Laptop Bags: How To Find And Buy The Perfect One

Planning on investing in a laptop bag? Well, the thing is, picking the best laptop bag for your needs isn’t exactly as simple as you might think .Like any tech accessory, you’re largely spoiled for choice, when it comes to laptop bags.

From leather briefcases and canvas messengers to colored backpacks, you’ll find an endless array of options, as far as size, features and style. Just try to filter through travel bags and laptop backpacks, and you’ll still have to pick a color, style, material and capacity.

Not to mention, you need to pick from laptop bag features, such as RFID blocking and solar power. We feel you. We know the pains in picking a terrific laptop backpack. And, that’s why we’ve created this guide for you.

Here's the list of the tips on How To Find And Buy The Perfect One Laptop Bag:

Determine your needs

Have a target or goal in mind, before you start shopping for laptop bags. Furthermore, ask questions on what features and functions do you need from your bag. And, these questions should help you get a better insight or idea of what you really need.

• Once you’ve done that, rate the importance of every question on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being definite “no” and 5 being a definite “yes”.

• Are you often outside dealing with some unpleasant weather? Will the laptop bag be constantly exposed to elements? Rate it from 1 to 5!

• Do you extensively travel, or do you just drop by Starbucks for a couple of hours away from the office?

• Can you deal with the bag’s weight on your shoulder? Or, do you need an alternative? Should you go for a laptop backpack or a briefcase?

• Are you planning to carry all the necessary accessories like cords and charger? Or, do you need to bring a replication of your office desk with pens, folders and everything else?


One of the most important details that will guide your decision in picking the ideal and best laptop bag is price. On average, a basic, solidly-built bag with some back padding and a laptop section should cost you around $75 to $85.

Additionally, expect to pay around $140 to $200 for laptop bags with more significant options in terms of colors, styles and additional features, such as external water bottle pockets and sternum straps.

If you’re willing to invest, and have a specific feature or a high-end bag brand in mind, you’ll likely have to pay around $250 to $400.

Whatever your budget range is, look for a bag that suits your needs as well as lasts a long time. And, though there are plenty of cheap laptop bags on the market today, you should opt for something that’s made of durable materials.

Anything in the range of $80 to $300 should land you in the great sweet spot. Not only are these laptop bags made of solid materials, but they have a durable build as well. What’s more, they have an excellent choice of device-specific features and professional styles.

Laptops in this budget range also usually go on sale, especially if they are not a flagship style.

Types of laptop bags

There are a number of different laptop bag types. Your choice will heavily depend on how you use it, and what’s visually pleasing to you.

Laptop backpacks. Traveling all the time? Want to spread the weight of your laptop and mobile office across both your shoulders? Then, the backpacks-style is the ultimate fit for you. As an added bonus, people won’t know that you’re carrying an expensive computer on your back. They might even think you’re hauling a cluster of textbooks and dirty laundry.

Messenger-style bags. Here’s another great choice for those who are always on the go. Even if you’re riding on a bicycle, these bags still make an apt, stylish and casual option. With a strap that goes across the chest and over the shoulder, your laptop’s weight isn’t concentrated on one shoulder. Of course, your hands are also literally free to help you maneuver your way around.

Briefcase bags. These bags offer a corporate and professional look. As far as functionality goes, these bags have enough storage for your accessories and may have special features, like mobile phone pockets.

Top load bags. With a top load bag, you get to load your device in from the top and snugly fit it inside. Moreover, it offers easy access to your laptop and features a handful of pockets on the bag’s exterior.

Roller-style bags. Are you a frequent traveler who doesn’t want to lug your laptop on your back or shoulder? You might want to check out a wheeled bag. Most of these travel bags are attached to a small cart, and may be easily detached.

Tote bags. Like a quintessential tote bag, these bags come in attractive colors and fabrics. They mostly include tons of pockets as well as some extra space, so you may ditch your purse and use this bag for all your everyday needs.

