How To Keep Your Valuables Safe When Staying In A Hostel

Staying in a hostel has become a way of life, for many backpackers and budget-conscious travelers, when delving into new destinations. While hostels aren’t as luxurious, stylish and cozy as five-star hotels and resorts, these enclaves offer you an opportunity to save a lot of money from your escapades.

As a result, you will have more money to spend on the more fun parts of your trip. Furthermore, staying in a hostel lets you meet new friends, and share travel experiences with them. But unfortunately, because of the low-income and communal nature of these accommodations, hostels can also be a gravy train for deceitful thieves and scammers.

Today, there are a lot of swindlers who would use hostel dorms to their advantage, by taking any chance to rob their roommates and fellow travelers before checking out. How can you protect your valuables from these double-faced people?

Check out these friendly reminders and tips on how you can walk away with all your belongings when staying in a hostel:

Do your homework

As you conduct your research online and browse through listings for hostels, make sure to inspect the accommodation’s overall security rating. On the internet, there are a lot of review-based hostel and hotel websites (such as ) that would give you a deep insight of the hostel’s security features. For the most part, these online sources have a security rating of every hostel listed in their directory.

Of course, these security ratings are compiled from the recent guests of the hostels.Also, don’t forget to read the reviews and opinions shared by the other users of these websites.

Keep in mind that most hotels and hostels often make not-so accurate claims on their Facebook pages and websites. Guest reviews, on the other hand, are more honest and reliable.

Opt for a smaller dorm

The less guests staying in your dorm, the fewer people you will have to worry about stealing your items. Also, when a belonging goes missing in a small dorm, the list of culprits is short, giving you a better chance to catch the guilty swindler.

Don’t trust someone you’ve just met

For most travelers, staying in a hostel is one of the best, easiest and fastest ways to meet a new travel buddy. As you stay in a hostel, you will be surrounded with a bunch of people who are passionate about traveling. Like you, these people are also looking for travel companions as well as friends whom they can share their travel experiences with.

While meeting new friends is a fabulous way of spending your trip, be careful not to completely trust someone you have just met. Just because you are having a great time with a new-found friend, it doesn’t mean he or she won’t steal your , tablet or when you take a quick bathroom break.

Professional robbers usually spend time in making friends with you, before ripping you off when you least expect it.

Use padlocks and lockers

Use the locker provided by your hostel to secure some of your personal belongings. To add an extra level of security to your stored items, lock it with a couple of strong and sturdy padlocks.

But, if you prefer to store you valuables in your backpack, zip it up, and fasten it with a padlock.To make your upcoming trip safer and more enjoyable, plan it carefully with ! It’s easy, simple and free.

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