15 Reasons Why Being Addicted to Travel is Good For You

Ever had someone just not understand why you are so addicted to traveling? They don’t understand why your house is covered in maps, why you drive an old beater with over 300,000 miles on it, and why you are just fine living with only enough clothes to fit in a carry on. Before you pack away that atlas in an effort to become more “normal”, try giving into your addiction more frequently.

Turns out, there are plenty of reasons why being addicted to travel is actually healthy for you! So the next time someone accuses you with being a little obsessed or unrealistic (who here hasn’t heard that before from some loving relative?) pull out this list and keep packing your bags.

Here are the 15 Reasons Why Being Addicted to Travel is Good For You:

1. Travel Addiction is a Good Motivational Tool

If there is one thing that will spur a travel addict on to work harder, make , and graduate on time, it’s the promise that doing so will only lead to more ability and means to travel. Travel addicts are motivated to work harder in their day because it means they will have more funds to afford their addiction.They plan for retirement because they know retirement means years and years of traveling the globe. They are more responsible with their time and talents in order to maximize their chances to indulge their passion. Being addicted to traveling is a great motivation for you in a lot of your personal areas in life, and indulging in it is a good way to stay focused on your passion.

2. Travel Addiction is All About Forward Thinking

If you constantly live in the past, you aren’t a very good traveler. Those who are addicted to traveling are forward thinking, because they are more focused on traveling again rather than reliving past travels.In a group setting, you can always spot those who travel often from those who rarely travel. Those who travel often don’t brag up their past escapades. In fact, they aren’t the first ones to tell you where they’ve gone or done in the past. Instead, they tend to focus on future goals and where they want to go next or what is ahead in their life. People who rarely travel tend to tell the same stories over and over, and fixate on letting others know where they have been. They’re annoying and boring to be around because they live in the past. People who are travel addicts are not focused on living in the past, but moving toward the future.

3. Travel Addiction Gives You Something To Dream About

What good is life if you don’t have a dream or passion to follow? Travel addicts can get through the rough patches in life because they have ambition to go someplace new. When they’re stuck in the dead of winter staring at a computer screen 40 hours a week, that computer screen has a desktop picture of the next place they want to visit. They can stay cheerful because they have hope and vision.When you have a goal, no matter what obstacles arise, you can figure out a way around them. Having visions for the future also helps you to stay an interesting person. Have you ever met someone who had no vision or plan in life? They’re boring and often times the least satisfied people on the planet, even if they claim to be satisfied with where they are at. Dream, be inspired, and be impassioned. Luckily traveling frequently helps feed these cravings and keeps you dreaming.

4. Travel Addiction Teaches You to Try New Things

People who are addicted to travel are often addicted, or at least drawn, to new experiences and trying something outside their . This is because the two often go hand in hand; you can’t love something that pushes you to try new things unless you learn to also love trying something new. Travel addicts are more willing to take risks than their counterparts.In life, you will never stop needing to try new things and to break out of your horizons in order to not be stagnant, be it in your personal relationships, career, or spiritual development. When you learn to embrace new things and thrive on new challenges, you’ll do better in the rest of life as well. This is why people who are addicted to travel seem to be living their life on a whole other level from the rest of the world.

5. Travel Addiction Lowers Your Inhibitions

Surprisingly enough, there is a large percentage of the population that fears things like or confrontation or meeting new people. Traveling frequently puts you in these circumstances quite frequently, and often in situations where you are not the expert or the most knowledgeable person around.Travel addicts are better at communicating in situations that demand confrontation, or speaking in front of a crowd, or mingling with strangers at a party. The addiction to travel makes you better at socializing in a variety of situations, and just better at getting along with people in general. Getting along better with people in life can help you in just about every aspect of life; once again, being addicted to travel pays off!

6. Travel Addiction Isn’t Boring

A healthy addiction to travel insures you that your life won’t be mundane. You aren’t as likely to get stuck in a rut in your personal life, or have a midlife career crisis, or become dissatisfied with your life. Travel addicts tend to appreciate their life more because they aren’t listless with routine and the same thing over and over.They wake themselves up by seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. If you don’t want to lead a boring life, and want to learn how to see even the most mundane experiences as possible adventures, travel often. And don’t we all love hanging out with the guy who has something going on in his life? The guy who has great stories to tell and is excited about his dreams and possibility in the future? You know who that guy is- that guy is a travelaholic.

7. Travel Addiction Makes You a Better Problem Solver

People who are addicted to traveling often put themselves in situations where they can get a better perspective on their life. Stepping away from the ordinary frequently means that your problems seem smaller, and you can often gain enough added viewpoints that you see new ways of solving your problems. Because you are no longer confined to a box, you learn to think outside the box.Travel addiction also helps you to think on your feet as well. You think more quickly and become a problem solver because you need to do so much planning in travel, as well as solve problems that arise along the way. These kind of situations rarely happen someplace where you know everything and everyone, so only those who regularly give into their travel addiction understand this kind of critical thinking. If you want to be a better person of thought, able to utilize logic to solve and overcome problems, and be an innovative thinker, give into your addiction of travel.

