11 Reasons Why Millennials Should Climb Mountains

Millennials, particularly, have shown a great interest in exploring and climbing mountains. If you are still not among the active people who are endlessly posting beautiful pictures on top of mountains, then you are clearly not joining your generation’s trend.

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Here are compelling reasons why you, as a millennial, should start — or continue — exploring and climbing mountains:

1. Because you are fearless

You are not afraid of what society dictates. So what if you are not an athletic person? You can start training and survive. – who said? Going on is not recommended? You certainly can take care of yourself! As a millennial, you have enough courage to take a stand on your decisions and have a get-things-done approach to the summit? Let's go!

2. Because you choose experience over money

There’s really no point getting large paychecks when you can’t even enjoy them. You’d gladly take a day off from your high-pressure job to take a breath of fresh air on top of the mountains And, while you are constantly looking for great deals for your trips, you certainly won’t mind or spending a big chunk of your salary to experience different adventures. You can always earn them back when you get back to the city, right?

3. Because you want to make more mistakes

Climbing mountains are never without mishaps and flaws. It could be losing your expensive gears or breaking your leg or coming underprepared. But, instead of constantly blaming yourself for your shortcomings, you use these experiences as a learning tool.No longer will you be hoping for the best on your next trip because you will make sure that you are prepared for the worst. It is these mistakes that allow you to tweak your backpack so you can modify it exactly to fit your needs.

4. Because you are not afraid of change

Perhaps you have never been the type of person who was physically active. Guess what? Today is the perfect time to change and embrace the lifestyle that you have been avoiding your entire life.As a millennial, you embrace change with open arms. And, when you are on the , it is this ability to cope with change that allows you to react properly in the most difficult situations.

5. Because you set high expectations for yourself

What is a pro — and con — about being a millennial? You set high standards for yourself. You raise the bar high but what you are really looking for is something that creates an impact in your life and one that feeds your soul. Climbing a mountain is something that gives you just a sense of high that you are looking for. It tells you that you are capable of conquering your limits and your fears and that you are destined to do far greater things.

6. Because you cultivate a lifestyle built around a purpose

You question everything around and constantly wonder, what is it really in life that you are here for? One thing’s for sure, though: you were not born to pay the bills and die. It is these sense of purpose that pushes you to go on constant trips, explore cultures, enjoy beaches and cities and climb mountains. You make sure that every single thing that you do in your life is built exactly around the lifestyle that you choose to have.

7. Because you know how to separate professional and personal time

You may be great at what you do for a living but you certainly know how to balance it with some personal time. And, for you, the only chance to hear yourself and your mind is through experiencing the peace and calmness on top of a mountain. You always make sure to constantly have your nature trips because it is when you are well-rested and energized that you are able to stay on top of your game.

8. Because you embrace work-life balance

Millennials are often criticized for not having concrete plans: going around from job to job, not buying properties, not thinking about retirement. The truth is that you do — but you also make sure that you are able to enjoy the present just as much as you want to enjoy the things in your future. Millennials know how to live and enjoy the simplest and smallest moments in life. You become happy when you climb mountains. And, when you are happier? You work harder and become more productive at whatever it is that you do.

9. Because you know how to get off your phone and social media

Although you belong to a generation that is constantly connected and even addicted to technology, you know how to step back and really enjoy the world for what it is. You take off on weekend trips (and even extend if, if you can!) that will allow you to disconnect to reconnect with yourself and other people. You take off on weekend trips (and even extend if, if you can!) that will allow you to disconnect to reconnect with yourself and other people. Going on mountain summits is not just for a show and certainly not just for bragging on social media. It means so much more to you: it’s about enjoying life and conquering yourself.

10. Because you are socially conscious

Reaching a mountain’s summit is really just a well-deserved dish of dessert from a long trek. As a millennial, you are socially conscious and love it when people care for other people. You enjoy long, soul-filled talks with locals and guides and love the fact that your visiting the area boosts their tourism and their local economy, too. It’s not just about being in a new place that delights you but also the fact that you are experiencing new cultures and mingling with new personalities.

11. Because you are environmentally conscious

You care deeply for the environment and help raise people’s awareness of the true beauty of nature through your climbing photos. You abhor irresponsible acts that cause damage to the environment. While you are not always perfect, you try your best to be a good role model and limit your damaging impact on nature. As a true-blue environmentalist, what you do is not just all about climbing mountains. You attend your BMCs and follow LNT principles to heart. You follow rules when the authorities prohibit you to climb. You attend clean-up drives and help out in tree planting activities. And it is because you are constantly making a conscious effort to help nurture and protect nature so that future generations can still enjoy it as much as you did.

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