6 Potent Ways To Beat Travel Fatigue

Feeling sluggish and drained in the midst of your much-awaited vacation? If you think jet lag won’t affect you in any way, the long and constant parade of places, activities and people will eventually wear you down. Let’s face it, traveling can oftentimes be a tiring endeavor, despite all the joys and pleasures that it brings. As a matter of fact, even the most avid and seasoned travelers in the world would agree that a trip, whether it is for business or leisure, can sap your energy.

But thankfully, there are a lot of ways to help you minimize or beat travel fatigue. With a little extra preparation and planning, you can enjoy a euphoric and lively trip, even if you are taking a dragging long haul flight or road trip.

How can you beat travel fatigue? Make sure to heed these words of advice.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

It can be pretty tough to get a good night’s sleep, when you are not slumbering in your own bed. But as a traveler, you can still feel comfortable and get into the arms of Morpheus, by bringing along your favorite pillow. For sure, this will remind you of home, which will make feel more comfortable in your attempt to get some shut-eye.Also, use a smartphone app or a sound machine for white noise when sleeping. If, however, you want utter silence during your slumber time, I suggest that you carry a pair of ear plugs.

2. Exercise keeps travel fatigue at bay

is, as far as I’m concerned, a sure-fire way to beat travel fatigue. When fueled by nutritious and healthy foods, exercise can help you maintain your energy during your trip, as well as relieve you from your stress. Not to mention, it fends off the pounds from piling.Don’t have access to a gym, swimming pool or fitness center during your trip? Don’t worry, as you still can exercise and beat travel fatigue with these handy and portable pieces of fitness equipment:

• Jumping ropes

• Resistance bands with ultra heavy-duty handles

• Hand gripper

3. Eat healthy

Make a conscious and extra effort to eat nutritious foods during your trip. Although most drive-thru combo fast food meals can satiate your gusto, these food won’t help you maintain your energy levels in the long run.

4. Mental stimulation

Mentally stimulate yourself with an intriguing conversation, good read or music. You should, by no means, overlook the brain’s importance as your energy level can stem from your mental status.

5. Other remedies

If, in spite your best efforts to sleep, exercise and eat well, you still feel the effects of travel fatigue, there are a lot of other remedies you can employ. Luc Schlangen, one the lead scientists at Philips Research, said that the emitted blue light from LEDs can help people feel more productive, alert and rested. Likewise, aromatherapy is a simple yet potent remedy that can help you unwind and relax during your trip.

Another way to beat travel fatigue is to drink caffeinated beverages. As long as you drink it in moderation, caffeine can be a terrific remedy to beat travel fatigue during your escapades.

6. Plan your trip

The best and most effective way to beat travel fatigue is to plan your trip ahead with. As you plan your activities, you get to maximize your daylight hours and optimize your schedule in your destination. This, in turn, will help you adjust your sleeping and eating patterns. Plus, it lets you discover the top things to do, and the cant-miss places to visit in your destination.

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