Why Hikers Make Great Friends

A popular saying goes, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. So, if there were just one set of people, you should surround yourself with the best kind. And we suggest you go for the most adventurous and bad-ass kind: hikers.

Why? Because they are sure to give you such a positive influence with their good vibes. Each person may have their individual characteristics but this group is still bound my a common set of traits that you will surely find irresistible. Still not convinced?

Well, here are reasons why we believe hikers are the best kind of people in the world:

1. They are prepared for the worst

It is a common mindset for a hiker to always prepare for the worst. Sure, they can’t bring everything with them but they just need to make sure that they are weatherproof, whatever that may mean. Their journeys may start out very warm but the best hikers still know better than to leave their thermal and rain jackets behind — because you never know what happens along the way.

2. They are optimistic people

But, regardless of things may unfold during their journey, hikers stay optimistic and positive. Does a light drizzle ruin a good weekend hike? Not really. It just means the waterfalls are so much better to enjoy in — and it might just allow one to see a rainbow or two. Does that not sound awesome?

3. They practice minimalism

When it comes to going anywhere for short weekend trips or longer getaways, the hardest thing to do is pack — and to keep it light. Among the best people to follow are hikers who are always able to carry on very little, with everything they need right on their backs. Even the warm dinner and the best views become a luxury after their long climb to the top.

4. They are the biggest cheerleaders

Need someone to bring you up at your lowest moments? Call a hiker and they’ll give your mood a 180-degree turn. After all, a life of trekking up mountains is no easy task. Their experiences have taught them to motivate not just themselves, but the people around them, to push forward and keep in moving. Plus, meeting these people at the campsites and hearing their stories will encourage you even more to go on more adventures and explore the world.

5. They love adventurous plans

Hikers have endless bucketlists and seems to continue growing everyday. A hike may have just been completed and a mountain just explored but these people are already planning their next trip. Pretty sure, you will never have a dull moment with these guys — and never a weekend at home, too.

7. They get high off their surroundings

It can be so easy to fail to notice the beauty of the world when you are busy but it is these natural wonders that give hikers a sense of high. What else could be mightier than spending your weekend on top of a mountain while marveling the beauty that surrounds you?

8. They go for what they set their minds to

Many of us easily settle in reading success stories of others and simply daydream about what we might become if we follow the things we truly want. For hikers, it’s not about getting lost in their phones the entire day, it’s all about putting their gadgets down and preparing themselves for the long hike. It’s about making that great big step and finally getting to the destination, wherever that may be.

9. They are crazy about their passions

Instead of getting themselves stuck in the shallowness of life, keeping up with the latest drama and trends, hikers go for fulfilling their souls. They believe that life isn’t just meant to be lived, it is to be experienced. They go for what they makes their hearts happy instead of staying miserable fulfilling what society dictates them to do.

10. They live in the moment

As fulfilling as it can be to make plans and check off lists, there is nothing more exhilarating than being able to do something that you really want right now, without having to worry about what happens next. Isn’t that what we should all be striving about?

11. They do not fear the unknown

Whether in life or in the mountains, all you really need to know is two steps back and two steps in front to know you are safe and you shouldn’t have to worry so much about anything else anymore. Hikers have no sense of fear for the unknown but instead yearn to see it. It might sound scary but there’s really nothing else you can do about it. You can’t predict nor control the future so why not embrace it with open arms?

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