10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

Waterfalls are a great reason to get out in to nature, and explore areas that are new. Take in all the scenery and enjoy the powerful beauty of an incredible drop. Though they can be incredibly powerful, the sound of rushing water and sheer drops create awe inspiring scenes. Natural waterfalls are some of the biggest natural attractions around. Some are small enough to take a swim through their pools, while others are grand enough to give a person vertigo. Throughout the world there are particularly stunning ones that are without a doubt worth a visit.

Here are the most beautiful waterfalls around the world, that you wouldn’t want to miss:

1. Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada/New York, USA)

Crossing this North American Border, Niagara Falls is one of the most renowned waterfalls in common culture. Technically, it’s comprised of not just one, but three separate areas; Horseshoe, Bridal Veil, and American Falls. The 165 foot drops are best scene from below, but don’t try to paddle a boat out yourself, and skip the barrell. Take a ride on the Maid of the Mist, a tour that has been in operation for over 150 years.

2. Iguaçú/Iguazú Falls (Brazil/Argentina)

Covering three country borders (Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay), Iguazú stands as a crossroads in South America. Getting visas to visit all the various sides can be a bit tricky, it is easy once you’re there to get around by foot trails. It’s impossible to not be in awe as you watch tons upon tons of water hurl themselves over the edge into the canyon below.

3. Taughannock Falls (New York, USA)

It may not be the largest on the list, but it is the tallest single drop east of the Rockies. This is one waterfall for all seasons. Just as gorgeous in the summer as it is in the winter, hiking in the area is prevalent all year round. Just keep in mind that swimming isn’t allowed when the weather is warm. After a trip down the trails, be sure to stop in to the Bandwagon, a craft brewery in nearby Ithaca, for some locally sourced grub and their delectable Scotch Ale.

4. Plitvice Waterfall (Croatia)

The largest national park in Southeast Europe looks like something out of a fairy world. Water cascades in all direction over lush greenery, into crystal clear pools. The park also include 16 interconnected lakes surrounded by forest. Croatia considers the grounds one of it’s oldest and most spectacular natural sites, and it’s obvious to see why.

5. Huangguoshu (China)

One of the largest falls in China and in Asia, Huangguoshu is one of many in the area. There are a total of 18 others within the 45km national park, with this one just shy of 78 meters high. There are many viewing platforms that allow for panoramic birds eye views. One particularly exciting area is the 134 meter long naturally formed cave behind Huangguoshu allows you to get so close you can even touch the water as it pours down.

6. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

No list of waterfalls would be complete without mention of the world’s largest. So majestic and pristine, it was subject of the BBC’s Planet Earth. It was even the inspiration for the fictional Paradise Falls in Pixar’s Up. Even if it isn’t real, that’s a perfect name for this gem in the Venezuelan jungles.

7. Hanakapi'ai Falls (Hawaii, USA)

If something seems a little familiar about this landscape, chances are if you’re a movie buff, you’ve seen these falls before. The pristine and untouched beauty may seem tranquil, but set the backdrop for some scenes from the infamous film Jurassic Park. With volcanic cliffs surround by dense jungle, it definitely has the vibe of a place that hasn’t changed in the last few million years.

8. Tat Fane (Laos)

The Bolevan Plateau is some of the lushest forest in Southeast Asia. Set at a higher elevation, it’s famous for growing coffee beans. In the midst of all this luxury, Tat Fane sits high above the trees. 120m of uninterrupted water flow creates a magnificent site to behold. About a half day’s journey from the nearest town, it’s definitely worth the trek. You can also take in the view from Koffies Coffee, a mere 6 meters from the edge.

9. Gásadalur (Faroe Islands, Denmark)

This is probably the most remote region on our list. To get there involves a strenuous journey over land and sea, with dangerous waters and high mountains. A tiny village (in 2002 only 16 people still lived there!), sits near the cliffs, and could easily be the most scenic town in all the world. Go before others find out about this hidden gem!

10. Twin Falls (Tennessee, USA)

In the middle of this state, there’s a 60 mile radius home to over a dozen waterfalls. A fantastic place to go camping, the cabins and grounds are located close enough to make your way around. Twin Falls on Rock Island is the prettiest of the area, a cascading fall that’s water comes from an underground cavern. It looks as if the water flows from the trees themselves.

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