New Year: Top 6 Places You Need To See

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to travel more, why not get a head start on that, with a trip for New Year’s Eve?

Around the world, there are a variety of location that are absolutely stunning, with parties that can push thoughts of the past year away as you ring in the New Year.

New Orleans, Louisiana

In the U.S., New York isn’t the only place where parties light up the night. In the party capital of Louisiana, the French Quarter comes alive on New Year’s Eve, with fireworks and parties at clubs all down the block. Take a steamboat ride down the Mississippi River to watch the fireworks, hang out in Jackson Square to watch the fleur-de-lis drop or take part in a revellion dinner at any number of restaurants.

London, England

In Britain, London offers a wide variety of parties to ring in the new year. Clubs like Dollop, Studio Spaces and Building Six have live music to dance to, while, for ticket-holders, The Shard offers a breathtaking view of fireworks, music, snacks and a complimentary glass of Lanson White Label Champagne.

Berlin, Germany

If you find yourself in Berlin, you’ll have your choice of venues to ring in the New Year. One of the most popular is the countdown at Brandenburger Tor. There are a number of parties around the Tor, but if you’re not interested in what is often considered the most popular place in Berlin, you have a few other choices. For example, there’s Kulturbraueri, where 30 DJs will take the stage throughout New Year’s Eve as the countdown to 2014 nears. The Fritz Club at Postbanhof offers an all-inclusive party, with great views of fireworks to mark the occasion.

Athens, Greece

Like many other parts of the world, Athens throws a rockin’ party. It include cultural traditions specific to the region, like the baking of a Vasilopita or Basil’s Cake, as New Year’s Day is known as Saint Basil’s Day. At the Greek Peak resort, revelers can take part in a bonfire and fireworks displays as well as a variety of activities for kids. They even have a volunteer light parade, where the last person in the parade of lights starts the firework display.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong ‘s waterfront district is the place to be if you’re in the city for New Year’s Eve. Victoria Harbour is a wonderful spot to witness the eight-minute fireworks display set to music. Starting at 11 p.m., every 15 minutes, the harbor lights up with a series of shooting stars – take a moment, make a wish and maybe it’ll come true in 2020.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This celebration brings millions of celebrants to this Brazilian city. Copacabana Beach is a great place to be, with live music, a light show projected against the beach’s giant ferris wheel and more. If you’re going to head to the beach, be sure to wear white, to signify a fresh start for the new year; alternatively, you can wear red to attract romance, yellow for success or green to bring good health. Just don’t wear black, because the locals will say you’re doomed. Another New Year’s Eve tradition is to throw flowers into the water in tribute to Yemanja, the goddess of the seas.

Plan your special New Year with Trekeffect. All of our staff wishes you a lovely New Year celebration and an amazing year of traveling ahead!

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