Kruger Park: South Africa’s Flagship National Park

Known as South Africa’s flagship of national parks, the Kruger National Park is a spellbinding lusty safari destination with gigantic tracts of bush willow, sycamore figs and acacia interrupted by rushing rivers, the sporadic rocky bluff and open Savanna. What’s more, it is a vast park packed with wild animals, such as hippos, giraffes, cheetahs, black rhinos, Cape buffaloes, elephants, leopards and lions.

A sought-after destination for many adventurous souls and international tourist in South America, this lush and breathtaking park gets you in touch with Mother Nature and her magnificent masterpieces.

About the park

Founded in 1898 by Paul Kruger (a South African president), the Kruger National Park was designed as a secluded haven to protect South Africa’s dynamic wildlife. But in 1927, the park unlocked its gates to the public. Today, this lush park is considered the most idyllic and best managed national park in all of Africa.

A park with a land area that nearly reaches two million hectares, this South African national park is a host to an incredible number of species, including 147 mammals, 506 birds, 114 reptiles 34 amphibians, 49 fish and 336 trees.

Activities around the park

From sightseeing to cultural immersion, there are a lot of things you can do in this far-reaching and vibrant jungle. To enjoy the ultimate safari experience in Kruger National Park, make sure to take note of these tips and suggestions and add them to your group travel planner.

Take pictures of the Big Five! No trip to this colorful and lively safari is complete without taking snapshots of its undisputed stars, the Big Five. Touted as the park’s most celebrated attraction, the Big Five is a term referred to the biggest and most popular animals in the park, namely the Cape buffalo, elephant, rhino, leopard and lion. As a tourist in this South African grassland, you get a chance to take a close look at these wild and captivating animals in their natural habitat.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Enjoy breathtaking views of the entire park from a completely different perspective by taking a Hot Air Balloon Safari. With a Hot Air Balloon Safari, you get to rise up hundreds of feet above the ground, and drift with the wind’s direction, as you watch herds of charming animals moving. Furthermore, this outdoor adventure gives you bird’s eye views of South Africa’s serene hills, forests and landscapes.

Get a taste of the South African culture by making stops to the cultural villages of the park. In spite of its rise in tourism, the park still serves as a home to the cultural villages of Venda, Tsonga, Shangaan, San, Pedi and Ndebele. With a visit to any of these cultural villages, you get to experience the true essence of South Africa as well as get a peek into the daily lives of Bushmen who live in these grounds.

As you visit these villages, you get a chance to see women make beads shapes or butter out of shells from ostrich eggs. More importantly, it entails you to learn their dances and even sample some of the culinary specialties.

Bush walk and Visit historic sites

Taking a bush walk is the best and most exciting way to get up close and personal with Africa’s soils. In this outdoor adventure, you will be accompanied by knowledgeable rangers that will help you see a dazzling variety of species. Also, with their intimate understanding of the park, these people may pass on a wealth of knowledge pertaining to South Africa’s wilderness.

The Kruger National Park is not only just a wildlife conservation area, but it also serves as a home to a few historical artifacts and sites, such as Thulamela’s Iron Age old site.

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