8 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Is So Addictive

Traveling alone can be at first a rather nerve-wracking experience, especially to females. After all, travel alone means you have to totally rely on yourself, possibly for the first time your life. Plus, along the way, you’ll bump into little and not-so challenging experiences, such as not having someone to look after your suitcase, when you head to the bathroom in a crowded airport. Then, there are major hiccups that greatly test your fortitude, like being stranded outside with nowhere to sleep because you were locked out of the hostel you were staying.

Yet, for all the challenges and hardships that come with traveling alone, it remains a growing trend for travelers from all over the world. So, what is it about solo travel that gets everyone so hooked that it becomes pretty hard for them to stop?

As far as I’m concerned, this form of travel is addictive, because, it’s a liberating journey that lets you choose your own schedules, rules and adventures and be solely culpable for everything that’s going to happen.

And here are our 8 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Is So Addictive:

1. Traveling alone gives you a chance to reinvent yourself

Do people at home call you names, like the “serious academic” or the “computer geek”? Do people still judge you for your outfits or the mistakes you’ve made in grade school? Think you can’t grow or move on with your life because of all the tags attached to you?

When you’re traveling alone, nobody knows or even cares about the tags and labels that are attached to you. As a matter of fact, you can become a diver, farmer, photography junkie or an adrenaline junkie. Just take you pick, whatever it is that appeals to you.

Traveling alone gives you an opportunity to discover a bunch of surprising things that didn’t have the space to show up in your bustling life at home. The freedom to grow and reinvent yourself, with no input from past experiences and the people you know, is seriously addictive in a healthy and positive way.

2. Gain confidence

When you’re traveling alone, you’ll face a variety of problems, make some decisions, and even take risks on your own. All these situations, however, will make your much more confident, braver and stronger. Being solo on the road is a big challenge, and as you know, challenges make you grow wiser and stronger not only as a traveler, but as a human being too. In addition, traveling solo helps develop a slew of important skills, such as decision making and time management.

3. It will teach you how to lead

You are the lead actor, producer and director in the film that’s your life. And, you’re the captain who’s going to lead and steer your ship to the right direction. But, in the midst of the chaos and buzz of your everyday life, you sometimes forget that you’re the person who’s in control of your own story.

The moment you embark on a solo trip, you are going to understand the true essence and meaning of being responsible entirely for yourself. You are in charge of each decision on the road, and trust me, there is nothing more empowering and fulfilling than discovering how capable you truly are.

4. You’ll learn to spot a bad apple from a mile away

With no one else to turn to, solo travelers have to be extra careful about their belongings, every time they venture the world. Likewise, they have to sharpen their sense and trust their intuition, so they can find out whether the person they are talking is trustworthy. And as a result, solo travelers have developed an uncanny ability to spot problems and troubles from a mile away. For me, this is a precious skill not just for your future trips, but for life in general as well.

5. You will learn to live in the moment

There is nothing quite like gaping at a breathtaking landscape on a foreign land alone, and knowing that you only have a few valued moments to soak in the scenery. Without a buddy chatting your ear off next to you, you become fully immersed into the current moment. It is just you and the beautiful world. Traveling alone gives you an ample amount of space to absolutely appreciate very moment, through your eyes on your own.

6. You’ll leave your comfort zone

Traveling alone is an all-encompassing experience that shatters some of the world’s pre-conceived concepts with every step you take into the obscure. At each stop, new doors open up, in ways that aren’t always visible, when are occupied with a group or a travel buddy.

When you travel solo, you are likely to be more inclined to talk to strangers, and you are going to notice more people who want to connect with you. What’s more, your comfort zone will be a thing of the past, and you’ll eventually try things you have never considered before.

7. You will find out what is really important in your life

In the everyday grind of work, money and dramas from other folks, it is easy to become stuck to problems may seem huge, but really lack learning potential and substance. Traveling alone means you can forget all these small issues, and focus solely on yourself.

You can forget about aspirations and expectations that take you away from living a wondrous life. Furthermore, you can indulge on the simple pleasures of basking in a local child’s curious smile and savoring exotic food.

When you come back home, all those problems that you think are big will fade into oblivion under an avalanche of aliveness and freedom. You will, then, see the world with an empowered and fresh pair of eyes. And that, to me, is the ultimate addiction.

8. Indulge without being judged

Whether it’s a street food or hearty meal in a restaurant, eating is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable aspects of travel. And once you start traveling alone, you’ll also start appreciating food more, and you’ll end up eating that you wouldn’t normally eat at home. You become a little more adventurous, when it comes to food. You may finally take in all the Chinese dumplings, Belgian macaroons, Italian pizza, and pad Thai you want on your travels, without worrying about other folks noticing.

So, let the travel planning begin. Book your flights to the next place on your bucket list, pack your passport and bags, and let your mind absorb the stress-free aura and creativity from your travel. But, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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