime Museums

It’s impossible to deny that Japan has influenced Western society and entertained people of all ages and genders for years already with video games and of course anime, which is still widely popular, developing and providing us with better ones every year.

It doesn’t matter what you grew up on - Pokémon, Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z or if you recently discovered Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle, you’ll still be glued to the screen and spend hours immersing yourself in the wonderful world of anime.

True, some say the manga is better, but it all depends - after all some ended up with the anime being better, as proven by Kunihiko Ikuhara.

Ghibli Museum

Is that Totoro waving at you? Is that the cat bus? It surely is if you actually got tickets and got lucky to finally visit the Ghibli Museum. There will be a large Totoro waiting for you at the entrance and one of the floors will have the cat bus for children to climb in and imagine that they are in the anime (unfortunately adults can only touch).

Also make sure to keep your ticket as a souvenir, as once your reservation is changed into a ticket you get a unique film print which if you show against the light you will see a scene from a Ghibli anime.

There are five rooms in this museum which shows you exactly how a Ghibli anime is made, and takes you through the process of a true artist at work. Don’t forget to watch the short animated feature only available at the museum!

Toei Animation Museum

Your life has surely been touched by Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z or Digimon, one way or another. The museum was opened to celebrate the studio’s 40th anniversary in giving happiness to all of us in different anime which changed our lives.

A small souvenir in the shape of a piece of film is also given to every visitor to take with them. All filmmaking materials and related items are exhibited in the halls of the museum for everyone to see, enjoy and feel nostalgic about.

There are also scenarios and creating processes of characters for everyone to understand better how the magic does happen. You will also get to see limited clay models of characters which were aid to the first stages of a specific anime.

There is a special PC spot where children can play a special game based on “The Pretty Cure Series”.

Sanrio Puroland

Hello Kitty many years later is still highly popular on different shirts and not only children’s goods, but making its way pretty much everywhere. The company Sanrio, Hello Kitty’s creator, is a massive part of the Japanese Kawaii culture. But it’s surely far from the only thing which you can see in the park.

Most of the attractions will indeed be in Japanese, but it is still a great destination for anyone to go to and be overwhelmed by everything cute, such as a boat ride, its own twist of ‘It’s a Small World’, which leads you into a party held by Hello Kitty and preceded by Cinnamorroll. There is also a Hello Kitty house which has Renaissance style portraits of her family, and the whole house has a bunch of Hello Kitty items.

On top of it all, you can enjoy three live theaters and have access to all sorts of food in the food court, which is mainly Hello Kitty themed, and you get a free Hello Kitty bento to take with you!

Release the anime freak within you - head over to Trekeffect to plan your visit to Japan’s best anime museums!

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