18 Best Places To Go On Valentine’s Day For Singles

Don’t have a romantic date on V-Day? Think February 14 is going to be a frustrating day for you? Then, escape Cupid’s reach with these fabulous and not-so romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles. Celebrating February 14 as Single Awareness Day? Just because you don’t have a date on this mushy Hallmark holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to wallow in self-pity.  

Why not celebrate this day with a getaway to a far-off place? Trust me, there’s a whole beautiful world out there begging to be explored. And besides, hitting the road is an exciting adventure, and sometimes a far more rewarding experience than a romantic date in a fancy restaurant with overpriced meals. Get out of town, and treat yourself to a memorable getaway to any of these places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Want to go on a fascinating Eat-Pray-Love-like experience on February 14? Go on a fascinating journey of self-discovery in Bali, and fall in love with either someone or with the stunning tropical paradise surrounding you. Deemed as one of the most sought-after places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles, Indonesia’s island-escape will let you soak in the sun as well as completely forget about the woes of being alone on this day.

2. Dubai, UAE

It’s really hard to escape the mushy Valentine’s Day mood, when you see everyone kissing and cuddling in public. You’ll see people hugging, holding hands and pucker up at nearly every corner you turn on this hallmark holiday. But in Dubai, you won’t see any romantic couples displaying their affection in public. Yes folks, public displays of affection are strictly not allowed in Dubai, even in expat clubs and bars. As matter of fact, stroking someone’s back is an offence punishable by deportation or a prison sentence in Dubai.

Of course, this odd law isn’t the only reason Dubai has made it to our list of the best places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles. Known as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Dubai is home to a glut of super steep skyscrapers, including Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. Not to mention, the city has plenty of unique diversions and ambitious development projects, including world-class luxury hotels, man-made islands, and some of the biggest and most outstanding shopping malls on earth.

3. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Need to get the thought of hearts, roses and Cupid’s arrows out of your head? Try a more academic approach to your V-day retreat, and head to the history-laden Yucatan Peninsula. From the mystical Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza to the UNESCO World Heritage site Uxmal, this Mexican hub flaunts a dazzling array of intriguing ancient sites and wonders. As an added plus, it is also home to Cancun – a famous Caribbean tourist destination with endless white-sand beaches, and a buzzing party scene, making the Yucatan Peninsula even more appealing to singles who are looking for unromantic places to go on Valentine’s Day.

4. Las Vegas, United States

“Romantic getaways” and Las Vegas, for the most part, don’t fit in the same thought, which is exactly why Sin City has made it to our list of the best places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles. Whether you’re dancing in a club, heading to a colorful show or gambling, you’ll be having way too much fun to remember that you are single on this day. And if Mr. Chow and the Wolfpack in the “Hangover” trilogy have taught you anything, you will be lucky to remember anything at all in Vegas.

A word of advice, make sure to skip the Eiffel Tower replica and the gondola rides at the Venetian, so you can completely forget about this holiday, when in Vegas.

5. Machu Picchu, Peru

Is Machu Picchu – The Lost City of the Incas – on your bucket list? Why not visit this UNESCO World Heritage site on Feb 14? With its magnificent ruins and the breathtaking peaks of the Andes, a visit to Machu Picchu on V-Day will make totally forget about this mushy holiday. Plus, it will give you an epic adventure and amazingly cool selfies that you can brag to your friends once you go back home.

6. New Orleans, United States

NOLA is a year-round party destination famous for its rich culture, tasty cuisine, vibrant music scene and zestful 24-hour nightlife. One of the unromantic places to go on Valentine’s Day in the United States, this party has so much to offer to singles who want to ward off Cupid’s arrows. Plus, it has a handful of hotels like Loews Hotels New Orleans that offer awesome Valentine’s Day weekend special deals to singles who want to mingle. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

7. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is, as far as I’m concerned, truly one of the most exciting places to go on Valentine’s Day for thrill-seeking singles. Billed as the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown has a myriad of heart-pumping adventures to offer to single travelers, including zip-lining, jet-boating, hiking, horseback riding, skydiving, caving and bungee jumping.

8. South Beach, Miami, Florida, United States

South Beach is one the best places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles who don’t want to find mister or miss right. It’s the perfect destination if you just want to have a swell time. Here, you’ll surely meet tons of other singles looking to live it up on V-day, and the beach will be filled with glamorous and gorgeous people. If you want to meet a famous celebrity in South Beach, stay at the ritzy Delano Hotel, attend its Sunday Pool Party, or at least drop by its Rose Bar for a drink. If, however, spending a night in this hotel is out of your budget, the Hilton Grand Vacation Cub may be a good and cheaper option for you. Likewise, the chic Art Deco Hotel offers a lot of high-end amenities, such as rooftop Whirlpool spas.

