Marseille: a Mediterranean Gem

Many locations have specifically times of the year when you should visit them and therefore the prices go up, as travel and transport companies will hike up their prices trying to earn more money. Regardless of when you go you will have great things to see. Each season has it’s own privileges. For instance during Spring and Autumn you can walk along the limestone creeks.

And don’t forget: Marseille is always warm; so warm that even in winter you might be able to head out in a t-shirt. Fun fact aboutMarseille is also the name of the most commonly used Tarot set of cards, and it has been called so since the 1930s.


Marseille is usually handled by foot and it’s not much of a challenge. Plus, in a city as beautiful as Marseille it will surely be a pleasure, just make sure to bring a bottle of water with you or buy one along the way. The hot tip here is that if you buy a public transport ticket which allows you unlimited transport, it will grant you free access to 15 museums and also a free ferry.

Keep that in mind! Unless you will be traveling outside the city, there's no need to rent a car.

Notre Dame de la Garde

It’s more than obvious that this is more than a must-see as one of the reasons you went to Marseille is surely to see this breathtaking basilica and its Neo-Byzantine style. This is also a popular local landmark during the annual pilgrimage on Assumption Day.

This is the church were old fishermen would have their boats blessed, that’s why there are so many models of boats around the church for everyone to see. Also it is surely the nicest location to see the city from.

The Notre Dame de la Garde is situated in a beautiful location which opens west to the sea, bordered by hills - the Massif de l'Étoile and the Nerthe to the north, the Sainte-Baume to the east, and the Carpiagne and the Massif de Marseilleveyre to the south.

Parc Borely

This beautiful park done in the seventeenth century is located just 300 meters from the Marseille coast. The Park is regarded as one of the most notable Gardens of France. It holds home to a 18th century mansion which is rather popular with the local joggers.

Everything is clearly marked so you won’t have trouble finding the lakes, the beautiful sculptures and the Botanical Garden within the park.

Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology

Marseille is the home of a few art museums, both modern and classic, but to be noted and surely not forgotten is the Mediterranean Archaeology museum. It displays the history of the area of Marseille and provides an insightful overview of ancient civilizations. Don’t miss the opportunity of joining a tour which includes ancient weaving techniques, excavations of villages and displays of artifacts.

Marseille is a portuary gem, and a gateway to the Mediterranean. Enjoy its culture and atmosphere, and plan your trip using Trekeffect!

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