Laptop bag materials

Once upon a time, travel bags were, for the most part, made out of cotton canvas and were amazingly treated with wax to add some waterproofing. And, it’s reasonable and pretty effective. But, it was also quite heavy, and if you store it away for a long time, the canvas would soon begin to rot. Nowadays, though, technology has become so advanced that manufacturers can create a bag from almost everything. Heck, there are even bags that are made from alligator skin.

Here are some of the widely used materials to build laptop bags:

• Leather laptop bags aren’t just durable and water-resistant. They are also sleek, classy and stylish, making it the best laptop bag for the modern-day entrepreneur. On the flip side, it’s heavier, and may eat a nice hole in your bank account.

• Memory foam materials are ideal for shock absorption. When something hits it, the material soaks up the energy and intelligently distributes it. In other words, this laptop bag provides the best protection to laptop from hits and impact.

• Want a light laptop bag? Why not invest in a laptop bag made of polyester and nylon? These types of bags are so light and quickly dry out. And, did we mention that it’s incredibly durable too? On the low side, these laptop bags are not ideal when protecting your laptop from shocks.

• Canvas is a terrific option because it simply is a durable fabric. As a matter of fact, it’s water-resistant, meaning it can protect your laptop, accessories, and other items from a light, mild rain shower. Keep in mind, however, that it’s a water-resistant material, and not 100% waterproof.

Laptop compartment size

Laptop bags are categorized and marketed to fit specific-size laptops. And, usually, it has different size ranges. So, measure your laptop, before you scour the online marketplace. Trust me, you don’t want a laptop bag that’s too large or too small. And, you definitely don’t want to spend a few minutes every day wriggling and shoving your computer into your bag.

Carrying capacity of your laptop bag

Another key feature to keep in mind, when looking for the best laptop bag, is its carrying capacity. Some bags just have enough space to carry your device, and there are others with tons of storage space to house everything you need. If you’re a student, then you clearly need to a lot of space to carry your lunchbox, spiral assignment and textbooks. The same goes to the entrepreneurs.

Look for laptop bags with holders and compartments

It’s essential that your laptop backpack has separate compartments with enough space for your other accessories, including your mouse, batteries, cords, notebooks and USBs. That way, you can protect your laptop from scratches and bumps as well as your other items from being damaged by your computer’s weight.

Find a laptop bag that represents your personal style

Some folks are only concerned with the practicality and functions of a laptop bag. But, for others, the bag is an accessory in itself and an extension of their personal style. Think about if you prefer the sleek executive look or the casual style. Take note, you’re going to carry your bag for the whole week, so find a design that you love and looks good on you.

How to make sure the bag is excellent quality

Comfort - look for laptop bag features like an air mesh breathable backside and padded shoulders that make things comfortable on your end.

• Waterproof lining ensures your computer stays safe amid all weather conditions. Remember, you don’t want to end up with a soggy and wet laptop.

• Durable fabric is imperative. Your computer is something you use on a daily basis, and the bag is designed to protect your laptop. You should look for a fabric that’s both durable and lightweight. Likewise, plastic casting is available for those who need extra coverage or those who prefer a hardtop.

• Adjustable straps help customize the design to fit your body better. They also keep the bag ergonomic when you’re bound for meetings on the bus or train.

• Ideally, your laptop bag should have extra padding, specifically on the shoulder strap. That way, your spine, and laptop are both protected. Some laptops are fairly heavy, and you certainly don’t wish the bag straps to cut into your shoulder as you carry it.

• Quality zippers are a must in keeping your computer safely locked inside your bag. And, you want them to last for a long time, as a broken zipper will sometimes make the whole laptop bag useless.

Choose a versatile laptop bag

The best laptop bag, to me, is a versatile and multi-purpose piece of luggage. It can be used for air travel and it can be used for land adventures too. Is it stylish, functional and comfortable enough to wear as you do a little sightseeing in a European city? Do you want a bag for your photography equipment and camera? Can you use it on your day hikes?

Ready to invest in a laptop bag, but don’t know where to find a great one? Guess what? There are dozens of high-quality and multi-functional bags great for your laptops too, here on our online store. Even better, we offer massive discounts for these travel bags! And don't forget to plan your amazing and exciting adventures with Trekeffect, a revolutionary way to plan your trips!

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