Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany's Most Exciting Party

Everyone knows Oktoberfest is still a few months away, but here in Trekeffect, we’d like to start things early. As you read this blog, you will get a handful of tips and suggestions on how you can celebrate this festival in a very zestful and entertaining fashion.

Furthermore, this blogs aims to educate travelers on the best locations to celebrate this annual event. Here are the places and guides that you wouldn’t want to miss when you set foot in Munich:

About Oktoberfest

Celebrated annually in Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest is a scintillating one-of-a-kind event that will surely blow your mind away. Known as the largest and most popular funfair in the world, this buzzing German festival draws over five million visitors every year, thanks to its large servings of beer and sausages as well as its friendly and convivial feel.

Aside from these offerings, this festival also features stimulating German music, with brass bands playing folk music like marches and polkas. Although Oktoberfest was named after the month October, this grand celebration takes place during September’s final two weeks. This boisterous party, however, will last until October. For the most part, this annual celebration lasts for seventeen days.

Beers galore

There is no shortage of beers in this colorful and animated festival. For most visitors, the beer served in this 17-day festival is the highlight of their trip. While this event is a folk festival, a lot of people consider Oktoberfest as the largest beer festival in the world, with large quantities of beer being consumed throughout the duration of the event.

In 2007,   more than seven million liters of beer were served during the entire event. The beers served during Oktoberfest are mainly brewed for this special event only. You can buy these beers at any of the tents available on the event.

As a participant of this grand German party, rest assured you will get to enjoy the best tasting beers in Europe. As a prestigious funfair, Oktoberfest only serves premium beers from the region’s finest breweries and brands, such as Staatliches Hofbra-Munchen, Spatenbrau, Paulaner, Lowenbrau, Hacker-Pschorr-Brau and Augustiner-Brau.

Other attractions

A lot of people celebrate this large Bavarian party to enjoy heavy doses of beer and alcohol. Oktoberfest, however, goes more than just making beer drinking a pleasurable and memorable experience. In this funfair, visitors get to enjoy a dazzling blend of attractions, including games, side-stalls and thrilling amusement rides.

What’s more, joining this party allows you to gormandize on a wide array of traditional Bavarian dishes, such as Weisswurst (white sausage), Schweinebraten (roasted pork), Hendi (roasted chicken), and a whole lot more.

Music is also one of the major attractions of the event. There are a lot of brass brands on the tents playing catchy music, while marching and dancing to their beats and sounds. Beer drinkers can enjoy the music they make, as they gulp on large glasses of premium quality beers. Aside from brass bands, there also modern bands that play rock, pop and funk music.

Other places to celebrate Oktoberfest

If you cannot visit Munich during the months September and October, don’t worry, as you can still celebrate this large annual party in other cities and countries. College students from Canberra, Australia, for instance, are quite known for their own rendition of this Bavarian event.

In addition to Australia, Oktoberfest is celebrated in Blumenau, Kitchener, Cincinnati, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and many more. The Oktoberfest parties celebrated in these destinations are downright epic and fun. But honestly, nothing beats a first-hand experience of this event on its original host, Munich, Germany.

If you love beers, good food and buzzing parties, getting a taste of this German festival is something you must do every year. To experience the world’s ultimate Oktoberfest, plan a trip to Munich this upcoming September with Trekeffect!

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