Mui Ne: The Best Beach In All Of Vietnam

When you think “beach,” it’s all about the tropical drinks in coconuts, the gentle sound of waves crashing in the background, and warm sand between your toes. Many long for a place to just sit and let time go by with a good book and a pair of shades. While that can definitely be found along the coast of Vietnam, the small town of Mui Ne offers much, much more. In the past fifteen years, there has been plenty of development, with resorts popping up left and right. But what’s most impressive here is just how much you can do.

Visit the Fairy Stream

If you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon, you know just how massive it is. Even pictures inspire awe, and can be completely overwhelming. There is no way you could experience all of it in a day. But if it was on a smaller scale, it could definitely be possible. Introducing, Suoi Tien! Follow the stream through bamboo forests, red rock cliffs and boulders and across dunes near the village. The water will only come up to your ankles, so feel free to kick off your shoes and splash right in. The stream leads you down to a small waterfall where you can cool off. It’s all so pretty, you’ll forget that you originally came to Mui Ne for the beach.

Learn a new sport

One thing you’ll notice as soon as you arrive, there’s a constant breeze floating around town. So constant in fact, that this is the Vietnamese home to kiteboarding and wind boarding. An international competition is even held here every February. Many visitors have never tried their hand (or foot) at this extreme sport but never fear; because of it’s growing popularity, schools have popped up all along the beach. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best teachers or prices. A word to the wise, during high season there are many beginners in the shallows. Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled to avoid collisions!

Play Lawrence of Arabia

It may seem a bit out of place, but Mui Ne is famous for their sand dunes. There are three different spots, where the dunes come in red and white. You can easily hire yourself a jeep to explore for the day, or for the Evil Knievels out there, rent a motorbike to tackle the mountains of sand. As expected, it can be incredibly hot midday. The best time for exploring is towards sundown, where the sunlight is exquisite for taking pictures, and you won’t completely melt in the sun. Don’t be surprised if you see people sledding down the mounds, and be sure to join in the fun.

Eat straight from the ocean

Great food starts with great fresh ingredients, and there is nothing as satisfying as the catch of the day. Down the one main street of town, you’ll instantly be greeted by BBQ seafood restaurants, flaunting the day’s wares. Scallops, clams, mussels, lobster,’s a seafood paradise. Take your pick, and pay by the weight, and within a few minutes you’re on your way to an unbelievable feast. More unique pickings include shark, cuttlefish, or smaller fish stuffed full of chili, lemongrass, ginger and herbs. Top off the meal with fresh Saigon Bia, served warm from the keg over ice.

Though it may be small, Mui Ne is certainly mighty. Whether you’ve come for rest and relaxation, or for the thrill of adventure, there is never a dull moment in this beach town. So pack your sunscreen, track down a towel, and start planning your trip to one of Vietnam’s best beaches today at Trekeffect.

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