5 Mouthwatering Street Foods In Istanbul

Hailed as one of the best street food destinations in the world, this dynamic Turkish metropolis is truly culinary goldmine that bombards foodies and travelers with an endless array of hearty and toothsome street foods. Whether you are in the mood for something for spicy or sweet, the city’s kaleidoscopic streets boasts a deluge of delectable mouthful goodies with refined, aromatic and strong flavors.From the city’s most fashionable streets to its less storied areas, nearly every part and district of Istanbul is loaded with vendors that sell tasty Turkish street foods. But, with so many choices available, how do you pick the best ones to sample and gormandize? If you have the stomach and time to savor every gastronomic staple on the city’s lively streets, I suggest that you try all of them. Otherwise, consider eating these delightful options.

1. Midye Dolma

Fond of eating seafood? The Midye Dolmas are appetizing orange mussels drenched with currants, pine nuts, herbed rice, and a few squirts of lemon. Often touted as the epitome of Istanbul street food, Midye Dolma is definitely a must-try delicacy when visiting this city.

2. Kebab

One of the most popular street foods in the city of Istanbul is the tantalizing kebab. A mainstay in many Turkish restaurants and street vendors, the kebab is a meaty and filling dish with large chunks of meat grilled tastefully on a skewer. For the most part, kebabs are stuffed or accompanied with a variety of fresh vegetables, to add more flavor to its already juicy taste. Of course, this dish is sprinkled with Turkish pieces that create a unique aroma and zing to it.

3. Dondurma

The Dondurma, or also referred as traditional Turkish ice cream, is a sweet frozen treat perfect for sightseers who are wandering around the streets of this multicultural destination. Unlike your regular gelatos and ice creams, though, the Dondurma is elastic, chewy and thick. As a matter of fact, it can resist melting even on a sizzling summer afternoon. With this nectarous delight, you may slowly enjoy your ice cream, without having to worry that it will smelt quickly.

4. Simit

Craving for something crunchy and sugary? Smeared in sesame seeds, the Simit is basically a soft Turkish pretzel with a sweet buttery glaze. As expected, you can find these pretzels nearly everywhere in the city. But as far as I’m concerned, the best tasting simits are the ones sold near the famous Blue Mosque.

5. Kokorec

For those with a taste for exotic delights, the kokorec is a special and delicious goody that you must try during your Istanbul adventure. Known as one of the most sought-after street foods in Turkey, the kokorec is a peculiar dish made up of lamb intestines, enveloped around a spiral offal, and grilled into perfection over coals and wood. By the way, offal is the term used for the combination of the additional lamb internal organs, such as heart, sweetbread and kidney.

While you can cook these tasty delicacies at home, the best way to enjoy these mouthful street foods is still to visit Istanbul. Feeling hungry already? Visit Istanbul now, and indulge on these delicious street foods with the help of Trekeffeck!

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