18 Reasons Why Girls Should Travel Solo At Least Once

Traveling solo may sound scary and dangerous -- and even more so when you are a woman, or so they say -- but it really isn't. In fact, we, at Trekeffect encourage our female readers to go out into the world and experience solo travel at least once in their lifetime. Why? Going with friends or with a partner can be fun, but things really get more fun, exciting and flexible when you only have yourself to think about.

1. You get to explore your independence

When you travel on your own, you get the last say to any and every decision on the road without having to rely on friends' or your partner' opinions. Want to bike around the city the whole day? Sleep off the entire afternoon in your hotel room? Check out that local bar and have a few shots? Being a female will give you a chance to decide how you want your days to go, without regrets.

2. You boost your self-confidence

So many women today have very low self-esteem, if at all, because they rarely get a say at anything. Traveling solo will you the confidence boost that you need to make good decisions without having to worry about pleasing anyone. When you go out on your own, you are left to fend for your own and your confidence will soar in the process.

3. You learn to leave your comfort zone

The most challenging part of traveling, whether or in a , is leaving the comforts of home. However, learning to embrace the new and unfamiliar will give you a lot of learning experience - especially if you do it on your own - and will make you a lot less scared of anything that will go your way.

4. You learn to say yes to the things you never thought you would

Often, our travel decisions are made after we have considered other . When you go out on your own, you learn to become more spontaneous. How about going bungee jumping or eating exotic food or hanging out with strangers or jumping aboard a bus to an unknown destination? There's only yourself to consider and your fears to conquer.

5. You get to indulge without guilt or judgment

Women have always struggled with getting through daily life without people judging them. Going solo in your travels will allow you to be your crazy self without shaming others in the process. So what if people think you're weird? They'll probably just let it pass as you being a foreigner. And, hey, don't worry about it -- there's really a tiny probability you'll ever see them or remember their faces ever again.

6. You get to follow your own schedule

Want to join the day tour your hotel is offering? How about spending the day exploring the city on your own? Traveling by yourself will let you set the rules and thus, set your own schedule, too. You can stay in your room, be out in the streets or get yourself ready as long as you want without worrying about other people who are waiting up on you.

7. You learn to figure things out by yourself

How do you read a map? How do you negotiate with people in another language? How do you ask for directions? This is your chance to prove yourself that you can do it without having to rely on friends and family for help.

8. You get to know yourself better

If you are finding yourself trapped in the crazy daily grind of life, then it's high time you take a pause and have some moments alone. Traveling by yourself will give you the chance to form a bond with yourself without any distractions. Slow down and reflect on your life and you just might discover where you want headed to next.

9. You discover your strengths and weaknesses

Since you are out on your own, it would be easy to discover exactly what you are good -- and not so good at. Traveling solo will also give you the chance to work out on your kinks and boost the skills that you are already amazing at.

10. You discover new hobbies and passions

And speaking of skills -- now is the chance to find out something that you may be really good at. Try and see if photography is a great fit for you. Chronicle your solo travel adventures and see if is what you would want to explore next. Find out what interests you and do something worthwhile with it.

11. Solo travel lets you forge new friendships

You are never really lonely when you travel by yourself. As a matter of fact, you will probably meet other fellow solo travelers and make genuine friendships. Being on your own will make you less afraid of approaching other people and will make them less intimated of coming to you as well.

12. You learn to trust strangers and the world in general

It's hard to trust other people, especially those of the opposite sex, when you are a female solo traveler. However, being on your own will help you ease out a bit and see the good in everyone. After all, there's no one else that could help you at the present than yourself -- and some pieces of advice from strangers.

13. You meet that special person who will change your life forever

A lot of solo female travelers in the blogosphere have shared about finding the love of their life in one of their solo trips. Perhaps your love story will be next in line, too? This is definitely the chance to keep your doors open for potential partners who will change your life forever.

14. You get to know a person, without your friends hovering around

It's hard to start dating and get to know a person further when you have friends constantly interfering. When you travel on your own and meet that special person, you get the chance to really know the other person well without judgment and constant checking up from friends and family.

15. You will look at life and the world in a whole new perspective

Since you've learned to be out on your own in an unfamiliar place and with, most likely, an unfamiliar language, you start to gain an appreciation for the little things that you can find and experience in the comforts of home. You are able to love life even more and become thankful for the things and experiences that you have.

16. You learn to be fearless

You make your own decisions, you set your own rules, you figure things out by yourself. In the end, the best you could get out of your experience is self-confidence, independence and lots of awesome stories that will make you the envy of your friends. And yes, you are definitely set to face bigger challenges head-on and conquer the world!

17. You are most likely to go traveling solo again

They say, once you've caught the , your unlikely to be able to get rid of it. Once you've gone home from your solo travel adventures, you'll most likely start planning for your next one right away.

18. Collecting memories and experiences

What's an expensive pair of shoes or leather handbag compared to your experiences and life lessons from traveling solo? Collecting memories and experiences is more important than anything else. The fun that you get to keep in photos, videos or even just in your mind is far more valuable than any riches in the world. If you're ready to conquer your fears, learn invaluable lessons and collect memories you are sure to keep for life.

With Trekeffect, start planning your dream solo adventure -- it's the best way to indulge yourself!

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