6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mexico City

From its world-class museums to its rustic historic landmarks, there are a lot of reasons why tourists love the city of Mexico. While the city is notoriously known for its traffic, crime and pollution, tourists who venture to Mexico’s capital will be rewarded with a plethora of impressive sounds and sights.

As one of the world’s largest cities, the city of Museum offers a dazzling collection of tourist attractions that will keep you occupied and entertained for a few weeks.

Furthermore, a visit here allows you to experience the true essence of Latin America.

1. A wealth of museums

There is no shortage of museums in the city of Mexico. As a matter of fact, Mexico is the city that holds the record for the most number of galleries and museums on the face of the Earth. From history museums to enigmatic galleries, the city has all kinds of museums to cater to any kind to tourists.

If you are on a tight schedule when venturing Mexico city, only visit its most popular and celebrated museums, such as Rufino Tamayo Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, Fine Arts Palace Museum, Frida Kahlo Museum, and Leon Trotsky Museum.

2. Mouth-watering food

A trip to Mexico City is a culinary journey that will surely delight your palate. Often touted as the taco capital of the world, this bustling city offers an endless array of sumptuous traditional Spanish and Mexican culinary offerings, including tacos, tortas, alambres, migas, pozole, gringas, burritos, and a whole lot more.

For the most part, these local delicacies can be found on the streets, where there are food vendors, or on Mexican Restaurants. Aside from its street food vendors and Mexican restaurants, the city has a cluster of international restaurants that serve Irish, Argentinean, Italian, Polish, French, Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

3. Friendly and helpful people 

In movies, Mexicans are often portrayed as rude and hostile people. But in reality, these people are, in general, friendly, civil and charming. In fact, Mexicans can make you feel at home and safe. As a tourist in this city, you get to meet cordial and warm locals who will gladly help you with all your needs.

Whether you need directions or someone to take photos of you, Mexicans are always willing to lend a hand to their guests.

4. Historic attractions

History buffs will surely adore this electric Latin American destination. As a tourist in Mexico’s capital city, you get to catch a glimpse of the Templo Mayor, a fascinating pre-Hispanic Aztec temple that is now left in ruins.

Aside from this Aztec temple, the city also boasts a ton of other historic landmarks, buildings, sites and monuments, including Nacional Monte de Piedad, Plaza de la Fundacion, Santa Teresa church, Templo de Felipe de Jesus, and many more.

6. Cool music

From modern rock to mariachi, Mexicans really know how to play cool and infectious tunes. If you want to listen to the coolest mariachi music in the city, head off to Plaza Garibaldi, and look for a good Cantina (bar). While enjoying the scintillating music produced by these musicians, sample a few shots of Mexican spirits like Mescal or Tequila.

Well, there you have it folks. These are just some of the numerous reasons why visiting the city of Mexico is a must for every travel aficionado. To know more about the city’s other lovely tourist offerings, plan your trip to Mexico City now with Trekeffect!

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