69 Places to Have Sex

We all love a little spice in our life and that also means our sex life. You don't necessarily have to do all of these - just get inspired, grab your other and chose your favorites. Also, after reading this article you'll have a higher chance of losing a game of "Never Have I Ever" now.

In no order whatsoever - that's for you to decide.

List of Places to Have Sex

1. Parks in Amsterdam

2. Deserted beach

3. Igloo in Sweden

4. King suite in Las Vegas

5. During a sex show in Amsterdam

6. Sex party

7. Swinger party

8. Elevator to the top floor in a tall building

9. Transatlantic flight toilet

10. Festival tent

11. Virgin Galactic (once launched)

12. Ipanema beach at night

13. Cinema

14. Disneyland

15. Zilker Park during Austin City Limits (ACL)

16. Volcano

17. Gobi desert

18. Ferris Wheel

19. Inside a barrel heading towards the Niagara Falls

20. Worst toilet in Scotland

21.Great Wall of China

22. NYC taxi

23. Hot air balloon

24. Phonebooth

25. Helicopter

26. On an elephant

27. Bumper Cars

28. Haunted house

29. Playboy Mansion

30. Gondola in Venice

31. London Eye

32. Times Square in New York when the New Year ball drops

33. Central Park in New York

34. LAX

35. At the highest point of the Golden Gate bridge

36. On the set of EastEnders

37. Backstage during Saturday Night Live

38. The background of a BBC news report

39. Background of a weather forecast

40. In the thick of the Amazon forest

41. Runway during the Paris fashion week

42. On a blanket at the Bonaroo festival

43. Beach in Fortaleza

44. While driving down an Autobahn in Germany

45. On a Scottish golf course

46. Under the waterfall in the Caribbean

47. In an open field during a heavy fog

48. After/during the skinny dipping

49. On a fishing pier at night

50. Boat homes in Amsterdam

51. Back of a limo in Vegas

52. On the subway

53. Back of a taxi

54. On a trampoline

55. Inside a lighthouse

56. At a Christmas Tree farm

57. Inside a cave during a tour

58. On your blanket during the 4th July fireworks night

59. IMAX

60. South pole

61. Fast food restaurant

62. Bottom of the Grand Canyon

63. Bed and Breakfast

64. In a cornfield

65. Safari

66. Giant gingerbread house

67. Skydiving

68. Water park

69. Chocolate factory

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