8. Travel Addiction Puts Things in Historical Context

More than just your own problem and story, traveling frequently helps you understand the bigger picture of humanity. You see the history of places, learn more about different things than are taught in school, and learn more about the past. You can live out the history of places you visit, which helps you to sympathise with people’s choices and the decisions in the past.You learn from other’s mistakes, and work your imagination muscles in the process. Being addicted to traveling often means you’ll learn more about the world than you would inside the classroom; it adds depth to what you’ve read on pages, and gives life to the concepts and theories that this world exists on.

9. Travel Addiction Expands Your Vocabulary

There are tons of benefits of being able to speak more than one language. For one, your appeal to future employees increases dramatically, as well as your chances of landing a higher paying job (which means more money for more travel funding). You also keep your brain in shape, which helps decrease your chances of Alzheimer’s.Not to mention you’re able to better understand more people, which increases your friend network. One of the best ways to learn a new language is by traveling. Cultural and language submersion is the best way to learn a foreign language, and the easiest way to do this is by traveling to new countries. Giving into your travel addiction is not only good for your soul, it’s good for your mental health as well!  

10. Travel Addiction Fulfills Your Passions

For a true art lover, can you imagine the incredible fulfilling delight they would have in seeing the works of Monet real and up close at the Louve? Or for a wine connoisseur to watch the wine making process at a vineyard in the south of France? Travel is rarely the only addiction you have, but it makes a wonderful companion to your other interests as well.Travel addicts get to frequently pair up what they love with experiencing it in different ways or unique aspects. Snowboarders can not only go in their backyard, they can go conquer the Alps. Musicians can not only play their own instrument, they can hear a concert at the Sydney Opera House.

11. Travel Addiction Improves Your Friendships

Not only does frequent traveling expand your circles of friends, but it teaches you to be a better friend as well. People who give into their traveling addiction are the best kind of friends to have, because not only are they rarely boring, but they also know how to keep in touch.Their gifts come from all over the world, and they are better at accepting people for where they are at in life and for who they are. Plus they like traveling alone and with people, so you’re more likely to get invited for a friend reunion someplace awesome with a friend who indulges in her travel desires than with a friend who isn’t addicted to traveling.

12. Travel Addiction Teaches Acceptance

Want to be a more gracious person? Go ahead and give into that urge to travel. When you travel often, you experience a host of different cultures and thinking than your own. Travel addicts love experiencing and sharing in other’s lives and cultures, and appreciate the differences rather than positioning themselves in a place of higher importance or righteousness. You can accept others because you understand them better, and just appreciate their input on life. Even if you disagree with a cultural viewpoint, travel addicts know how to be polite and kind.

13. Travel Addiction Indulges Your Senses

People who are addicted to travel will get to experience more wonderful food, wine, chocolate, and delicacies than you will ever be able to try just staying in your own area. Trying the authentic dishes in each country allows you to experience and try spices you’ve never tasted before, and flavors that are completely new. Who knows? Your favorite flavor in the entire world might be one you haven’t even tried yet!Besides just the culinary satisfaction of traveling, travel addicts get to hear new sounds, experience different smells, and stretch their senses by trying new things first hand. Stretching your sensory experiences is just as important when you’re an adult as when you’re a newborn, but too often it isn’t given the same priority. Your mind needs the exercise of new stimulation in order to both properly function as well as properly relax. People who are addicted to travel and travel a lot are better balanced, healthier individuals just on this level alone.

14. Travel Addiction Leaves More of Yourself to Give

If you want to influence this world for good, to reach your true potential, you need to be balanced. You need to be rested and active, you need to have purpose and hope, and be a better friend. You need to experience much and learn more. You need to understand others as well as yourself.All of these things are exercised by traveling. Travel addicts are some of the best philanthropists in the world, because they have all of these elements, and exercise them all constantly. If you want to better the world, travel as much as you can. What seems a selfish endeavor can actually be both the best blessing to you as well as the best gift you can give to others.

15. Travel Addiction Allows You to Be You

The worst thing you can be in this world is someone other than who you are. There are entire books and religions across the world cultivating the idea that we are created as unique beings with a purpose, and that we are best utilized by being true to who we are made to be. If you are created with a passion to travel, the best thing you can do is to give into that addiction, and to feed it with more travel. Who’s to say who you won’t influence, help, or shape through your travels? You have a better chance of being help to this world and others if you are who you are created to be. If you were made to travel, then by all means, travel on.

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