9. Ibiza, Spain

If you’re a single lady who loves life, then Ibiza should be on the top of your list of places to go on Valentine’s Day. Fittingly labeled as the party capital of Spain, is also known as a paradise for single women. From the thriving night parties to its sparkling beaches, Ibiza has a bunch of cool things to keep the thought of relationships and love out of your mind. But make no mistake about – the fun in Ibiza isn’t all just for females. There is a good chance a single guy will manage to have a blast here as well.

10. Newfoundland, Canada

Craggy and wild, Newfoundland is speckled with secluded traditional fishing settlements that have existed for hundreds of years. Saint John’s, a dynamic port with an exciting nightlife scene, is a great base to start a solo trip in Newfoundland on the month of hearts. Experience a wild and loud night on George Street, which is a bit touristy but a fun initiation for first-time visitors. But don’t forget, the real reason to visit Newfoundland is to enjoy beautiful coastal views of seabirds, whales and icebergs.

11. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, one of the safest places to go on Valentine’s Day for solo travelers, is a charming city full of mesmerizing sights, culture, history and friendly locals. A haven for foodies, Lisbon also has mouthwatering wine and food, to make your V-day more pleasurable and fun.

12. Kenya

With its remarkable wildlife and diverse ecosystem, Kenya indeed makes a terrific destination for a safari adventure on February 14. You can easily join a group or hire a guide to take you out into Kenya’s wilderness. The country has a pretty good infrastructure, and it’s easy to find accommodations, and to get around.

13. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona – the second largest city in Spain – is one of the best places to go on Valentine’s Day for solo travelers and singles. It has scenic café-lined boulevards that can give you a sweet taste of its culture. If you want to escape Barcelona’s buzz, you can travel to one of the lovely city beaches using the extremely easy-to-use public transport. When the sun goes down, you can avoid eating on your own in a candlelit restaurant by doing as the locals would do – binging on tapas in one Barcelona’s cool bars.

14. New York, United States

It is practically impossible to feel totally alone in the Big Apple. There’s so much to do and see, even when you are traveling solo on V-Day in this bustling cosmopolitan city. With its relentless energy and an eclectic collection of attractions, NYC can make you forget all your troubles, heartache and pain.

NYC is also a great place to meet someone new. After all, New York has one of the most dynamic dating scenes in the world. Honestly, it is a place where you can easily strike up a convo with a complete stranger in a nightclub or bar, without feeling strange about it.

15. Australia

No one loves to travel solo as much the Aussies, so why not go on a solo escapade on their home turf on Valentine’s Day? Although it is a great year-round destination, a visit to Australia in February can be extra special since it will let you enjoy the peak of their summer season. And there are plenty of awesome things in Australia that can make you forget that you’re single on this holiday. You can snorkel on the world-famous Great Barrier and have an up close look of its wondrous corals and sea creatures, such as the Sweetlips fish. Furthermore, you may take a surfing lesson and meet a few local surfers whom you can hang out with.

Don’t want to explore the “Land Down Under” on your own? OzXposure has tours exclusively for singles, including a 14-day trip from Cairns to Sydney (with stops to the Great Barrier Reef and legendary east coast beaches).

16. Oahu, Hawaii, United States

With its energizing city life and pristine white beaches, Oahu rightfully deserves a spot on our list of the best places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles. From the thrilling zipline tour on its North Shore to its remarkable wreck dive sites like the San Pedro Shipwreck, this Hawaiian island offers a mishmash of new experiences and adventures. Often deemed as a “melting pot”, Oahu also offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet people from a variety of countries and states.

17. Iceland

Iceland usually tops the lists of the best places to go for solo travelers, and for a good reason. Not only is it safe and easy to navigate, but it has tons of thrilling adventures as well, including horseback riding, glacier hiking and snorkeling in Þingvellir. What’s more, it has a unique blend of natural wonders that will take literally take your breath away, including Gullfoss, Askja, Golden Circle, Dynjandi, and a whole lot more.

Going to one of the many geothermal spas or hot springs in Iceland is a must-try experience, especially in February when you can enjoy watching the snow fall around you, as you enjoy the soothing waters. The Blue Lagoon is by far the most popular spa in Iceland. It is known for its turquoise waters and white silt, which can reduce wrinkles and cure skin conditions.

18. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, famed for its rich culture, coffee shops, world-class museums and picturesque lovely canals, is a surprising entry to our list of places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles. While it does have a charming quintessential European feel, it is by no means as mushy as Paris, Venice and other romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day in Europe.

As a solo traveler, there are a lot of things you can do in Amsterdam on heart’s day. You can rent a book and visit incredible attractions like Anne Frank’s home and Gogh Museum on your own. In addition, you can meet locals and fellow travelers at one of the friendly coffee houses and bars in this city. If you have a thing for observing people, take a scenic through Vondelpark.

Amsterdam’s streets are safe and the locals there are very helpful, making it a dream destination for solo travelers and one of the top places to go on Valentine’s Day for singles.

So, let the travel planning begin and let your mind absorb the stress-free aura and creativity from your travel. But, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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