Quebec: Feeling The Magic

If your plan is to explore the second-largest province in Canada, you’re in luck. Quebec is a region where visitors can experience a little bit of French culture, Canadian history and have many opportunities for entertainment.

The citizens here speak French more than any other language, partly on account of the area’s history.


The city developed into the vibrant, busy metropolis that it is over several centuries. The region’s history goes back as far as the 1500s, when an explorer from Italy, Giovanni da Verrazzano, convinced King Francis to pay for an exploration. In 1534, Jacques Cartier founded New France in the area that is now Quebec, but it wasn’t until 1608 that another explorer founded Quebec City.

In the 1770s, Quebec City was divided into multiple territories (in the areas now known as Quebec and Ontario). The province has seen multiple changes from a rural agricultural setting to an urban, industrialized one. That urban zone has transformed into quite the entertainment and cultural scene, paying homage to the province’s history while working to entice visitors with music, shopping and food.


The area is divided into more than 20 tourist regions, according to the Quebec Local web site. Each of the 22 tourist regions (including Quebec City and Montreal) has its own geographical, cultural and historical themes.

Travelers who want to explore can wander through the Aquarium du Quebec, the Musee des Ursulines and even the Petit-Champlain Quarter. The aquarium includes thousands of animals, including the ever-popular polar bear. The facility includes outdoor trails, a picnic area, water games and an adventure trail for young visitors.

Quebec City is known as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the only fortified city north of Mexico. The Fortifications of Quebec National History Site is home to many historical buildings, four gates that provide entry and exit, a seminary and the Musee de l’Amerique francaise.

Visitors may enjoy tours of the Basilique-Cathedrale Notre-Dame-du-Quebec’s art collection and crypt of four governors of New France. But, if historical tours aren’t your cup of tea, then Quebec’s shopping and nightlife might catch and keep your attention.


Quebec City is well-known for its shopping— with five shopping centres, six shopping streets and districts. If your ultimate vacation includes shopping till you drop, Quebec City can fulfill many of those desires.

You’ll find artistic souvenirs like books that feature photos from Quebec City, artist-drawn portraits and caricatures even art celebrating Canadian Inuit culture. You can get local food products, musical instruments and even historical and religious souvenirs to remember your trip to Quebec.


If you’re looking for music and nightlife to fill your time, you could try the Grand Theatre de Quebec - which has two stages and a three-wall mural by Jordi Bonet. Or, you could look for live music, at Theatre Petit-Champlain or the Orchestre Symphonique du Quebec or catch a drink in any of the local bars.

In the lower city, tourists who like to dance can fulfill that urge at a number of clubs – including Maurice and Le Drague.

Quebec is magical, and waiting for you. To experience the culture, history and atmosphere of the city, head over to and start planning your visit with Trekeffect!

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