Why Solo Travelers Are Mentally Strong

There’s nothing quite like a solo adventure in an unfamiliar territory with nothing to do but explore. Honestly, it’s a little unnerving and at the same time uplifting. But, the frightening aspects of solo travel are exactly what make it so exciting and inspiring. And with all the inevitable challenges you’re going to face.

People who travel solo all have one thing in common – they possess great mental strength, but why are these travelers mentally strong? Read on to find out why!

Increased mental strength: the biggest benefit of solo travel

One of the biggest upsides of traveling alone is the power it holds to stimulate psychological growth. After returning from a major solo trip, you are going to feel like your life has changed for the better. Not only will you come back home with a ton of new friends and pleasant memories, but you’ll also become wiser, smarter and mentally stronger.

They can have a blast even when nobody’s around

You are going to be tremendously empowered, once you realize that you’re capable of having a swell time without relying on somebody else to either approve of your choices or generate ideas for your activities. As a matter of fact, you may even prefer to spend more time by yourself than be enslaved to the choices of others. After all, people who travel solo don’t depend on anyone for a good time.

Traveling alone breeds enlightenment

Solo travel lets you set the pace of your journey. You’ll have to make your own plans as well as dictate your own schedule and itinerary. But with no one around to watch your back, you are also the sole person responsible for your safety. And as a result, your instincts become your best friend and guide.

When you venture by your lonesome into the unknown, your senses will be in overdrive. Humans are in general never more perceptive than when they are deeply involved with the unfamiliar – it is a survival mechanism.

Therefore, solo travel lets you recognize and absorb far more than you would if you go with a bunch of companions. Trust me, you sense, learn and feel more than you would ever expect.

Individual trips help you shed naïveté about the globe, broadening your perspectives while making you more aware keenly of your idiosyncrasies and vulnerabilities.

In short, solo travel makes you wiser and mentally stronger since it fosters both inward and outward discovery.

People who travel solo are self-reliant and adaptable

Being responsible solely for your enjoyment and well-being helps develop self-reliance. When you travel for a significant amount of time, you are likely to bump into obstacle and difficulties. And what matters is not whether you face them, but how you overcome these challenges.

When there’s nobody to bail you out in tough times, you’ll find yourself digging deep, to find solutions as well as access inner resources and talents that you didn’t know before. Eventually, these hiccups and surprising discoveries will help you become more self-reliant and adaptable.

They know how to communicate effectively with others

There are cultural differences and language barriers that you need to overcome with a little patience and ingenuity, as you travel solo. But, guess what? This will create a positive effect of making you a whole more willing meet others halfway, whether at home or abroad. You could even end making a slew of new buddies, as a result of these problems.

They know they can trust themselves

It’s all down to you where you will stay, how you will finance the trip, what you will do, and where you will go. Travel entails making plenty of choices, so having the utter freedom to make them all on your own will compel you to develop a self-image as a competent and trustworthy person.

Travel solo increases self-awareness and reduces stress

Make no mistake about it – there will be times you’ll feel extremely lonely, as you travel solo. Even if you’re surrounded completely by people, loneliness can sometimes creep in, especially if you’re in places where communication is difficult and no one speaks your native tongue. The experience, however, will also help you understand the important difference between feeling alone and being alone.

Yes folks, loneliness and solitude aren’t the same. Loneliness depletes the spirit as well as increases your feelings of isolation. Solitude, on the other hand, increases your self-awareness and ultimately makes you feel more connected with the whole world. We’re never truly alone, but it is fairly difficult to recognize it, without the ample amount of time to reflect on it.

Humans are essentially social creatures, and the truth is we can’t survive without the presence of other individuals. But, in seeking out company, we sometimes fail to recognize the merits of solitude. According to recent research, mindfulness meditation – or the practice of intently focusing on the present – can significantly decrease anxiety, as it helps reduce cortisol – a stress hormone.

The increased awareness that comes with solo travel, coupled with the excitement of new fun experiences, focuses unconsciously your mind on the present. Ultimately, you start to let go of the past together with the regrets and pain that usually come with it. And at the same time, you stop worrying much about your future. In other words, traveling frees your mind as well as teaches you to celebrate every breath.

So, the next time you’ve completed a solo trip, give yourself a tap on the back. With every solo adventure you take, you’re increasing your mental resiliency as well as fostering a useful psychological skill that will help your grow in every area of your life!

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